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When Lu Shu rushed to the door, he saw President Chu there.

She only had one person, unlike other leaders with a large army.

Although Lu Shu felt strange in his heart, he smiled and extended his hand to greet her, “President Chu, I looked up to you for a long time.

Please come inside! Was the journey fine”

“Hi, President Lu, thanks to you, it was good,” Chu Chu shook hands with him and also showed a fake business smile.

The two talked amicably for a while, as if the meeting that day was scheduled beforehand and both showed full enthusiasm.

Zhang Jianian followed Chu Chu and silently took a few photos as required.

He didn’t know the reason for Chu Chu coming there, so he could only hope in his heart that nothing wrong would happen.

Chu Chu pretended to follow Lu Shu around the company.

When she entered the office, she removed her polite mask and said with a smile, “I came here today mainly to talk about account interoperability.

Yao Xing should have told you, right”

Lu Shu understood and softly declined, “Yes, President Yao mentioned it two days ago.

It’s just that United Artists is currently busy with updates and no one really puts the effort into this aspect…”

“The technical part can be mainly left to us.

President Lu only needs to send someone to cooperate.” Chu Chu said, “Account interoperability is actually the best promotion effect of Qisheng’s ticketing and United Artists applications, you should understand.”

Lu Shu certainly knew that his participation in account interoperability was beneficiary for the group.

But due to his uncle’s relationship with the group, United Artists couldn’t rush to stand in line.

He smiled perfunctorily, “The current United Artists is really not good, I hope you can understand.”

Chu Chu thought for a while and finally curiously said, “Um…I have a presumptuous question, I really want to ask.”

Lu Shu: “You say.”

Chu Chu: “You have your uncle behind you, don’t you feel annoyed”

Zhang Jianian did not expect that she would directly pierce Lu Shu’s relationship.

He took a deep breath and found that Lu Shu was even more on pins and needles.

His expression stiffened for a moment and then returned to normal, he honestly replied, “Occasionally.”

“Then you have Director Chu behind you, does it feel annoying” Lu Shu saw that she didn’t hide it anymore and simply retorted.

Everyone had said that she was quite good for nothing and there was no need to spend effort on hypocrisy.

Hearing that, Zhang Jianian frowned slightly and reminded him faintly, “President Lu, please pay attention to your words.”

Lu Shu was rather dissatisfied and said, “Is it only her who can ask me, but I can’t ask her”

Zhang Jianian replied calmly, “Yes.”

Lu Shu: “…”

Chu Chu said frankly, “Of course I won’t feel annoyed, because Old Chu can’t control me.”

Lu Shu simply laughed at her, “I’m sorry, my uncle can control me, so please don’t make trouble for me anymore.”

He made up his mind to pretend to be dead and not to exchange accounts with Qisheng’s ticketing.

Chu Chu felt regretful and asked sincerely again, “Would you like to think about it carefully As the saying goes, you would rather offend a gentleman than a villain.

I can tell you in advance that Old Chu and your uncle are both gentlemen, but I absolutely am a hundred percent a villain.”

Lu Shu to the crazy President Chu: “”

He asked cautiously, “If I offend you, what will happen”

Chu Chu touched her chin, “Business bullying”

Lu Shu: Do you think you are a fat tiger You want to force everyone to listen to you

Lu Shu said righteously, “Sorry, President Chu, I have never been good at taking threats.”

The haughty Lu Shu sent Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian away and then sat back to the office leisurely.

He continued to watch “Doraemon”, perfectly following his uncle’s teaching of not standing out. 

Outside the door, Chu Chu reached out to Zhang Jianian and he obediently handed her the phone.

Seeing her looking down to check the results, he wondered, “Why did you ask me to take pictures”

Before Chu Chu entered the office, she ordered Zhang Jianian to take a few photos to show her friendly meeting with United Artists CEO Lu Shu. 

She replied, “Deception.”

Zhang Jianian: “”

Chu Chu: “Are there many Qisheng executives in your circle of friends Write a WeChat now and highly praise the benefits and prospects of account interoperability and then post these pictures.”

Zhang Jianian: “But United Artists clearly refused to exchange information”

Chu Chu: “We won’t say that the pictures and text are related.”

Zhang Jianian: “…” That was indeed a deception!


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