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She heard the person sneer softly and then say with a cool threat, “…You dare to make trouble”

Chu Chu couldn’t stand such provocations the most.

Although she was in a dangerous situation at this time, she was still a little dissatisfied.

So she wanted to speak and muttered, “Why can’t I make trouble Are you not my girlfriend or boyfriend Although it is still in the internship…”

Chu Chu finally changed her words under Zhang Jianian’s death gaze and did not dare to talk about ‘My Woman Theory’.

She said to her heart that it was not too late for a gentleman to take revenge after ten years.

She could bear the burden of humiliation and would get even one day!

Zhang Jianian was shocked.

The stormy sea rolled up in his heart and he stayed frozen in place for a long time.

Chu Chu thought of something and emphasized, “Yes, you are still in the internship period.

Be careful or I will give you a bad review!”

Zhang Jianian: “…”

Zhang Jianian really wanted to open her head and look into it.

How did things develop by mistake to this point!

He wanted to warn her against se*ual harassment, but she said it was legal age 

Zhang Jianian got up with a frosty face and walked toward the bathroom without saying a word.

She lost her shackles and realized that physique was really important.

If she wanted to beat Zhang Jianian in the future, she would have to make up her mind and exercise.

As the king of the salted fish world, Chu Chu thought that this was no less than killing her on the spot, not to mention that Mr.

Zhang had amazing self-control.

He would train more than her.

She touched her chin.

If her own ability was not good, she still had to rely on foreign objects.

Chu Chu turned on the phone to see if handcuffs, electric shock batons and other items could be purchased online.

In the bathroom, Zhang Jianian washed his face with cold water to cool himself.

He calmed down and noticed that there was a deviation in their thinking and communication.

He was paralyzed by the ridicule and teasing of Chu Chu, so that he could produce such a big mistake, was laughed at and lost. 

But, she loved it.

Zhang Jianian looked at the corners of his mouth that couldn’t be restrained in the mirror, his eyes sank and he washed his face with cold water again to use physical means to cool down.

He shook his head, tried to regain his usual quick thinking speed, but shook his head even more till he got dizzy.

This would not work.

He thought of Chu Yanyin’s plan and his heart was extremely bitter.

He certainly couldn’t.

He was there to pay his debt, not for revenge. 

Zhang Jianian came out of the bathroom and hit Chu Chu who was holding the phone.

He slowed down.

His face was a little unnatural for an instant and he dared not make eye contact with her.

Chu Chu was more unnatural than him and asked, “…So fast”

Zhang Jianian was taken aback for a moment.

When he understood, he was almost on the verge of anger and explained in a gloomy tone, “…I only washed my face.”

Chu Chu: “…Oh.”

Zhang Jianian: “…”

The mental construction he had just built collapsed instantly by his anger and he wanted to beat her.

When he was seriously thinking about the future, how could she always break the atmosphere from a bizarre angle!

Chu Chu saw that his face was not good and for the time being, she did not dare to provoke the gentle Mr.


She found that the rabbit, when anxious bite people.

In order to avoid being killed by him, she simply nestled on the sofa and looked at her phone.

Zhang Jianian looked at her and his heart became more contradictory and suffering.

If he said the truth, would he never have a chance again

If he made it clear to Chu Chu that this was just a misunderstanding, it would be considered a complete separation of relations and perhaps there would be no chance to stay in Yinda in the future.

Qisheng and Yinda were too far apart.

Both of them would get busy at work, let alone meet.

The encounter would only be embarrassing and there would be no way to communicate as freely as in the past.

If she let him stay in Yinda graciously, treated everything as nothing happened and they continued to work together…he couldn’t live like that.

He couldn’t deceive his feelings.

He possessed despicable selfishness, but thinking of the difficulties and ups and downs in the future, he felt that she shouldn’t be plunged into it.

Long term pain was worse than short term pain.

He should tell her clearly, take the initiative to resign and leave Qisheng and Yinda.

Zhang Jianian’s sensibility and nobility prevailed.

After he made up his mind, he looked at Chu Chu, who was at a loss and didn’t know where to begin to speak.

She was looking down at the phone.

He simply tried to start from a relaxed and gentle topic, “What are you looking at”

The picture on the screen was quite gorgeous, with intense music.

Chu Chu raised her head and said lazily, “I’m watching the trainees’ performance stage…”

“Idol Light” released the latest performance stage.

They shone on the stage.

Zhang Jianian was quiet for a moment and instantly left behind the complicated and heavy inner drama just now.

He had a black face and a cool tone as he said, “I’m sitting here, do you still want to see them”

The sour venom in his heart rolled over and he was blinded by jealousy.

So he decided to be a despicable person and completely deleted the word noble.

Chu Chu:”……”

She felt his scary aura and threw the phone aside as she didn’t dare to stimulate the lemon tree that would produce two catties of lemons per day.



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