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On the first day of the recording of “Idol Light”, Li Taihe in the vanity was looking at the scenery outside the window in a little daze.

He didn’t know how long he hadn’t seen Xia Xiaoxiao.

He wanted to find her after establishing a stable career, but everything went wrong after leaving Chenxing.

He was first caught in a dispute over high-priced liquidated damages.

Later, he signed a contract with New Vision.

He received the TV series “Wanderer” and wanted to make a comeback.

But the ratings of the show were slammed by “Rouge”.

The most ironic thing was that “Rouge” was actually a project Xia Xiaoxiao handled.

Li Taihe remembered that Xia Xiaoxiao had sheltered Chu Chu in all possible ways.

He originally wanted to stand firm and prove to Xia Xiaoxiao that Chu Chu was vulgar and incompetent.

Unexpectedly, Chenxing was soaring and their business was prosperous.

At the same time, she was operating several major production projects and other businesses were blooming everywhere.

“Taihe, you can relax while recording the show.

Chenxing has sent in a lot of trainees.

Don’t be edited by the demons of the show crew,” the agent was uneasy and urged.

In fact, he was reluctant to let Li Taihe appear on the show and wanted him to follow the actor route.

Li Taihe’s temper was sometimes very strong and he may not be a good fit in variety shows.

Li Taihe replied, “I know, I’m not so bored that I will find a child to vent.”

He just couldn’t digest the vicious female Chu Chu.

He had no grievances with other people.

Who would have trouble with the trainees

The vanity was parked in the parking lot next to the studio.

Li Taihe got off the vanity in the crowd.

He had just walked two steps, but found the crowd on the other side.

Chu Chu and Xia Xiaoxiao were talking side by side, as if they were discussing something seriously.

Xia Xiaoxiao’s expression was not relaxed.

She looked a little embarrassed, as if she was shocked by Chu Chu’s coercion.

“Taihe, what are you looking at” The agent turned his head to check at Li Taihe who stopped.

When he saw the person, he shouted, “Hurry up, hurry up! It will cause another wave of news if you get photographed!”

Agent: Why did he meet the biggest opponent If a reporter discovered that, he might be in trouble.

In the distance, Chu Chu and Xia Xiaoxiao stood by the car in a dispute.

Chu Chu opened the car door and forced Xia Xiaoxiao into the car.

Xia Xiaoxiao struggled to no avail.

She tried to flee but failed.

Her figure was finally blocked by the car door that slammed shut.

Li Taihe’s heart jumped.

He had a foreboding that Chu Chu would do something bad to Xia Xiaoxiao and said, “You go first, I’ll be back soon!”

The agent saw him walking in the direction of President Chu’s vehicle and was shocked, “Are you crazy! D*mn, if you go and be on hot search again, I won’t care about you!”

The agent looked at Li Taihe’s defiant back and jumped in anger, but finally followed.

In the car, Xia Xiaoxiao was strongly pulled into the back seat by President Chu.

She had to curl up weakly and said helplessly, “President Chu, I really don’t know, I haven’t chased anyone…”

Xia Xiaoxiao only now understood why the secretaries never touched the private life of the boss.

The mixing of public and private life was really not good.

Since President Chu was seen through by her last time, she appointed her as the head sergeant of the love dog and forced her to make suggestions.

Xia Xiaoxiao swore that she was also single.

How could single dogs help single dogs

Chu Chu said with a cold face, “You have said last time ‘how can young people escape the problem’ This is what you told me, you will regret it if you escape.”

Xia Xiaoxiao, like a cowering little white rabbit, said with a bitter face, “Why don’t you ask someone smarter than me I really have no experience”

Chu Chu raised her eyebrows and asked, “Who do you think is smart Recommend a few to me.”

Xia Xiaoxiao asked, “Mr.


Chu Chu:”……”

Xia Xiaoxiao looked through all the employees in the company.


Zhang should be the smartest person.

Chu Chu was very annoyed and said angrily, “What use are you to me!”

Xia Xiaoxiao: [Wronged cry.jpg]

There was a knocking sound on the car window and the two in the car were taken aback at the same time.

Chu Chu saw Li Taihe outside the window.

She slowly opened the car window and said indifferently, “Is there something wrong If you touch the window, you will have to pay for the car wash.”

Li Taihe immediately said in awe-inspiring manner, “Let her get out of the car! The big boss kidnapped people in the street, isn’t it wrong”

Chu Chu rolled her eyes.

Li Taihe had another delusional attack.

She ignored the male lead and said straightforwardly, “Xia Xiaoxiao, do you think it’s wrong”

Xia Xiaoxiao lowered her head and whispered, “No.”

She had just been reprimanded by President Chu for her uselessness.

How dare she screw it with the boss She was no longer a graduate who had just left campus.

She was a social animal with little qualification and understood the truth about not shaming the boss in public.

Li Taihe did not expect that his help would not be appreciated.

He was a little sad, but he still insisted, “You forced her to say that!”

“Taihe, stop talking!” The agent arrived in time.

He glanced at President Chu in the car and said politely, “President Chu, excuse me.”

“It’s really annoying.” Chu Chu took out her sunglasses, wore them and said slowly, “Li Taihe, you’d better figure out the identity gap between you and me as soon as possible.

If I want to take away anyone, do I still need to ask you”

Li Taihe sneered, “What identity do you have”

She was just relying on her stupid father without whom she was completely useless.

The agent couldn’t see his artist’s death and persuaded him, “Stop talking…”

Chu Chu arrogantly said, “You have faded.

I am becoming popular.

You’ve got even less fans than me, so don’t keep running to me to appear in the news, okay”

Li Taihe: “…”

The agent thought that Chu Chu would talk about the difference in family status or wealth between the two, but in the end she said she got more fans!!

The most shameful thing was that Li Taihe, the star, really lost a terrible defeat.

Chu Chu not only had many fans, but also had an identity far surpassing the artist Li Taihe.

“Driver, start the car.” 

As Li Taihe wanted to yell at her, Chu Chu closed the car window mercilessly and pushed her sunglasses up.


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