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Zhang Jianian was taken aback by Chu Chu’s reckless behavior and when he heard her reason, he said, “Can this be an illusion”

Chu Chu blinked innocently, “I’m not sure if I touched it just now, would you let me try again”

Zhang Jianian: “…”

Her eyes were pure and serious.

If it weren’t for what she said being extremely shameless, she looked glamorous.

“No,” Zhang Jianian put down the hem of his shirt altogether.

After a moment of impulse, he resumed his usual attitude of courtesy and regained his shame.

“How can the pursuit of the truth be abandoned halfway!” Chu Chu said awe-inspiringly.

Seeing that Zhang Jianian could no longer be fooled, she showed a pitiful expression again, “Mr.

Zhang, please There should always be a beginning and an end in doing things, right”

It was rare for Chu Chu to soften her tone and adopt soft tactics.

Even if she was acting, she was slightly more lethal.

Zhang Jianian tried hard to straighten his face and said in a low voice, “Speak well…”

Instead of converging, Chu Chu became more frantic.

She stretched her voice and said, “Mr.



Zhang Jianian’s expression got complicated for a while and his heart got entangled again.

He pulled up his shirt like a chaste husband, while his gaze drifted to the side.

Chu Chu stepped forward and touched it.

She rubbed the smooth muscle lines with her fingertips and then felt his warm body with her palms.

Her hands seemed to be stuck until the victim reminded her.

Zhang Jianian couldn’t stand being harassed by her.

His eyes were dark and he became angry and said, “Done”

“Oh…” Chu Chu withdrew her hand.

She showed a well-behaved expression, but the slyness in her eyes that showed that she got her wish could not be hidden, like a cat who succeeded in stealing fish.

Zhang Jianian gave her a meaningful look and then stood up without saying a word.

He strode into the bathroom and pulled the door directly up which made a sharp noise.

“Tsk tsk, so angry…” Chu Chu muttered emotionally.

She swaggered to occupy Zhang Jianian’s seat and slumped in the chair to check his laptop.

The screen of the laptop lit up, signaling the user to enter the password, so she tried to crack it out of boredom.

She tried Zhang Jianian’s birthday, mobile phone number and other information first and found no effect.

Chu Chu thought for a while, went to the next door to get the ID card and entered the birthday of the original female partner.

She never told Zhang Jianian her birthday, so she tried the original owner’s and found that the password was wrong.

Chu Chu tried Zhang Yafang’s information, Chu Yanyin and others, but the password was still wrong.

Chu Chu made no effort and finally entered a series of passwords casually.

She pressed the Enter key and successfully entered.

The data chart of the financial report was still on the screen.

Zhang Jianian didn’t have time to turn it off just now.

She was a little surprised, staring at the financial report in a daze.

She didn’t expect the password to be her real name.

The world was so real that she occasionally forgot that everyone was in the book.

In the living room, the dispute between Chu Yanyin and Lin Mingzhu for the remote control board had long ended.

The condescending Director Chu finally reluctantly watched it, but he still inevitably spoke badly.

He looked at the trainees on the screen and snorted coldly, “A man crying! He is crying! What’s the matter with him!” 

Lin Mingzhu turned a deaf ear.

As long as Chu Yanyin didn’t complain about Qi Lan, everything was fine.

She was eagerly looking forward to the announcement of the top three debut positions.

The entire finals took a very long time and every debut trainee had to post a testimonial, which lasted for a while.

When Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian went downstairs, the show happened to announce the top two trainees at the same time.

“The second place is Chenxing Film and Television trainee-Chen Yifan!”

The camera cut to Chen Yifan and Qi Lan in an instant.

Although Chen Yifan was glorious and relieved, Qi Lan covered his mouth in disbelief and looked at his former comrade-in-arms.

Qi Lan and Chen Yifan had been vying for the number of votes.

Although Chen Yifan’s initial fan base was larger, Qi Lan’s rise during the program’s broadcast was also amazing.

Since Chen Yifan was now second, Qi Lan was first.

The announcement of the results was accompanied by joy and sorrow.


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