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After Chu Chu was kidnapped by the brother who spoke Chinese and another person overseas, she had the idea of ​​hiring a bodyguard.

The conditions she gave at the time were extremely harsh.

Not only must the bodyguard have a good image and good temperament, she must also be able to play games, which once caused Wang Qing and personnel to be quite a headache.

They privately asked many security companies to no avail.

It was the peak recruitment season and Wang Qing, who was looking for a needle in a haystack, was rewarded.

Chu Chu was quite surprised.

She didn’t expect that there was such a strange person in the world and said, “Oh I will see her then.”

In Chu Chu’s imagination, the female bodyguard should be brave and dashing, but the person in front of her was more like a soft girl, who did not seem to be too tall.

She was wearing a black suit, but like a child who stole adult clothes, she embarrassedly introduced herself, “Hello, this is Ruan Mei.”

Chu Chu nodded calmly, “Hello.” 

Judging from the appearance, she seemed to be really soft.

She curiously asked, “Can I see your level”

Ruan Mei naturally couldn’t refuse.

Wang Qing accompanied them to the pre-booked training hall.

Standing outside the court, Chu Chu saw the tender and soft Ruan Mei knocking the muscular man to the ground, neatly subduing the opponent and the fire of hope was ignited in her eyes!

Chu Chu: I want to get this effect! A big difference in size can turn defeat into victory!

After Ruan Mei left the field, she found that President Chu’s eyes were particularly shining and was a little confused for a while.

Chu Chu’s attitude was much more relaxed and she simply said, “You are hired, what did you do before”

Ruan Mei didn’t look amazing, but she had a good skill.

Could she belong to a family of martial arts

Ruan Mei was quite honest, “I used to be an anchor.”

When Chu Chu heard the unexpected answer, she was puzzled, “Then why suddenly change careers”

Ruan Mei said, “The anchor job does not have a high salary as a bodyguard…” She was instantly moved when she saw Yinda’s recruitment.

The annual salary and welfare promises were too good.

What was the future of the anchor, it was still good to be a bodyguard!

Chu Chu nodded, “The salary is fine.

You can still have a side job now and the salary will be higher after completion.”

Ruan Mei was excited and then heard President Chu’s request, Chu Chu implicitly said, “Do you have any unique skills that can make the weak control the strong and let me improve in a short time”

Ruan Mei wondered, “What effect do you want”

Chu Chu thought for a moment, “Um… so much that can subdue an adult man.”

Ruan Mei took the opportunity to show her loyalty, “If you are in danger, I can help you subdue the opponent.”

Chu Chu said indifferently, “If you dare to subdue him, you will lose your job immediately.”

Ruan Mei: “”

Ruan Mei didn’t dare to talk nonsense anymore.

She looked around Chu Chu and analyzed it seriously, “Then you must first perform basic physical training, otherwise the difficulty will be higher.”

Chu Chu usually didn’t like sports and Zhang Jianian forcibly made her exercise.

It was not bad to enter a sub-healthy state.

It was too far if she wanted to fight.

Chu Chu didn’t give up and said, “Is there no shortcut Isn’t it okay to rely on external force”

Ruan Mei thought for a while and said carefully, “My hometown has a way of tethering…”

Chu Chu: “I think it’s okay!” This just coincided with her plan.

The two agreed on a training plan and Ruan Mei confusedly took over two jobs, one as a professional bodyguard and the other as a personal trainer.

She had just started and would follow Chu Chu to attend major conferences to ensure her safety, one of which was the Internet E-commerce Summit.

Because Shenghua Pay had developed very well recently and its market share had gradually increased, the e-commerce summit specially invited Chu Chu to participate.

There were other participants under the Qisheng Group, Luo Hesui of the e-commerce Group.

He looked at this golden opportunity and made up his mind to get closer to Xiao Director Chu and not be a backward student.

Luo Hesui looked at the others very enthusiastically.

Yao Xing, Chen Xiangtao and Lu Xia were all up and down.

He was the only one who could not wait for Director Xiao Chu and Director Chongqing and his heart got anxious.

He found that Director Xiao Chu did not have many people with her and saw the stranger Ruan Mei and asked politely, “This is…”

Chu Chu: “My new bodyguard, Ruan Mei.”

Luo Hesui could not help but be surprised, “You also brought a bodyguard here” 

The e-commerce summit was a regular meeting and the possibility of danger was not high.

Chu Chu explained, “After all, it is necessary to collect debts.

I heard that Director Hu will also come forward today.”

Luo Hesui: “”


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