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The debut line of “Idol Light” had been announced.

The top eleven trainees formed a group and the boy group’s name was ASE, which announced their official debut.

Chen Yifan and others also revised the Weibo prefix and forwarded the official blog of “Idol Light”.

The comment area of ​​other trainees was filled with all kinds of blessings for debut, but Chen Yifan got different comments.

Is Fanfan open today: Go and apologize to the boss, otherwise be warned of unemployment!

Juicy Peach: How could you still not understand the truth of the evil coming out of your mouth Mom thought you had grown up.


Yinyue: The ranking is temporary and the resources are for a lifetime! [Tears]

Chen Yifan held the phone: “”

He figured out the ins and outs, felt that something was wrong and wrote a blog to save his respect.

ASE-Chen Yifan: A new starting point, set sail, thanks to the spiritual leader along the way, the best boss in the world @Chu Chu.

TUDS: This Weibo is really crying for those who hear it and those who see it are sad.

[doge] You are Chen Yifan of the American Stock Exchange (ASE), how can you be so humble to the private equity owner

Marker: ASE is actually the abbreviation of American Stock Exchange Can’t read the comment section.

There is no culture these days

Box: Baby, I am telling you that your boss has blocked you, she may not see this.


Chen Yifan was even more frightened when he learned that the boss had blocked him.

He did not dare to send a message directly to President Chu to admit his mistake.

He even mobilized Xia Xiaoxiao to make peace but was rejected.

On the phone, President Chu’s big fan Xia Xiaoxiao complained, “How can you say that President Chu has a bad mouth”

Chen Yifan couldn’t say anything and tried to remind her, “But I still talked for three minutes…”

Xia Xiaoxiao said flatly, “That won’t work either.”

Chen Yifan was extremely aggrieved: This is clearly the primary school students’ writing technique — desire to develop and restrain first!

At this critical moment, Chen Yifan’s fans showed strong combat effectiveness and tried to repost Chen Yifan’s weibo, in an effort to make it in the hot search for President Chu to see.

The boss could get news through hot searches!

As everyone knew, Chu Chu didn’t read Weibo at all.

She had shut down the phone a long time ago, boarded a private plane and accompanied Chu Yanyin abroad.

Chu Yanyin recuperated for a long time and after he checked his reply, he could basically return to normal work.

Because the two were still at the time of father-daughter exchange, Chu Chu, as a qualified father, certainly could not allow her daughter to see a doctor alone.

The accompanying staff was Zhang Jianian.

Lin Mingzhu and the poodle ​​pitifully stayed in the mansion to look after the house.

Chu Chu couldn’t help but wonder, “What is your disease Why didn’t I know before”

The original book did not describe Chu Yanyin’s specific illness or cause of death, but only informed readers in the news that the father passed away suddenly, the Qisheng Group was down and the vicious female could not turn the tide.

Chu Yanyin argued, “Since when did you care about me Of course you don’t know! Now that I am all cured, what else are you asking”

Chu Chu knew that she was wrong, but Old Chu was usually full of anger.

How was he even sick

She was silent for a long time.

Chu Yanyin, feeling quite proud in his heart, immediately pursued the victory, “Look at you, how can you be a father!”

Chu Chu:”……”

She was a diligent father for a week, but at the end she was disqualified due to past issues.

It was really miserable.

Chu Chu muttered:, “I will care about you in the future, okay…”

Only then did Chu Yanyin’s complexion improve.

A hint of joy appeared on his face and his eyes warmed.

Zhang Jianian looked at Chu Chu, who was rarely fragile and got accustomed to the fights between the father and daughter.

The two lived together under the same roof.

Although the estrangement was not completely resolved, the relationship was somewhat relaxed.

However, he seriously suspected that Chu Chu belonged to the long-term love type.

She may not be special to Director Chu.

After all, she had been very good at facing Lin Mingzhu and the pitiful face of the poodle recently.

She especially loved to play with the puppy with a sandbag.

If there was a “this week Chu Chu’s favorability list for the mansion NPC”, the ranking should be like this: Poodle> Lin Mingzhu> Chu Yanyin.

Of course, the exquisite-hearted Mr.

Zhang would not expose the truth, he chose to silently guard the last pure land in Chu Yanyin’s heart.


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