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Zhang Jianian didn’t lie.

He occasionally played one or two rounds.

But if he played continuously for a long time, he would lose to the professional players and make operational errors.

Now young professional players could play for a whole day, even stay up late without eating or drinking, but Zhang Jianian had long been overwhelmed.

When Panlong heard that, he showed a shy and awkward expression and solemnly said, “Thank you.”

Panlong plucked up his courage.

He looked at Zhang Jianian and opened his heart, “Actually, I have watched a lot of your videos before…” and often imitated and practiced.

Chu Chu: “What are you talking about, you seem very happy.”

Panlong: “!!!”

Chu Chu suddenly appeared.

She noticed the A4 paper in Panlong’s hand.

She felt it was inexplicably familiar, “What is this”

Panlong felt a bit weak, “Mr.

Zhang gave it to me…”

“Okay, confiscated,” Chu Chu blinked.

She took the paper from Panlong, who was unable to resist and handed it to Liang Chan, “Please make a copy for me.”

Chu Chu quickly got the copy of the manuscript, she handed the copy to Panlong again and calmly said, “You take this.” After she finished speaking, she quietly collected the original manuscript, completely ignoring Panlong’s sad eyes.

Zhang Jianian: “…”

Panlong watched President Chu’s robbing behavior, and dared not to speak.

He could only grunt and forcibly endure the bitter tears in his heart.

He looked at the photocopy of the manuscript and found it to be a little comforting, as the content was still there.

Panlong: Once there was an authentic manuscript placed in front of me but I didn’t cherish it.

In a blink of an eye, it was gone like water in a bamboo basket.

Zhang Jianian couldn’t watch the child being bullied.

He had a subtle expression and asked Chu Chu, “What will you do with it”

Chu Chu justified with confidence, “I have a collection addiction, can’t I”

Zhang Jianian said, “What are you collecting”

Chu Chu said after a pause,  “Fans have collections of their idols and they want to have all the things that are related to them.

Can you ask the fans to remove the figurines and all the advertising things they have” 

Liang Chan knew Chu Chu well.

Knowing her unassuming personality, he couldn’t help but jok; “As a VIR fan, how can you not even understand the game”

Chu Chu: “I am his fan, not a fan of his career.”

Zhang Jianian: “…” I don’t have such a brazen fan.

After everything was done, Liang Chan booked a well-known luxury restaurant in advance and invited everyone to dinner together.

A group of freshly baked VIR team members toasted with the executives.

Juvenile players drank juice and adult players drank alcohol.

The atmosphere was quite lively.

Zhang Jianian had thought about driving and didn’t drink, but his past VIR game status made countless yearning players come forward to toast.

He was quickly unable to stand it.

The contestants came, some with real wine, some with juice instead of wine and Liang Chan and other members of the Light World from time to time instigated.

Everyone actually poured alcohol for Mr.

Zhang a little.

Chu Chu hadn’t noticed it at first.

She saw that Zhang Jianian didn’t drink much, but his face was flushed quickly.

His reaction was unresponsive and the whole person fell into a dizzy downtime state.

Chu Chu gently touched his hot cheek and whispered, “Drunk”

Zhang Jianian’s eyes were clear and soft, he stared at her obediently and didn’t speak.

He seemed to have an inexplicably dull feeling.

Liang Chan was also a little surprised.

He glanced at the wine bottle, “Mr.

Zhang didn’t drink much, right” Under the universe’s conscience, everyone was drinking red wine.

It was reasonable to say that it was not easy to get drunk.

Chu Chu thought about it carefully.

She didn’t seem to have seen Zhang Jianian drink.

He almost didn’t drink at the class reunion last time.

His alcohol tolerance was very weak.

Drunkenness was a matter of course.

Fortunately, Zhang Jianian, who was drunk, was not crazy.

He stayed quietly and obediently beside Chu Chu, like a human pet who started the follow mode.

The dinner was almost over, Liang Chan saw that Zhang Jianian hadn’t recovered yet, so he couldn’t help asking; “President Chu, how will you go home”

Chu Chu: “I asked the driver to come over.

You go to arrange for the children to go back


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