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The content of the warm-up video was very simple.

The program team would first take part of the trainee’s study and daily life as the material for the opening video.

At the same time, they decided to record short videos of self-introduction and personal skills of the trainees participating in the program and make introduction videos for each.

Naturally, President Chu was also one of the notable symbols representing Chenxing.

The “Idol Light” program team even contacted Chenxing in advance.

They hoped that President Chu could simply show up during the shooting of the day.

As a partner, Chu Chu could not refuse the request of the program group, but she faced the staff and said, “Isn’t this using me as a prop”

The staff set up the scene and smiled politely, “We just want to see the mental outlook of the Chenxing’s trainees and at the same time show your influence on the trainees.”

The boss sometimes decided the company’s temperament and they would also film the situation of various brokerage companies during the warm-up video recording.

Chenxing was obviously a wealthy company, with a bright and clean practice room and a large number of trainees.

It was different from other 18-tier brokerage companies.

These comparisons were the contradictions and dramas in reality shows.

Chu Chu had no choice but to sit boredly in the practice room and watch the training.

The program team asked questions at the right time and wanted to collect some materials, “Which trainee do you have a deep impression of”

“I don’t have a deep impression of anyone.

After you finish your show, I might remember them,” Chu Chu answered honestly.

The staff bit the bullet and reminded her, “President Chu, we are actually recording now.”

Chu Chu tentatively said, “Why don’t you show me the program How do you want me to answer”

The staff whispered, “But if we give you the lines, you won’t read it accordingly…”

The “Idol Light” program group was not stupid.

President Chu didn’t read the script on talk shows.

Chu Chu looked at the person in admiration and said, “Oh, you are quite smart.”

She found that the “Idol Light” program group was quite wary of her and were prepared.

The staff said, “We have studied your past programs and interviews before coming and we will never fall into the trap easily.”

In addition to President Chu, the program group was undoubtedly most interested in Chen Yifan and couldn’t wait for all the cameras to circle him.

The rest of the trainees naturally did not have this kind of treatment.

They looked at Chen Yifan with jealousy.

However, other people soon no longer envied Chen Yifan.

From time to time, President Chu would attack him harshly and her demands were quite high.

When Chen Yifan made small mistakes in dancing, Chu Chu got mean; Chen Yifan ranked third in the assessment, Chu Chu got mean; Chen Yifan’s singing was unstable, Chu Chu got mean.

Chu Chu finally let out a long sigh and said, “You should go for acting, why bother”

Chen Yifan: “…”

Other trainees even suspected that Chu Chu took the camera crew and deliberately executed Chen Yifan in public!

The staff did not expect that Chen Yifan’s status in the trainee group was so low that he could not lift his head to President Chu’s diss.

They avoided the trainees and asked in a low voice, “President Chu, are you motivating him by putting pressure on him”

Chu Chu: “No, I just want to get the money-making machine back on track.”

The staff vomited, “…You will be scolded by Chen Yifan’s fans.”

Chu Chu: “That’s great, let them pay quickly and redeem their idol.”

Staff member:”……”

Staff: It seems that this line cannot be broadcast.

It will intensify the conflict between fans and the agency.

“Do you want me to be as supportive as you are and only revolve around popular trainees” Chu Chu saw that the staff did not speak and said, “The trainees are a group waiting for the opinions and evaluations, like a blank paper.

Today is probably the first time they get feedback from the outside world.

If the show only focuses on popular participants, I think others will be very disappointed.”

The staff was taken aback for a moment.

President Chu was more serious under her non-serious appearance.

“There is a term called ‘overpraise killing’ (destroy a talent by overpraising).

Your excessive attention to Chen Yifan today will only make him perform worse even more when he encounters setbacks in the future.

The show is a one-stop business, but as an artist agent, you have to run it for a long time and consider that in the future,” Chu Chu said earnestly.

She could neither let Chen Yifan and other trainees take her too lightly, nor could she let herself take them too lightly.

The program group was a little guilty.

They felt President Chu’s intentions and said, “So you pay more attention to the long-term training of trainees”

Chu Chu hesitated while saying, “It is not long-term training of trainees… it’s long-term operation of money-making machines”


Staff: I have never seen a capitalist boss who is so anxious to stamp a sweatshop label on their company!


Sweatshop: sweat factory : workplace with very poor working conditions.

捧殺[pěnɡ shā]

destroy a talent by overpraise


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