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Liang Chan nodded and he took the players of the VIR team, bid farewell to Chu Chu and left the restaurant first.

Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian stayed in the private room, waiting for the rescuer to arrive.

Seeing Zhang Jianian’s eyes dim, Chu Chu picked up a piece of fruit and asked, “Do you want to eat it”

Zhang Jianian blinked and ate it obediently.

When Chu Chu saw that, she stretched out her hands again and tentatively said, “Hug”

Zhang Jianian blinked, then obediently stretched out his arms to hug.

Chu Chu said with emotion, “No, you will make me commit crime if you are too good.”

The drunk Zhang Jianian’s brain was chaotic.

He didn’t seem to understand, and only looked at her with moist and gentle eyes, like an obedient and friendly big dog.

The feeling like when Chu Chu said to shake hands, he would immediately stretch out his hand silently.

The driver, who had not been on duty for a long time, was professional and punctual and dropped Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian back to Yan Han.

Without too much effort, Chu Chu helped Zhang Jianian into the house and arranged for him to lie on the bed.

Zhang Jianian was not noisy and he followed her instructions throughout the whole process.

He leaned on the bed and stared at her with drunken eyes.

Facing the dizzy and cute Zhang Jianian, Chu Chu gave him a cup of honey water and then began the joyful game session again.

She stretched out two fingers and asked, “What’s this”

Zhang Jianian tilted his head to look at her.

He was lost in thought.

He didn’t speak for a while, as if he was seriously considering it.

Chu Chu brazenly attacked him twice and said proudly, “This is two.”

As Zhang Jianian did not resist.

His appearance immediately aroused Chu Chu’s desire to do whatever she wanted.

She reached out to unbutton his shirt and said selfishly, “Let me change your pajamas for you to sleep early.”

If it was Mr.

Zhang, who was armed from head to toe in the past, would never agree with her small movements at usual times, but now he stretched out his hand cleverly, like a little puppet.

Chu Chu looked at the beautiful collarbone and chest exposed by the other party, her eyes fluttered away with a guilty conscience and she could not control her secretly looking back.

The truth was, the little theoretical giant driver Chu Chu was a little bit embarrassed in practice, but she showed endless courage at this time.

Who made the drunk Zhang Jianian look so delicious!

And there was no lethality at all, it seems that she could do anything she wanted!

When he looked up after she changed his clothes, she could even see the slightly rolling Adam’s apple and the smooth curve of his neck, which was absolutely sinful.

Chu Chu looked at the gall and finally threw it down uncontrollably.

She tasted it herself and heard the oppressive and low gasp as she wished.

He did not resist, but looked at her blankly and vaguely and this expression immediately encouraged her to continue doing evil.

The hormone quickly dragged the two into the abyss and it didn’t take long for her to see his clear eyes stained with pleasure and depression.

His kiss was mixed with the sweetness of honey, tempting her to explore further.

She used her fingers to feel every inch of the other person’s body temperature, playing mischievously where she passed, deliberately trying to see him moan and frown.

However, Chu Chu did not feel proud for long and she was pushed down and subdued.

That was right, she couldn’t turn over and was knocked down and then she was defeated.

The next day, Chu Chu felt like she had been run over by a car.

She thought of the previous night’s battle of shame and she had 10,000 words in her heart.

With a numb face, she went online under the quilt and typed in the search box “whether a man has the ability to mess up” in the search box, trying to verify whether she had been quilted or not.

There were different opinions on the Internet and there were many answers, which made Chu Chu’s head feel like a mass of paste.

She couldn’t help but sigh with sorrow: Sure enough, all beautiful and harmless things are venomous!


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