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Yao Xing saw through the nature of President Chu’s financial plans and planned to use softer means to guide her, but he didn’t expect her not to buy it.

“How much money do I need to earn to count” Chu Chu sighed, “I have finally completed the ten billion goal.

Do I have to take on new tasks”

Zhang Jianian had only recently reported on Yinda’s income.

According to the current development trend, she was just around the corner to complete the 10 billion goal.

Yao Xing said calmly, “Many people may still envy you.”

Chu Chu: “What do they envy Envious that I can be forced into a group of elderly people who are in gangs”

Yao Xing: “…”

Yao Xing: “Then what do you plan to do if you don’t join the group Continue to operate Yinda”

Yao Xing saw that she didn’t have this ambition and thought that President Chu might have other lofty ambitions, so he raised a new question.

Chu Chu said frankly, “I will earn 10 billion first and then after Qisheng goes bankrupt, I will be salted fish at home.”

Originally, Yao Xing was there to find out for Chu Yanyin, but he felt that these words could not be conveyed.

It might aggravate the chairman’s condition.

Qisheng’s ticketing finally successfully communicated with the accounts of various platforms and online ticketing had also launched many new activities in conjunction with it to encourage users to bind their multiple accounts.

Although the initial effect was not great, with the convenience and speed of general accounts, more and more people got used to booking tickets on Qisheng.

The three major companies in the entertainment industry became a little bit unsure.

Hu Daqing intended to promote the completion of account interoperability among the juniors, but let the other two fry them thoroughly.

Duqing Group was the leader of the three major cultural and entertainment companies and it was the main investor.

Diqi and Zhuyan were putting money to help people support the scene.

Now that account interoperability touched core interests, Diqi and Zhuyan showed strong resistance, much stronger than Qisheng’s internal protests.

Hu Daqing had no choice but to continue to increase the investment in ticket replacement and compete with Qisheng Film to burn money.

If the entertainment majors had a higher rate of return on investment in film and television, there may be competition.

While Hu Daqing was making up his troubles about burning money tickets, Chu Chu, who had just solved the problem of making up tickets, was also troubled.

Chu Chua: “If you want to live a good life, you have to have a little green on your head.”

She and Mingzhu were sitting on the couch.

Holding the remote control board, she looked around at the men sitting on the sofas on both sides and asked, “What’s with your expressions”

Zhang Jianian was silent, but he silently stared at her, staring at the remote control panel in her hand.

Chu Yanyin was even more irritable and said directly, “Don’t watch! A bunch of men on the stage, singing and dancing.

What’s so interesting about them”

Chu Yanyin was the most annoyed of this kind of little white face (rookie) artists in his life, especially Chu Chu who had too many past convictions.

Chu Chu explained, “But this is the final of Idol Light.

There are our artists in the show.

Logically I should go to the scene…”

“Do you have to do it yourself” Chu Yanyin didn’t get angry.

He changed his mind and made a plan again, “Why don’t we all vote and see if we want to watch it or not”

Chu Chu voted “watch”, Chu Yanyin voted “don’t watch”, Zhang Jianian abstained, obviously a flat vote couldn’t be regarded as “watch”.

Chu Yanyin was overjoyed and raised an eyebrow to ask Chu Chu for the remote control, “Give me the remote control.”

Chu Chu was about to hand it out, but heard Lin Mingzhu, who was habitually invisible next to her, make a sound.

Lin Mingzhu covered her mouth and said weakly, “Cough…I want to watch…”

Chu Yanyin: “”


If you just want to live a good life, don’t be afraid of a little green on your head : This is an internet term, which means that if you want a smoother life, you have to open one eye and close one eye, learn tolerance and compromise, and don’t be too careless.


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