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Zhang Jianian felt helpless.

He knew that Chu Chu did not completely ignore Director Chu’s feelings, but the way she expressed it was wrong.

In her own words, she was not so idle and did not spend time on unimportant people.

However, Director Chu was also a person who was not good with words and had been irritated by Chu Chu’s words repeatedly which caused the father and daughter to confuse each other to this day.

The brain circuits of the spoiled brat and the big leader were completely different, which made it impossible for them to communicate normally.

After getting out of the car, Zhang Jianian saw that there was no one around, so he hesitantly asked Chu Chu, “What kind of person was your father in the past”

Another reason why Zhang Jianian could not persuade her was that he knew she was not the real Chu Chu.

There really was no reason to force her to have a good relationship with Director Chu.

But if he found a reference, maybe he could find a solution to the problem.

Chu Chu casually said, “I don’t know.”

Zhang Jianian was taken aback and he looked surprised.

Chu Chu glanced at him and said carelessly, “Have I ever told you My parents died early, so I have no impression.”

Zhang Jianian didn’t know what to say for a while and said guiltily, “Sorry, I didn’t know…”

“It doesn’t matter.

It’s not a big deal, right” Chu Chu saw the pity in his eyes and complained, “Don’t give me that strange look.

I had other relatives and the death of my parents doesn’t mean that I was miserable…”

It was fine.

As she had no family, she didn’t have to worry about her original life.

She could be unrestrained and free.

Even if she disappeared into the book, it would not affect other people.

If she had parents, she would naturally be bound by blood relatives.

It would be difficult to really distinguish the relationship between the two worlds.

If she had encountered an unqualified guardian, it would be more troublesome.

Zhang Jianian curiously asked, “Then who did you live with when you were a kid”

“My grandma.” Chu Chu showed a look of nostalgia, as if recalling the happy life of childhood and slowly said, “She is gone now.”

What Chu Chu didn’t say was that, in fact, her grandma’s personality was a bit like Zhang Yafang.

Both her temperament and accent were the same.

Her grandma would never be trapped in the pain of the past.

She would step through the hurdles with a calm and relaxed attitude.

Although her education level was not high, she had her own wisdom in life.

Seeing Zhang Jianian’s distressed expression again, Chu Chu added, “This was a happy funeral,(as the deceased was old) please don’t mind.” 

Half of Chu Chu’s character came from her grandmother, including her knowledge and understanding of death.

She learned to live happily every day with no need to fear death from her.

When her grandma was alive, she never shied away from talking about funeral affairs and even told Chu Chu the concept of “happy funeral”.

She was an open-minded old woman.

Her tone relaxed.

She was indeed not sad.

Zhang Jianian’s heart softened and he asked, “Did you have a good relationship”

Chuchu nodded, “Yeah, when I was three years old, she accidentally fell down the stairs and scared me.

She asked me why I was crying and I said I was afraid she would be gone and no one would cook for me.”

Zhang Jianian listened to the warm story before, but he didn’t expect that she would change the story’s style instantly and he said, “What happened later”

Chu Chu: “Later, she said that we should exchange identities for a week.

She would be the  granddaughter and I would be the grandmother.

She let me cook for her and experience what grandma’s love is.”

Zhang Jianian: Very good, her attitude really came down from her family.

Zhang Jianian: “Do you feel that she was cruel to you”

Chu Chu: “It’s fine She often throws me to die in the snow when I get disobedient.

Without me, she won’t be delayed to play mahjong.

But we are always a family.”

Zhang Jianian: “…”

Zhang Jianian discovered that he could not find a way to ease the relationship between Director Chu and Chu Chu through family conversations, but he understood why Chu Chu and Zhang Yafang talked a lot.

Wasn’t this the original sentence from Zhang Yafang

There was a long way to go to promote father-daughter reconciliation and it was difficult for them to be on the same channel.

He thought for a moment and asked, “Are you a little dissatisfied with Director Chu”

“I can’t talk about dissatisfaction.” Chu Chu thought for a while and then replied, “But I probably won’t have children in the future.

I am not as strong as my grandma, so I am probably not a qualified guardian.”


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