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The car was parked at the door of the company.

Zhang Jianian tried to open the door as usual, but was stopped by Chu Chu.

Chu Chu took the lead, took the initiative to open the door, showing a full smile, “I’ll do it myself.”

Reduce the sense of distance.


Chu Chu kept in mind the key points of knowledge.

It was very important to reduce the sense of distance between the two.

Letting Zhang Jianian open the door for her would only intensify her subordinate’s consciousness.

She got in the car calmly while being courteous all along.

Zhang Jianian’s eyes darkened and he got uncomfortable for some reason.

His eyes were like an abyss brewing a storm.

He suppressed his emotions and sat silently in the passenger position.

Chu Chu was extremely dignified and quiet in the back seat.

She did not joke with him.

But Zhang Jianian felt even more suffocated and there was a feeling of sudden loss.

She became generous and courteous, like a perfect boss, but no longer needed him.

She no longer played petty tricks, she no longer confided in weird and funny remarks, she no longer made him agree to trivial things and she did not say anything that shook him ambiguously.

They kept a moderate distance smoothly.

She treated him the same way as other people, even more polite and thoughtful and completely closed her own nature.

Zhang Jianian felt a wave of disappointment.

He realized that he was far less generous and forgiving than he thought.

The privileges once possessed were confiscated and the huge gap he experienced was enough to crush anyone.

What happened to her 

Zhang Jianian thought of last week and his mood became even lower.

In the conference room of Qisheng Film, everyone gathered to discuss how to deal with the competition of the three major entertainment companies.

Hu Daqing commanded it to split into two groups and challenged Chenxing Film and Television and Qisheng Film.

The former was fighting against content production and the latter was robbing the online ticket booking market.

“Their ticket services are very strong.

As per the current trend, the market share will continue to rise,” Yao Xing said.

With the rise of online ticket purchases, online ticketing services were an important revenue channel for Qisheng Films.

Qisheng itself started it early.

In order to catch up with Qisheng’s progress, the three major entertainment companies promoted their online ticketing system, attracted audiences with low prices and fought a price war.

Due to the large financial resources of the three major entertainment companies, many small ticketing platforms got squeezed and disappeared and gradually entered an era of competition between the two.

Yao Xing was also worried.

If it was a healthy competition, it was okay.

He was afraid that the other side would engage in vicious competition and both sides would hurt each other.

Chu Chu asked, “They are still doing low-cost tickets”

Yao Xing nodded and said, “Yes, we have also made a ticket compensation plan, but it is difficult to curb their growth.”

Chu Chu thoughtfully said, “It’s useless for us to compete with each other in a price war.

At most, they will play and run if lost, but we have to do this for a long time.”

The major entertainment companies’ collapse didn’t matter, but Qisheng Film had been working hard for many years.

It couldn’t just be dragged down casually.

Hu Daqing was obviously a RMB player.

He invested completely regardless of gains and losses, just to grab the market.

Everyone discussed it for a long time and there was no suitable way to deal with it.

Chu Chu rubbed her temples and said, “I’ll think about it.

Don’t fight over the price immediately with him.”

After the meeting, Zhang Jianian saw Chu Chu showing a lackluster expression and took the initiative to care, “Are you tired Why don’t you push the Chenxing meeting at night”

When Chu Chu heard his words of concern, she swept away her tired look, immediately picked up her pretense and said, “It’s okay, work is important.”

Chu Chu thought vigilantly: Never leave a negligent, lazy and decadent work attitude.

Zhang Jianian was speechless.

Facing his self-disciplined and perfect boss, he felt blocked.

The two were packing up their things, and the screen of Chu Chu’s phone on the table turned on.

Zhang Jianian swept it and saw the unexpected sender- Qi Lan.

Qi Lan, a trainee of Chenxing Film and Television, ranked first in the monthly assessment and once helped with the recording of “Liu Xian”.

When did they exchange contact information Was she going to Chenxing only for meetings

Zhang Jianian fell into an ice cave and could hardly breathe.

The tip of his heart was pierced by a needle and he was in pain.

He had always been calm and composed and for the first time he tasted jealousy.

He froze in place.

Chu Chu picked up the phone and replied to the message naturally.

He saw a smile on her face, as if she was just dazzled.

Zhang Jianian’s sanity collapsed and he could no longer display his usual gentle and polite attitude.

“You are extraordinarily cold to me today,” his eyes turned into dark clouds, filled with unspeakable emotions.

Chu Chu:”” Impossible! She obviously conducted all her strategies seriously!


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