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“What am I playing” Chu Chu was confused.

As Chu Yanyin started yelling again, she waved her hand and said, “Your dad still has business to do.

I don’t have time to talk to you now.”

Chu Chu felt that she had spent enough time on family education that day.

Not only did she ask Chu Yanyin about his study and work, she also bought him sweets and accompanied him to play chess.

She was definitely a good and competent father.

She wanted to talk to Zhang Jianian about work or love at night, but was interrupted by Old Chu. 

“Go to bed.

I’ll rest.” Chu Chu yawned and wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes, “I will get up early and return to the city tomorrow.”

The Chu Mansion was too far away from the city and the commuting time between her and Zhang Jianian suddenly increased.

Chu Yanyin watched her run away in a hurry and immediately stepped to chase her.

He didn’t have time to catch her.

Chu Yanyin saw her running back into the room at the speed of light.

He shook the handle gloomily and found that the door was locked.

“Wait, we will talk about this issue tomorrow!” Chu Yanyin thought to his heart.

She would also go out tomorrow and could be caught by him then.

But the two went out early the next day.

In order to avoid the morning peak, Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian had to enter the city early.

In the car, Zhang Jianian heard her yawning in the back seat and asked, “What did you talk with Director Chu about last night… is everything okay”

Zhang Jianian didn’t know the outcome.

He tossed and turned last night and did not rest well.

Chu Chu rubbed her eyes sleepily and said, “I forgot.

It seems that there is nothing worth talking about.”

Zhang Jianian was puzzled.

Didn’t Director Chu mention anything What did that mean

He was full of doubts and heard Chu Chu say, “Let’s not go to Yinda.

Let’s go elsewhere.”

The driver and Zhang Jianian were a little surprised, Zhang Jianian asked, “Where do you want to go”

“United Artists Information Technology Co.

Ltd,” Chu Chu directly reported the name of a company Yao Xing told her about.

She intended to go to the gym.

United Artists Food was mainly engaged in online food delivery, new retail, instant delivery and other businesses.

It was a life platform established by United Artists Information Technology Co.


It was quite suitable for the account exchange with Qisheng’s ticketing, which could provide users with great convenience.

On a sunny morning, United Artists CEO Lu Shu arrived at the company as usual.

After the morning meeting with the company’s employees, he plunged into his office.

Lu Shu glanced at the schedule and found that there was nothing important that day, so he secretly set up the iPad and started watching “Doraemon”.

Lu Shu could serve as the CEO of United Artists mainly through his relationship.

His uncle was an executive of Qisheng, who had been in the group for many years.

Lu Shu was a leisurely person.

After graduation, he was pushed into the group by his family and after a few years he successfully became the head of the company.

Although he occasionally got tired of the fast pace of Internet companies, he didn’t know what he could do without his family.

The social status that Qisheng brought to Lu Shu was not low, so he just let it go.

Dong dong——

When Lu Shu heard the knock on the door, he buckled the iPad with his hands, turned back to the table and said, “Please come in.”

“President Lu, President Chu came suddenly,” the secretary came in to report.

Lu Shu couldn’t help but wonder, “Which President Chu”

The secretary reported, “President Chu of Yinda Investment.”

A surprised look appeared on Lu Shu’s face.

He suppressed his doubts and while putting on his suit, he muttered, “I never heard that she is coming…”

Such important leaders’ visits would be announced in advance.

Although President Chu’s main business currently had nothing to do with United Artists, Lu Shu had relied on a strong relationship and vision to get to where he was.

Naturally, it was impossible for him to treat her as an ordinary leader.


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