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Question: How to pursue subordinates

Question: How to elegantly pursue new subordinates

Chu Chu touched her chin.

This kind of question could be used as a reference.

So she opened it and took a look.

Sure enough, the answers to these questions were enriched and were more than a dozen.

Knowledgeable talent: Pay more attention to them at work, let them feel their ability to work is good and make them feel safe in private.

It will be natural.

Rubber band: Use money.

Boring Superman: Don’t treat them special in public, it will put them under social pressure, after all, it is terrifying.

Tip: Give the other person work experience and guidance.

They will thank you and then make more appointments in private.

Chu Chu was a little frustrated.

She had already given the black card to Zhang Jianian, so obviously the money was useless.

However, her working ability in finance was not as good as his and he was not very interested in the film and television industry.

How could she guide him at work Meeting in private was even more difficult.


Zhang was completely busy even on Saturday and Sunday.

When Xia Xiaoxiao entered the room, she saw President Chu sighing.

She immediately wanted to solve her problems and asked, “President Chu, can I help you”

Chu Chu returned to her senses.

She looked at the “female lead halo” above Xia Xiaoxiao’s head.

This person should have an idea.

So she humbly asked, “If you have a conflict with a friend, how do you usually reconcile”

Xia Xiaoxiao was surprised that President Chu would ask such a down-to-earth question and hesitated, “Send some homemade snacks Write a greeting card to apologize to them”

President Chu showed a subtle expression.

Xia Xiaoxiao’s tone was a little helpless, “…It doesn’t seem to suit you Why are you in conflict with that person”

“In fact, it’s not a conflict, it’s just that the person started hiding from me…” Chu Chu hesitated, “Mainly I don’t know the reason why the person is hiding from me.”

Xia Xiaoxiao looked at her annoyance and blurted out, “Is the person someone who is important to you”

Chu Chu nodded, “My most important friend in this world.”

She realized something and asked,  “Is it a friend of the opposite sex”

Chu Chu: “Yes What’s wrong”

Xia Xiaoxiao felt as if she had touched a secret.

Her face flushed with tension, “You, do you like him”

President Chu didn’t know the actual reason, so she wanted to ease the relationship with the person.

The importance of the person was self-evident!

Chu Chu narrowed her eyes impatiently and said frankly, “Of course, after all, he is my most important friend.”

Xia Xiaoxiao: “…”

Xia Xiaoxiao: Why do I feel that some string is missing 

She asked, “Is that a ‘like’ as one does to a friend or to a man”

Chu Chu wondered, “Is there a difference between the two”

“There is a literal difference.” Xia Xiaoxiao asked with a voice of a mosquito, “…Do you like him se*ually”

Chu Chu was shocked, looked at her and said in surprise, “I didn’t expect you to talk about love!”

Xia Xiaoxiao felt ashamed and waved her hands in a panic, “Don’t get me wrong, I also learned it from novels and comics!”

She was like a little white rabbit who just jumped around in panic to prove her innocence.

Chu Chu said righteously, “I am an upright and frank person.

I have always acted generously…”

Xia Xiaoxiao bowed her head in shame.

Chu Chu said loudly, “…Of course I have such nasty thoughts!”

Xia Xiaoxiao: “…”

Chu Chu also wanted to maintain a pure friendship with Mr.


The problem was that Mr.

Zhang’s appearance did not allow it!

Se*ual likes = Was moved by his beauty

She realized that when her eyes were stuck on his face last time on the plane, but Xia Xiaoxiao found out, so she fell into a deep self-disgust, “Oh, I’m really not a human…”

Xia Xiaoxiao comforted, “This is human nature.

You don’t need to feel lost.

Maybe it’s a good thing, right”

Chu Chu waved her hand and sighed, “You don’t understand, I promised to be his father, but now it’s a relationship issue…”

She was so bad that she was ashamed to be his father.

Xia Xiaoxiao: “”

Xia Xiaoxiao: What kinf of complicated and torturous story is this


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