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Chu Chu believed that her plan was foolproof.

She would never admit that the strategy failed.

She simply showed a perfect smile and asked, “Why do you feel this way”

She was so courteous.

How was it cold

Zhang Jianian saw Chu Chu’s dazzling business smile.

She never smiled like that in front of him in the past.

He tasted the bitterness spreading on the tip of his tongue and asked in a deep voice, “Are you angry because of what happened last week”

He hid from her last week.

Was she expressing dissatisfaction in this way

Zhang Jianian lowered his eyes and said in a low tone, “I’m sorry, I didn’t control my emotions last week and I won’t do this anymore.” So please don’t do this again.

He just wanted to cool down his emotions by avoiding her, but it led to worse results.

He found that he could not accept the polite estrangement of Chu Chu at all.

It was unbearable for just one day.

The possibility of being replaced at any time made his blood cold.

Chu Chu’s smile became more rigid, “Do you think I am angry”

She really didn’t understand Zhang Jianian’s brain circuit.

From where did he come to this conclusion

Zhang Jianian did not answer, but he expressed his agreement with silence.

Chu Chu felt like she was playing the lute in front of a cow and her hard work for a whole day was in vain!

Her rigid smile faded away.

She only felt exhausted physically and mentally and out of breath, she said, “Oh, how are you going to compensate me”

She took pains to do things for a day and the final progress was 0%.

There was nothing more hurtful than that.

Zhang Jianian let out a sigh of relief when he saw her turn back to normal.

He pursed his lips and asked, “What compensation do you need”

His stupid head was still not working.

She rolled her eyes in her heart and deliberately made trouble, “Hold and hug each other for friendship.”

Zhang Jianian: “…”

Zhang Jianian was standing in the empty conference room.

He was not sure for a moment and hesitated, “…Here, here”

Although there was no one else in the meeting room, they were in the company.

It was too bold.

Although her behavior had always been bizarre and may not be the same as ordinary people, it would hurt her reputation, which was really not very good.

Chu Chu justified and morally said, “After apologizing, you don’t take the initiative to express friendship.

You really don’t care about our friendship at all.”

Zhang Jianian was struggling to ride a tiger for a while and was in a dilemma.

He finally stepped forward and stretched out his hand to hug her.

He was so nervous that his palms were sweating.

Chu Chu stretched out her hand and hugged him tightly, like a koala.

After she successfully wiped the sweat, she said shamelessly, “Okay, I will forgive you this time.”

Physical contact.


Chu Chu was a bit despicable.

It was not her style to return empty-handed.

It was his fault for being too deceitful.

Zhang Jianian knew that she was a bit despicable, but the cold was hard to bear and he coaxed her.

The two reached a reconciliation and finally ended their days of peekaboo.

Chu Chu forcefully pretended to be upright for a day and slackened like she was little floating.

She returned to her usual state of being a fool and asked bluntly, “How was I cold to you”

She realized that their logic did not match and decided to directly ask the target for strategy skills to improve.

Zhang Jianian choked and didn’t answer for a long time.

He couldn’t say that she engaged in se*ual harassment in the workplace.

One day she didn’t… wasn’t she cold

Zhangg Jianian: “You are just like usual.”

Chu Chu: “Kiss me, I’m just like usual.”

Zhang Jianian: “…”

Zhang Jianian: Very good.

She is completely back to normal.

Seeing Zhang Jianian’s expressionless face, Chu Chu was discouraged.

How low was her charm to make him so calm

Chu Chu didn’t know that she was like a child in the story of “The Wolf Is Coming”.

The words she said before were too strong, which made Mr.

Zhang to create an immune barrier.

It was difficult for him to distinguish her jokes from the truth.

He simply regarded everything as jokes to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

He was much relaxed as she returned to her child-like temperament.

He received the prompt from the phone and clicked on it to see the unknown music file sent by her.

Chu Chu chased after victory and said, “You download it and set it as a ringtone.”

“What is this” Zhang Jianian asked and downloaded it.

Chu Chu clicked on the music and the melody of the duet version of “Liu Xian” sounded.

She shook her phone and said, “I asked Qi Lan to make a ringtone version of “Liu Xian” we recorded last time.

He just sent it over.”

Of course, Qi Lan stayed up late to fix the rap until his hair was about to fall out.

Zhang Jianian realized that she was in contact with Qi Lan for this.

His mood became bright and he set the ringtone, before realizing, “…This is also your ringtone”

Chu Chu burst into a brilliant smile, “Yes, is there any problem with the token of our friendship”

Zhang Jianian: “…No.”

Same ringtones.


Chu Chu didn’t feel that there was any problem with “acting elders in the name of friendship”.

She succeeded twice in a row and became cheeky.

The two reconciled, but they became more inseparable than in the past.

The main manifestation was that Chu Chu always followed up and stayed with Mr.


In Yinda’s office, Zhang Jianian raised his head facing the computer.

He looked at Chu Chu who was sitting on the side, “Actually, you can go.

I won’t leave for the time being.”

She didn’t stay in her own office, but came to his office to deal with affairs.

It was a bit extreme.

Chu Chu blinked and said logically, “But we rarely met last week, shouldn’t we make up for the time we lost”

Zhang Jianian couldn’t refute.

He finished his job in silence, got up and walked outside the office.

Upon seeing that, Chu Chu put down the work in her hand and stood up to follow.

Zhang Jianian stopped and calmly reminded her, “You can’t go to men’s bathroom.”

“Oh…” Chu Chu just sat back and snorted.


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