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She was lying down with her eyes closed.

She opened her eyes when she heard the words and said with a weird expression, “If you want to shower, go by yourself.

You don’t need to report to me.

I won’t go.”

Chu Chu was hurt all over now.

Let alone taking a bath, she didn’t even want to move.

Zhang Jianian eyebrows narrowed, “You have to wash too.”

There were showers in the gym, so that the athletes could wash after sweating profusely.

They wouldn’t have to leave in embarrassment and sweat all over, but go out in a refreshing state.

Chu Chu: “Are you a primary school student that wants me to accompany you to the toilet”

She was not a primary school student, who had to accompany her schoolmate to the toilet.

Zhang Jianian: “…”

Chu Chu: “If you cry and beg me, I will consider it.”

Looking at her triumphant expression, Zhang Jianian squeezed her face and said, “Can you still speak well”

She died completely after exercising, but couldn’t stop talking.

Chu Chu’s cheeks were squeezed by him.

She muttered vaguely, “Liar, fraudster, extortor…” 

Chu Chu: I’m going to the March 15 party to sue him!

Seeing that she was not convinced, Zhang Jianian was dissatisfied.

He stretched out his hand and squeezed the other side of her face and said, “Will you shower”

Chu Chu was very annoyed, “No! You can shower me if you have the ability, I won’t move anyway!”

When Zhang Jianian heard such blatant words, he flushed and was so angry that he didn’t say anything for a long time, “You, you…”

Chu Chu snorted and closed her eyes peacefully.

She intended to continue to play dead.

Zhang Jianian was red from his neck to the roots of his ears.

He was a little bit irritated and said, “Then you cook the fish yourself at night.”

Chu Chu instantly stood up and said respectfully, “Mr.

Zhang, where is the washroom”

She still had a breath supported by the boiled fish at night.

In the end, Chu Chu was forced to take a shower by the embarrassed Mr.

Zhang and of course she went to the female washroom to wash separately.

They came out of the gym together.

Chu Chu was fluttering and ecstatic and couldn’t wait to soar immediately.

When she returned home, the housekeeper had already filled the refrigerator in advance as required.

Zhang Jianian opened the refrigerator and saw all kinds of fresh ingredients.

He silently took out the necessary ingredients and began to complete the preparation stage of cooking.

Chu Chu looked at it curiously, but felt that something was missing in the refrigerator and said in doubt, “Where is my happiness”

“What happiness”

“Happy fat house water.”

“You can’t drink carbonated drinks after fitness and long-term drinking of such drinks is not good.” Zhang Jianian added slowly, “Including your milk tea at the company.

It’s privately ordered under Wang Qing’s name, right”

Chu Chu was guilty and bowed her head, “You are not my father.

You can’t control my right to eat snacks!”

Zhang Jianian showed a business smile and put on a respectful statement, “Do you need me to say hello to Director Chu, so I can control you again”

Chu Chu: The anger value is 1 1 1…

Chu Chu’s mood eased at the dinner table.

Zhang Jianian did not make ready-made fish filets, but cooked the whole fish.

When the fish filets were slightly lifted, the hot oil was splashed.

The various ingredients exuded an attractive aroma under the stimulation of high temperature, teasing her taste buds and nerves.

There were refreshing greens hidden under the clear soup and the fish filets.

Chu Chu moved her fingers and happily enjoyed the boiled fish with delicious white rice.

She turned a blind eye to other dishes.

Zhang Jianian silently pushed a dish to her, as if to suggest, but Chu Chu pretended not to understand.

He pushed the vegetable fry a little further and reminded her, “You can’t just eat fish.”

The shredded lettuce, potato and carrot were fried together.

It could be said that they were delicious in color and fragrance, but she still instinctively rejected carrots and said, “There are vegetables under the boiled fish.”

Zhang Jianian: “The intake of vegetables alone is not enough.”

Chu Chu: “…I suddenly understand why aunt bothers you, what is she doing today”

Zhang Yafang was the master of spicy food.

If Zhang Jianian dared to make her eat vegetables, he would be pushed to the cutting board.

“Community organized some retired old people picking in the suburbs.” Zhang Jianian said lightly after he answered, “You have to eat it even if you change the topic.”

Chu Chu curled her lips and picked a few shredded lettuce and potato shreds to eat.

Zhang Jianian couldn’t stand it any longer.

He simply picked up chopsticks full of carrots and put them in her bowl, “Carrots are one of the most nutritious vegetables.”

She ate the carrot shreds angrily.

Although it tasted sweet and delicious, her body still repelled it.

No matter how good the taste was, carrots wouldn’t work anyway! They were one of the most hated ingredients of spoiled brats!

Chu Chu: The anger value is 10 10 10…

After the meal, the two simply cleaned the dishes and chopsticks and Chu Chu was finally relieved.

She was escorted by Zhang Jianian to “living seriously” for a day.

Now she was exhausted physically and mentally.

She sneaked to the living room and played games on the soft cushion.


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