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Although Chu Chu’s attitude of education and complaining made the newly-promoted daughter extremely upset, he could barely bear it for the sake of Dingding Candies.

The four of them went to the table for lunch and spent a rare and comfortable moment, without any dispute at the dinner table for the first time.

When Chu Yanyin met Chu Chu who obediently lowered her head to eat, he was quite emotional for a while.

He used to think that this kind of time was an extravagant hope.

Since she had her own independent thinking, the father and daughter quarreled constantly.

The two of them never talked too much and they could break into contradictions on countless things and finally the culmination was Lin Mingzhu’s matter.

Chu Chu was eating seriously, but the phone screen turned on.

She glanced at Zhang Jianian next to her and said, “Let’s talk about work later…”

Although it was precious time for father-daughter exchanges, Chu Chu wanted to do everything that should be done.

Since she and Zhang Jianian had to go back to the mansion, they would also lose time on the road, so some jobs naturally moved to the evening.

When Zhang Jianian heard the words, he first raised his eyes to look at Chu Yanyin’s expression and then replied, “Okay.”

Zhang Jianian did not forget that Director Chu said that there was a business matter to discuss.

He was under the same roof with the two bosses and felt that he was not able to do so.

Chu Yanyin said with dissatisfaction, “What Can’t you talk about work in front of me”

Chu Yanyin was upset when he looked at her hiding, as if she was deliberately guarding it from him.

He was obviously also very experienced and his analysis of problems was no worse than them!

Chu Chu glanced at him and said indifferently, “Kids don’t interrupt when adults talk.

Go and do your homework after dinner.”

Chu Yanyin: “…”

Chu Yanyin gritted his teeth and said, “I have something to discuss after dinner with Jianian.”

Chu Chu said, “First come, first served, understand”

Chu Yanyin said, “Things should be prioritized.”

Chu Chu looked at Chu Yanyin and said solemnly, “Is your business more important You have to figure it out.

Now I am the head of the family!”

Chu Yanyin was speechless.

These words were inexplicably familiar and he retorted, “This is tyranny!” 

Chu Chu sneered and said, “When you were my father, you engaged in tyranny every day.

Feng Shui turns.(Every dog has his day)” 

Chu Yanyin was extremely dissatisfied and the two had an after-dinner battle to compete for the right to discuss the matter with Zhang Jianian.

Lin Mingzhu hugged the poodle.

As an arbiter, she sat beside the chess board and announced, “The game has officially started.

We will decide the final winner who wins two or three rounds.”

Chu Yanyun narrowed his eagle eyes and his tone was quite provocative, “If you play chess with me, I’m afraid you will lose badly.”

Chu Yanyin hadn’t lost to anyone in chess yet and his level of chess could be called “killing all Qisheng executives and punching the major groups”.

Chu Chu quietly said, “Others let you win in chess, but you keep showing off.”

Chu Chu guessed that in the old foxes of executives, who would dare to really win against the boss Chu Yanyin simply felt good about himself and didn’t know the heights of the world.

The two played chess each and started a battle for power.

Zhang Jianian watched the game.

He glanced at the time and complained: The two bosses are probably not in a hurry, otherwise, how can they play chess with leisure

The father and daughter were still in full swing to determine the outcome.

Zhang Jianian felt that it would take time for the three games, so he simply went upstairs to wash up.


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