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If it was ancient times, he could have been dragged out and beheaded for affecting the princess’s work.

After the first promotion of “Idol Light” was released, it began to announce the instructors one after another.

The center mentor was the most important and the outreach was held by the flow niche.

Chu Chu knew who the central mentor was, so she didn’t pay attention to the news on the official blog.

When the real central mentor appeared, Chenxing exploded.

Pineapple Video unexpectedly changed the central instructor to Li Taihe!

“President Chu, I really can’t accept it.

I definitely can’t let Chen Yifan participate in the show…” The staff of the brokerage and the propaganda departments were angered.

Who didn’t know that Li Taihe and Chen Yifan had countless old hatreds, which were torn up and down.

Most of the bad reviews that the propaganda department pressed every day came from Li Taihe’s fans.

Li Taihe left Chenxing and Chen Yifan was another newcomer of the Chenxing who rose to fame.

The two of them would book a hot search for the same show on the previous one and they were frantically scrolling the topic.

This was a fatal blow to Chen Yifan’s future.

He was a trainee and Li Taihe was a mentor.

What was this idiotic matter

Xia Xiaoxiao glanced at President Chu who was thinking.

The people thought that the boss was also pissed off and angrily proposed, “President Chu, let’s contact Pineapple again.

We must explain this incident to “Idol Light”.

They didn’t tell us about it at all in the early stage, is it to step on us”

“Um…” Chu Chu scratched her head and asked sincerely, “Li Taihe is so muddled now”

Everyone: “…”

Chu Chu was full of doubts, “I’m sorry, I don’t really know his follow-up development.

Does he depend on variety shows’ fans now”

Chu Chu had made countless calculations, but did not expect Li Taihe to be the central mentor of “Idol Light”.

The original book boasted the male protagonist’s acting skills and future, all the way toward the road of the international actor and movie celebrity, praised the freshness of the male protagonist and claimed that he would never degenerate into a variety show.

Even if the model of “Idol Light” had the potential to be explosive, it was currently a comprehensive network and had not been popular all over the country.

Li Taihe didn’t go for filming, he didn’t sing and dance but he came to be the instructor.

“President Chu, New Vision is not a resource-based company.

At most, it is more business-oriented.

Li Taihe didn’t cause any storm on the internet in the first two movies.

It is not easy for him to keep his current fans.”

“Not everyone can be like us who chose resources for him,” someone lowered his head, muttered and then stopped due to the warning eyes of others.

It was President Chu who gave resources to Li Taihe.

Chu Chu said, “Hey, he just wants to be a mentor.

It’s just a former colleague in the circle.

What’s the big deal”

Another hesitatingly said, “What if Chen Yifan and Li Taihe meet on the show”

“The encounter will not be terrible, whoever gets ugly will be embarrassed.” Chu Chu calmly said, “Let Chen Yifan look good on the show.”

At the entrance of the practice room, Chen Yifan was called out by his agent to receive the latest task from the boss.

“You shouldn’t stay up late to practice.

Go to bed and get up early to put on a mask.

Don’t ignore your appearance! You will face Li Taihe on the show.

Don’t look too bad in front of the camera…”

Chen Yifan: “”

Chen Yifan: “But I want to compete, how can I improve without staying up late to practice”

Agent: “You have to be more handsome.”

Chen Yifan: “…”

Chen Yifan: It’s simply intolerable.

If I don’t get the first place, I can’t swallow this anger!

He didn’t know why his journey to realize his dream was so bumpy.

Not only did the fans turn their faces, but even the staff began to guide him on the vase’s path.

It was really unforgettable!

“Idol Light” finally officially started recording and the trainees teamed up to enter a closed environment training.

With the accumulated anger, Chen Yifan plunged into the show and vowed to make some achievements.


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