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Chu Chu jumped out of the bed, pulled up a corner of the quilt and said in a chilly voice, “You want to leave after provocation”

If she did not let him taste the taste of being wrapped in spring rolls, she was afraid that he would rebel.

Zhang Jianian glanced at her and instantly understood what she wanted to do.

He got up and wanted to run, but was knocked down by Chu Chu, who rushed up.

The papers were scattered all over the place and the two fell into a familiar struggle.

Chu Chu repeated the old trick, sat on him, wanted to pull the quilt to cover his head, but Zhang Jianian blocked her raised arm.

“You are still in the internship period.

Be careful I will give you a bad review!” Chu Chu threatened.

Zhang Jianian could actually break free and was afraid of accidentally hurting her, so he had to fall to the ground and try to hide as far as possible to defend himself.

Chu Chu was about to succeed when they heard the sound of a key unlocking the door.

Chu Yanyin broke into the room, looked at the scene before him and said furiously, “Stop! What are you doing!”

When Chu Yanyin passed by, he heard strange noises and caught the keywords such as “dead”, “provocation”, “internship” and “Micro-eye” and then there was a collision and scuffle.

He was shocked and wanted to enter the room but found that the door was locked, which made him feel bad.

Chu Yanyin wanted to cultivate the relationship between the two and provide opportunities for flirting, not for fighting each other.

He looked at the scene in the room with distress.

The originally compiled papers were flying all over the floor.

Chu Chu tried to beat Zhang Jianian with a bullying attitude, but Zhang Jianian was afraid of her identity and could only dodge in embarrassment.

He was even unable to save himself.

Chu Yanyin was furious.

He thought that the two of them had a little affair, but now he realized that he was wrong.

The original photos were blurry.

Perhaps he had misunderstood it all.

He ignored Zhang Jianian’s painful tolerance.

Maybe this was not the first time he was beaten.

Chu Chu was frequently caught doing violence.

She had smashed Nan Yandong’s head.

If it was not enough, she continued to attack young talents.

Before one of Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian could face the victory, the justice envoy Chu Yanyin broke in and the three fell silent for a while.

Chu Yanyin was the first to act.

He rushed to the ground, pulled Chu Chu up and sternly said, “What are you doing!”

Chu Chu was dragged by him and asked in doubt, “What are you doing”

The anger on Chu Yanyin’s face infected everyone, Zhang Jianian got up and wanted to explain, “Director Chu, it’s my problem, please don’t blame…”

“Shut up!” Chu Yanyin said angrily, “Did you want to hide it from me for a long time”

Had he not witnessed it with his own eyes, Zhang Jianian would never tell the story of him being beaten!

Zhang Jianian’s words were interrupted by the roar.

His face turned pale and he was embarrassed.

He wanted to find a chance to talk with Director Chu in a peaceful way.

He didn’t expect things to be found in the worst case.

According to Zhang Jianian’s plan, he hoped to make a request to Director Chu after he had a little ability and achievement.

Zhang Jianian did not dare to respond too much to Chu Chu’s feelings which was also out of this consideration.

At present, he was too weak and did not even have the bargaining chip to talk to Director Chu.

He was not good enough to be responsible for the future of the two.

Chu Chu was definitely someone who was outside the scene.

She looked at Chu Yanyin, shook her arm and asked, “What are you shouting for”

Chu Yanyin gritted his teeth and reprimanded, “Did I transfer someone to you to let you fight him like this”

Chu Chu had never beaten Zhang Jianian before.

At this time, she was confused: “”


老油條 lǎo yóu tiáo: old deep fried bread stick : old fox.

(slick and sly person)


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