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After Chu Chu finished speaking, she watched Zhang Jianian’s expression nervously as she didn’t want to miss any change on his face.

She knew that her actions were too mentally retarded, but with the idea of ​​”I would rather kill 800 by mistake than let go of one”, she kept on.

She still had her dreams, right

The air in the office was about to stagnate and the two of them were silent for a while.

Chu Chu finally fell back into her chair in frustration and sighed, “Should I reload the data again”

If she believed in the nonsense of the world’s God again in the future, she would jump off the Yan Han building.

Sure enough, people couldn’t have this mentality.

This would definitely be the biggest stain in her life!

Chu Chu: Strong and arrogant is b*llsh*t.

Civilization and harmony are the most important.

Zhang Jianian was silent for a long time.

He saw her vaguely mad look and asked sincerely, “Are you here to make me laugh”

Zhang Jianian: I’m sorry, although her expression is very serious just now, it is a bit funny.

Chu Chu was usually too cheeky, but felt a little embarrassed and numbly said, “I choose to read the file, please forget the lines I said just now.”

Zhang Jianian watched her strained face.

He pretended to be serious and said with a smile in his eyes, “It’s a little bit difficult, after all, your words were really…very powerful.”

Chu Chu collapsed on the chair with her hands clasped and said, “Stop talking, I’m dead.”

She couldn’t wait to dig into the ground and rest in peace.

Zhang Jianian was calmer than her.

He put on a scientific attitude and discussed objectively, “I want to know what you originally planned to achieve by doing this”

Why did she make such bizarre remarks He expressed his doubts sincerely.

Why did she reveal signs of a woman pretending to be a man

Chu Chu said blankly, “…You touched the blind spot of my knowledge.”

“You can’t change the physical structure of a person, right”

“…Of course it’s not necessary.” Chu Chu begged, “Please forget it, what about a good reading”

She just used the lines as per the novel plot, of course, the actual process was completely blank in her memory.

She couldn’t tell him that she had a title called “Overbearing”.

For a while, she wanted to try it.

“So it’s just a verbal conceptual description It doesn’t need to make a physical change” Zhang Jianian held his chin for a moment and thought, “You don’t need to read files.”

Chu Chu:””

Zhang Jianian’s professional attitude in the workplace was logical, “Since it is your request, although the actual implementation is very difficult, I am willing to try to overcome the difficulties.”

Chu Chu:””

When she heard such a right tone, she almost thought she would let him do a major IPO project.

Zhang Jianian: “I have no relevant experience, so one month should be scheduled as the internship period.

When the internship period is over, you can complete the evaluation and score and then judge whether I am suitable for this job.”

Chu Chu: “…What job”

Zhang Jianian: “Being your woman.”

Chu Chu:”………………”

Chu Chu couldn’t believe it at all.

This was considered a success, right

She was horrified in her heart.

She always thought that her child was the only normal person in the book.

It turned out that he could not escape the poison of the terrible halo.

Zhang Jianian didn’t know Chu Chu’s thoughts.

His idea was very simple.

Chu Chu had too much influence on him, which had severely shaken his normal mental state.

He was able to suppress emotions in the past, but recently he had obviously felt powerless.

So he simply relied on her weird speech to push the boat forward.

He was a human being and had flaws.

He must face his selfishness and flaws head on.

As the saying went, blocking was worse than sparse, he may find an opportunity to express himself appropriately.

Zhang Jianian said empathically, “Do you think there is a problem with the internship period”

Chu Chu: “No, Mr.

Zhang, you always do things according to the rules.” 

Moreover, she was even more pretentious.

Zhang Jianian said, “In this case, now I will start to perform my job duties even as a formal internship.”

“I hope you will be considerate of my job during my internship, try to keep a proper distance from men and avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

After all, as your woman, I still have self-esteem.”

Chu Chu spat out, “…You work so seriously”

“In addition to work in the future, I will also supervise your life, including work and rest, diet, living habits and other aspects.

Please strictly control the intake of carbonated, fried, spicy and other foods and develop a good habit of drinking more water.

At the same time, maintain a schedule of going to bed early, waking up early and exercising regularly.” Zhang Jianian said gently, “You have not done any sports in the past six months.

I urge you to do it on weekends in the future.”


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