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Li Du: “But she wants to drain our traffic, so it has conflict with us…”

Wang Lin: “How could it drain our traffic Micro-eye is a short video app, which is obviously not our current competitor.

Our opponents are the other long video sites.

Why can’t we promote a win-win situation with Chenxing”

Pineapple Video was working hard to expand its membership and advertising business.

Wang Lin had just seen a glimmer of hope in “Rouge” and would never allow Li Du and others to disturb the relationship.

If they had a conflict with Chenxing, where would Wang Lin and his colleagues in the film and television department go to do the shows

Li Du didn’t know Wang Lin’s mind and wanted to yell: Have you considered the feelings of our variety show department No, you only care about yourself!

The traffic of micro-eyes came from “Idol Light”, which did not affect Wang Lin and the film and television department at all.

Of course, he couldn’t stand and talk, but he only knew to hold Chenxing’s thigh!

Someone spoke for Li Du, “But if this goes on, Idol Light can’t be done.

It’s a variety show with an S rating anyway…”

If Chenxing and Pineapple had a conflict, maybe Chenxing would be reluctant to discuss the debut position in the end.

Wasn’t it a joke

Wang Lin suggested, “I have an idea.

Since Micro-eye wants traffic, I will just give them all the tidbits and videos.

Don’t let them post only Chenxing’s videos but also videos from other companies.”

Li Du was annoyed and wondered if he was Chenxing’s undercover agent who rushed to make way for the boss.

He said that “Idol Light” wouldn’t remove Chenxing’s videos, but also give them official tidbits

Wang Lin: “I will go and talk to President Chu to see if we can make Micro-eye the sponsor of the show.

It will be made official.

It will be nice to say it.

You can edit it later and arrange the trainees’ promotion story instead of following the script.

What do you say”

Wang Lin’s thoughts were quite lively.

Micro-eye only showed Chenxing’s videos, that would definitely be a fight with Pineapple.

But as long as it became a sponsor, wouldn’t everything be alright Pineapple Video and the program would resolve the crisis of public opinion, receive the sponsorship, Chenxing and Micro-eye would successfully stabilize the mood of fans and also harvest new traffic.

It was simply a joy for everyone.

The only one unhappy would be Li Taihe.

Li Fen would probably scold him to death.

Pineapple Video finally voted and the majority agreed with Wang Lin’s proposal to send him as a negotiator to contact Chenxing.

There was no eternal enemy, only eternal money.

Chu Chu was overjoyed when she heard Wang Lin’s thoughts.

In fact, she also felt that Chenxing’s trainees alone were not enough for traffic.

As a new app, Micro-eye would inevitably burn a large amount of marketing and promotion expenses and it was impossible to rely solely on her operations for advertising.

According to conventional rules, it was impossible for “Idol Light” to accept the title of such products, because Micro-eye and Pineapple were both video platforms.

Regardless of whether the video was long or short, there were frictions.

Pineapple had nothing they could do this time.

When things got to this point, they had to do it.

Chu Chu heartily paid the sponsor fee.

The two sides were formally reconciled and a grand press conference was also held.

Not only a large group of media reporters gathered at the venue, but also important personnel from Pineapple, Micro-eye and Idol Light attended.

The executives with hypocritical business smiles, each shook hands and greeted each other and finally announced that Pineapple and Micro-eye had reached a strategic cooperation.

Micro-eye would be the sponsor of the S-level variety show “Idol Light”.

Fans could see trainees on the Microeye app in the future, watch all kinds of freshly released tidbits, shooting, etc.

This news caused an uproar in the audience and allowed all the rumors on the Internet to be drowned.

It was an official announcement of the recovery of the relationship between Pineapple and Chenxing.

Although there were no staff from Chenxing at the press conference, everyone knew that Chenxing and Micro-eye were a family and it was all owned by President Chu.

A reporter raised an objection and asked, “Will the cooperation between the two parties affect the final debut line of Idol Light How will the program team ensure the impartiality of trainees other than Chenxing”

Li Du discovered that the words “Idol Light” and “Justice” had been used recently.

He wiped the sweat from his forehead and said, “We must consider the level of trainees and popularity.

We will decide the debut position based on the final vote.

It will not be affected by any external factors…”

Although Li Du was called Li Du, (m: strength) his explanation was obviously weak and was not recognized by reporters.


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