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When Chen Yifan saw that they could not answer, he got annoyed, so he said simply and rudely, “Your answer makes me doubt the professionalism and fairness of the program.”

The “Idol Light” program group didn’t need to deliberately set up contradictions or drama on the show as Chen Yifan gave the first episode the trending post.

#Chen Yifan made Li Taihe speechless# topped the hot search, sparking a wave of crazy fans.

Glass bottle: You blow up the show.

Will Li Taihe die if he doesn’t touch the porcelain Sure enough, there are rubbish people in the rubbish show.

It is rude enough to talk to seniors like that!

Xia Ya: Your idols are poor in singing and dancing and now you’ve been exposed, you panic Who can’t see that the program group is suppressing Chenxing and dare not put two of their trainees in A.

Half of Chenxing’s trainees are supposed to get in A.

It is a waste to protect people from other companies.

Sailing Glass: What kind of a stupid show is this It’s better not to debut with others.

Go back to being President Chu’s money-making machine.

Anyway, the fact that President Chu wants to make money is written on her face, unlike the junk show group that hides and plays tricks.

Seal: In the end, is Qi Lan in A or B Do you want to turn black into white @Light Idol

The online public opinion became more fierce and the “Idol Light” program group couldn’t just ignore it.

They contacted Chenxing Film and Television to ask them to come forward to talk with Chen Yifan and at the same time issue an announcement to help the program group suppress the current wind.

In Chenxing’s conference room, someone was dissatisfied, “Why are we the ones responsible for covering the show’s scandal They were the ones suppressing Qi Lan to keep him out.

If we speak up, fans will definitely be even more angry.”

Idol Light’s final debut quota was negotiated with various agencies and basically guaranteed that there would be rain for everyone.

The quality of Chenxing’s trainees far exceeded that of other companies and it was likely to squeeze a large number of debut positions.

The program group tried to control the popularity of the participants through the lens and only planned to let 1~2 Chenxing’s trainees make their debut, so as to avoid the debut group being wiped out by Chenxing.

Although everyone knew the truth, the staff in the agency department of Chenxing were angry.

They were all children who were cultivated with care.

Who could tolerate favoritism

“If we don’t make announcements for the show now, they will edit it badly and it will be even more annoying…”

“Last time about Li Taihe, they didn’t do anything.

We must protect the fans’ emotions and not pick up a fight with the show crew.”

Chenxing’s meeting style was relatively active and there was no serious and rigid environment like in Yinda.

The people who engaged in film and television were also more bold in personality and everyone had heated discussions.

After a while, they found that the big boss had been silent for a long time.

President Chu was playing with her phone.

One of them asked, “President Chu, do you think we need to make an announcement”

Announcement was for the face of the program group and it was considered that both parties had fixed it to ensure future cooperation.

If the announcement was not made, the team would be able to raise diehard fans, which was beneficial to subsequent endorsements.

Chu Chu looked up when she heard that, put her phone aside and said, “I just finished sending it, you don’t need to anymore.”

Everyone: “”

The “Idol Light” program group waited and instead of the announcement from Chenxing Film and Television, they got President Chu’s announcement instead.

Chu Chu: All reality shows have scripts.

Why does everyone still feel they are genuine Love&peace.

D-99: From this Love&peace, why do I read a bit of diss[doge] It is a hidden stamp, is it a shady official stamp

Yun Dancai: Xiao Chu, who loves to tell the truth: There are money-making machines on the left and right, does everyone still think that they are sincere [doge]

Inside the box and outside the box: You really have the spine to stop “Idol Light”.

Do you think Pineapple Video will care about you Not mindful enough! If you have the ability, then push your trainees yourself!

Tape Chaser: Boss, aren’t you afraid to suffer a blow by Pineapple’s hammer when you tell the truth The children are still in their hands and their shots will be deleted.

River: Please abide by the rules of the program group when you are on the show.

Why don’t the public diss partners retire

Chu Chu: There is no rule.

I am not afraid of being hammered.

Watch the practice room tidbits on Microeye app, come and pick the little idols @Microeye short video: It takes you to the “Idol Light” in Chenxing practice room [heart] link.

YBSS:  If you encounter a shady situation, can you directly make a video platform Kneel to the boss.

Little Mushroom Blossoming: The UI (user interface) is better than Pineapple Video and the account page is clear.

Get out and get beaten.


Boots: RMB Player Idea: Do you dare to scold me I will abuse you.

The “Idol Light” program group found that President Chu took the opportunity to launch a short video app to show the past videos of Chenxing’s trainees and post them up, so she could openly grab traffic from their feature program.


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