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Chu Chu felt that Old Chu had too much imagination and got uncomfortable.

She was scolded for something she didn’t do, which directly aroused her rebellious mood.

On the other side, Chu Yanyin was so angry that he decided to go out and capture Chu Chu.

He would never allow her to mess with Jianian! She used to mess around with the little stars in the company.

He could barely close his eyes.

But why should she play in the company!

Rabbits didn’t eat grass on the edge of their burrows, they played and they worked.

The naughty girl was too careless.

Her relationship with Zhang Jianian would only make the two of them unable to work together in the future.

He couldn’t watch Zhang Jianian, who he had been training for many years, be directly destroyed and let the naughty girl overturn his chess game.

Chu Chu heard her phone ringing non-stop and eventually blocked Old Chu impatiently.

She just came to Yinda Investment to find Zhang Jianian to settle accounts, but was stopped by the people who had been ambushing.

Director Chu’s Secretary, dressed in a suit, said politely, “President Chu, Director Chu wants to meet you.

Please get in the car.”

Chu Yanyin’s call, so he sent someone to catch Chu Chu to have a talk with her.

Chu Chu looked at the open door next to him and said: “What if I don’t get in the car”

Secretary of Director Chu said politely: “Then I’m sorry, we cannot let you go in today.”

There was the secretary and the black-clothed bodyguard in front of her.

She was silent for a moment, then turned back to her car and said, “You don’t let me in, this is not the only place I got.”

“Go to Chenxing.” Chu Chu closed the door and gave the driver a new address.

She didn’t believe that Chu Yanyin’s people could stay there for a day.

They won’t be so idle.

Secretary of Director Chu never expected that President Chu didn’t even struggle.

She turned his head and left.

He looked embarrassed and said: “Wait, won’t you try again Just leave Actually, it won’t take too long for you to see Director Chu…”

“There is nothing difficult in the world, as long as you are willing to give up.” Chu Chu said frankly, “I won’t try.

See you later.”

The window rolled up and the secretary couldn’t pull President Chu out of the car.

He watched her cab drive away and had no idea how to deal with Director Chu.

Chu Chu arrived at Chenxing Film and Television and this time no one stopped.

She entered the office smoothly.

Xia Xiaoxiao knocked on the door to report the work progress.

Xia Xiaoxiao was now the youngest director in Chenxing’s history.

With her powerful “female lead” aura and tough but friendly personality, she has blazed a trail in the company.

Of course, Chu Chu’s support was also indispensable.

Although many talked about it with jealousy, saying that Xia Xiaoxiao was the boss’s dog, she was not overwhelmed by rumors.

She also had a sense of pride. Xia Xiaoxiao: How can I be flattering if I speak the truth

“President Chu, Idol Light is expected to start recording next month.

This is the list of trainees selected by the company, as well as the subsequent brokerage contract for cooperation with Pineapple Video.” Xia Xiaoxiao took out the information that had been sorted out and added, “If there is no problem after reading it, we can sign a contract with pineapple.”

“Idol Light” was a large-scale idol boy group produced by Pineapple Video to compete in a reality show.

The show screened countless agency artists and selected trainees to form a boy group.

As one of the largest trainee training companies at present, Chenxing Film and Television was naturally a key partner of Pineapple Video.

Chu Chu couldn’t keep an eye on every project in the company, she only checked the final link.

She flipped through the information at random and saw a familiar guy in it: “Hey, this person look familiar”

“This is Qi Lan, you have seen him last time when recording.” Xia Xiaoxiao glanced at the photo and explained.

Qi Lan was called to help arrange the music and coordinated the recording of “Liu Xian” and always had a relationship with Chu.

Chu Chu nodded and said: “If you think the list and terms are okay, then arrange it.”

Xia Xiao smiled, “I have one more thing to discuss with you.

Yifan also wants to participate in “Idol Light”…”

Chen Yifan had become a big hit with the role of the male number two in “Rouge” and had attracted countless fans at a time.

He was definitely the newcomer with the fastest rising speed recently.

Of course, Chen Yifan could participate in “Idol Light”, but compared to other trainees who had only tens of thousands of fans, he had tens of millions of fans, which was a bit nondescript.

Chu Chu vomited blankly: “What kind of mentality does he have He wants to be a big fish in a small pond He’s a professional!

If Chen Yifan brought his fans on the show, won’t that be unfair to others.

Xia Xiaoxiao said: “Yifan always liked the stage and dreamed of singing and dancing…”

Chu Chu said indifferently: “He can go on the show to realize his dream, but the dreams of other players would be brutally murdered.”

She could foresee the breaking news of Chen Yifan’s appearance on the show.

His voting session would inevitably crush other unknown newcomers, which would cause a bloody storm.

The two were chatting, but someone knocked on the office door.

Someone cautiously probed in and held his mobile phone to report: “President Chu, Director Chu called you there.”

Chu Chu didn’t expect that Old Chu’s soul would not disperse, but went deep into Chenxing.

She refused: “No.”

The person who sent the message was holding the phone at a loss.

He listened to the instructions on the other end of the phone and said in a low voice, “President Chu, I’m really sorry, can I trouble you to answer the phone”

Chu Chu looked at the pleading eyes of the messenger and finally took the phone impatiently and at the same time moved the receiver away wittily and said, “Hello”

“Come here right away! Don’t delay!” As expected, Chu Yanyin’s thunderous voice came from the receiver.

He relied on the powerful volume to successfully make the mobile phone achieve speaker effect.

Xia Xiaoxiao and others bowed their heads like a quail and pretended that they could not hear anything.

They got involved in the fight between big and small Chu.

Xia Xiaoxiao thought to contact Mr.


“I’m not coming, I’m busy.”

After Chu Chu finished speaking, she wanted to hang up the phone again, but Chu Yanyin’s furious words came from the receiver.

“If you don’t just come to give an explanation today, believe it or not, I will immediately stop Yinda’s funds!”

Chu Yanyin’s threatening words triggered the silence of the audience.

Xia Xiaoxiao saw President Chu’s eyes darkened.

On the other side, Chu Yanyin didn’t hear the reply from the opposite for a while.

He thought he was holding Chu Chu and was about to be proud, but he heard the opposite.

“My respected father, Director Chu Yanyin, what age is this, can you not give such an old-fashioned threat”

Did he think this was the plot of a giant dog blood (cliche) drama Parents jumped out to throw 5 million to the face of the female lead, or freeze all the funds of the male lead thus forcing the two to enter a life of poverty and deprivation

Chu Chu was silent for a while.

She was actually amused by Old Chu’s irrational words and joked: “If you shut down funds now, the company is still printing money, let alone you are not qualified to stop.

This is not an idol drama.”

Chu Yanyin invested the money in Yinda, but he was planning to get it back.

He is not a state apparatus*, nor is he the President of the novel.

If you want a company to go bankrupt you must first ask the relevant agencies if they agree!

Chu Chu disdainfully said: “If you are really angry, please work harder.

Don’t talk about stopping funds and just make me bankrupt.

I want to eat for many years, don’t you know”

Chu Yanyin: “…”

Chu Chu: “You say the right words.

Can you make me bankrupt today If you can, I will just leave work now without any delay.”

She didn’t think that being deleted and emptying the game currency was a serious threat.

What’s the big deal She would lay down and eat boiled fish every day

Chu Chu did not receive Old Chu’s reply, but instead heard the beep from the other side.

Chu Yanyin unexpectedly hung up the phone in a desperate manner.

She calmly handed back the phone, looked at Xia Xiaoxiao and asked, “Where were we”


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