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In the guest room, the servants had already laid clean and soft sheets and bedding and the washing necessities had been placed in the separate bathroom.

That evening breeze blew in from the small balcony, making people feel comfortable and gentle.

Zhang Jianian locked the door, pulled up the curtains and then put on a bathrobe to take a shower.

In the dim steam, the restraint and discomfort at the dinner table faded away.

Now that he was staying in the Chu Mansion, he had a guilty conscience.

After all, he hadn’t figured out how to explain to Director Chu about his improper relationship with his immediate superior.

After Zhang Jianian took a shower, he wiped his wet black hair while leaving the bathroom.

When he entered the room, he saw his immediate boss lying on the bed and playing with her phone.

When she heard the sound, she looked back at him and commented, “Tsk, you are so tightly wrapped after the shower.”


Zhang must have had a serious image consciousness.

There was nothing wrong with his clothes after the shower.

Apart from his wet hair, she could hardly see anything unusual.

He was wearing a bathrobe, his hair was still dripping water and he stood in shock.

Zhang Jianian looked at the uninvited guest, looked around subconsciously and blurted out, “Why are you here”

Chu Chu replied confidently, “This is my home, why can’t I be here”

Zhang Jianian: “…”

Chu Chu latched on the bed carelessly.

He had no time to take care of her behavior of occupying the magpie’s nest.

(Others place)

He stretched out his hand, tried the unmoving door handle and questioned, “I had obviously locked the door.”

Chu Chu pointed to the small balcony behind the curtain gap and said naturally, “I walked through the balcony.

I was going to enjoy the air.

I didn’t expect it to be connected.”

Zhang Jianian was too insecure to live there.

It was a double threat from the father and daughter.

“Where is Director Chu” Zhang Jianian thought of the battle between the two and couldn’t help asking.

“He was hit by my chess skills.

He is sitting downstairs and replaying the game.” Chu Chu raised her chin triumphantly and boasted, “As a father, of course I must teach him how to be a man.”

Zhang Jianian complained to himself: You do not look like a serious father at first glance.

Zhang Jianian felt embarrassed and politely suggested, “Can you go back to your room first I’ll come to you later.”

Chu Chu said innocently, “Why”

Zhang Jianian was a little annoyed and said, “I want to change clothes.”

Chu Chu covered her eyes with her hands and said sincerely, “I won’t look at you, it’s all right.”

Zhang Jianian didn’t believe it.

She walked through the balcony.

If she didn’t do anything, wouldn’t it be a waste of effort With a business smile, he asked again, “Would you like to move next door and wait for a moment”

Chu Chu played the rogue and said, “If you kiss me, I will go next door.”

When Zhang Jianian heard her shameless words, he was silent for a moment and then said, “Okay.”

Chu Chu heard the words and leaned forward happily.

While waiting for him to bend down, she said, “Well, in that case, I will reluctantly think about it…”

Zhang Jianian smiled gently, “You don’t need to think about it.

You can stay here.”

Chu Chu:””

Chu Chu was puzzled and her eyes went black in the next second.

She was covered by a soft quilt.

Zhang Jianian rolled up the bedding like a spring roll and directly wrapped Chu Chu tightly.

She looked like a sealed silkworm pupa.

Chu Chu was locked in the quilt.

While struggling, she exclaimed, “You are dead!”

With his superb cooking skills, Zhang Jianian made large spring rolls with her.

Chu Chu finally broke free from the bedding and was unkempt for a while.

She looked at Zhang Jianian, who had finished changing clothes at the speed of light and felt that her dignity as the head of the family had been challenged.

Zhang Jianian picked up the information on the desk, was about to take out the laptop and said, “Okay, this is Micro-eye’s information…”


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