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He had no choice but to write a WeChat under her pressure.

He used his usual sensible and objective tone to blow up the account interoperability and also included nine pictures (the beautiful pictures selected by Chu Chu), finally bit the bullet and sent it.

Although there was no mention of United Artists in the text and it just depicted the advantages of account interoperability, the post with pictures clearly meant that United Artists agreed to account interoperability!

In the picture, Chu Chu and Lu Shu talked happily.

In the eyes of others, they reached a cooperation and the prospects were favorable.

As soon as Zhang Jianian’s post was sent, he received a second praise from Chu Yanyin.

Zhang Jianian said helplessly, “I think Director Chu may have misunderstood.

He thought you single-handedly convinced United Artists…”

He didn’t know how to explain to Chu Yanyin after returning to the mansion.

Director Chu must be overjoyed thinking that President Chu solved the problem by herself and there would be a big siege among the old foxes, thus was not the truth.

Chu Chu said, “Although I haven’t convinced them yet, maybe it will be done by the time I get home from work.”

Chu Yanyin gave Zhang Jianian a second praise and instantly brought a large wave of enthusiastic comments from executives.

Qisheng Internet companies were unwilling to hold the lead and become the first bird to cooperate with the account exchange, but now someone stood in line, so the deadlock had been broken!

Yao Xing: The account interoperability of Qisheng’s app will inevitably bring bright prospects.


Chen Xiangtao: President Chu’s vision is bold and sharp, worthy of admiration.


Luo Hesui: Join the United Artists and join forces.


In the office, while Lu Shu was working, he received a call from his uncle and was scolded, “You have grown up so much now that you don’t even listen to me What did I tell you Don’t stand out, don’t cooperate and politely decline! You rushed to agree to the account interoperability.

What will other companies think about us They will be pissed!”

Everyone gritted their teeth and did not agree as they fought for common interests.

Now United Artists suddenly popped out to be a prince, like a kid in the class who slapped the teacher.

He would be looked down upon by others.

It was not clear who was right and who was wrong with this kind of thing, but once someone broke the stereotypes maintained by everyone, they would immediately fall into public criticism.

Several Internet companies declined Yao Xing because they wanted to wait for Director Chu to come forward and let the big boss appease everyone.

Everyone was thinking of profits.

Since working with the group, they naturally wanted to join forces to get the benefits and get Director Chu’s promise.

Now United Artists had jumped out and broke the situation, immediately embarrassing the remaining few.

It felt like United Artists had promised to talk with them.

Lu Shi replied, “I didn’t agree.”

“You dare to quibble I have seen the photos.

Come home this weekend and explain to me!”

Lu Shu was confused.

After he hung up the phone and checked the photos, he discovered that President Chu had played a trick.

The text and photos had nothing to do with each other.

She actually used word games to make others mistakenly believe that United Artists agreed to interoperate accounts, which caused the butterfly effect.

When Lu Shu was watching “Doraemon”, Chu Chu relied on time difference and rapid information dislocation to successfully win two Qisheng Internet companies in one day.

The two companies thought that United Artists agreed, so they decided not to be underachievers and signed a contract to agree to account interoperability.

Now that the united front had disintegrated, it was useless for United Artists to yell that it did not participate in the account interoperability, not to mention that Director Chu personally liked the pictures.

Wouldn’t it be a slap in the face if they explained Lu Shu suffered a dumb loss and picked up the big pot of the early bird.

Lu Shu’s stomach was full of bitterness and there was nowhere to vent: Oh, it’s Gian’s law, why so scheming


Gian’s law:  A bad guy who if occasionally does a good thing, his favorability will be greatly improved; on the contrary, if he usually looks like a good guy, and he does something bad, he looks particularly bad.

This is reverse positioning.

Gian from Doraemon bullies Nobita, the protagonist of “Doraemon”, who is a villain for the time being.

However, when it comes to the theater version, it will suddenly show a good side, for example, it will appear righteous, but many people like it.


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