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Hearing Chu Chu’s compliment, the brother who could speak Chinese could not conceal a bit of contentment and said politely, “No, no”

Chu Chu found their position by his voice.

She found that there were two kidnappers in the car, the Chinese brother was the driver and the person sitting in the passenger had not spoken from start to finish.

He had only knocked on the roof of the car.

Chu Chu didn’t know how strong the opponent’s team was and whether there were other vehicles following around, so she took the initiative to talk, “Where are you from How long have you been in this business”

The brother who spoke Chinese was bragging.

He probably hadn’t spoken Chinese for a long time and said, “We are foreigners, foreigners!” That vocabulary was obviously learned during his study abroad.

Chu Chu teased, “Thank you, we are foreigners now, you are not.” 

She and Chu Yanyin left their homeland.

They were genuine foreigners and were kidnapped by foreign friends.

The little brother in the passenger seat got annoyed with the talk.

His tone was quite hurried and he murmured a bunch of words that sounded not in English.

Chu Chu speculated that the man might not like that the brother who spoke Chinese was talking with the hostages, because they had a dispute next and the brother seemed very unconvinced.

Chu Chu couldn’t understand the gurgling language and persuaded them to make peace, “Don’t fight, don’t fight! ​​Everyone is a good brother, harmony is the most important thing!”

If Chu Yanyin hadn’t been blindfolded, he really wanted to give her a blank look.

Where was she standing

The brother was a little aggrieved and complained, “He said I shouldn’t talk to you.”

Chu Chu: “Hey, why is he so serious”

Chu Chu: “Which language did you speak just now I haven’t heard it before.”

The brother was silent.

He seemed to be hesitating because he had just been threatened by Brother Guru.

So he didn’t know whether he should answer or not.

Chu Yanyin interrupted and said calmly, “Italian, they are professional.”

They dared to forcibly kidnap Chu Yanyin and they would never be ordinary men.

Behind them a huge group of interests was involved.

Old Chu didn’t feel it at first, but when he heard the person in the passenger seat speak Italian, he understood that the person’s background was not small.

Chu Chu tentatively asked, “Mafia”

Chu Yanyin: “Yes.”

Chu Chu said admiringly, “Cool——” This was an unfailing scene in film and television works.

The movie “The Godfather” was an epoch-making classic.

Chu Yanyin, the brother: “……”

The brother said with emotion, “You are quite courageous.

It’s the first time I see someone who is so calm after being tied up.”

Chu Chu: “Of course, because I have superpowers.”

The brother wondered, “Are you Spider-Man What superpowers do you have”

Chu Chu had no power to bind the chicken.

She looked better than Chu Yanyin, but she really didn’t look like a person with superpowers.

However, Chinese people seemed to have special skills and they didn’t like to show off.

The brother couldn’t hide his expectations for a while and mistakenly thought that Chu Chu was going to show off some Chinese Kung Fu.

Chu Chu explained, “The ability to have a lot of money, referred to as money ability.”

The brother: “……”

“You can quote directly.

How much does it cost to let us go back Tell me the bank account or transaction method.

If there is nothing else to discuss, just find a subway station next to us and drop us down,” Chu Chu’s tone was casual.

Chu Yanyin was stunned when he heard such a straightforward and outrageous hostage request for the first time.

He slandered her in his heart: Do you think this is a special car ride and they will drop you down

The brother obviously didn’t accept it and said, “No, we have our own professional ethics…”

Chu Chu interrupted him directly and said simply, “How much did that person give you to kidnap us I’ll double it, okay”

The brother said weakly, “The other party didn’t give money…”

They were not hired by money, but followed the rules and regulations of the organization and completed the commissions of important people.

Big bosses did not use money directly as compensation, but relied on personal connections or other hidden rewards.

Chu Chu sneered.

If she hadn’t been blindfolded, she would have shown a pity expression at this time and she said disdainfully, “Party A didn’t give money What kind of professional ethics are you talking about! You are oppressed and not self-conscious.

You are brainwashed by capitalists!”

Contemporary, college students could get money for internships, not to mention the amount of remuneration, at least they had a serious employment or labor relationship.

She didn’t understand the brother who spoke Chinese and Brother Gulu’s way of thinking.

Kidnappers who could get money were called kidnappers.

Kidnappers who couldn’t get money were all called unemployed or people without income!


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