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Chu Chu sneered, “Is kidnapping your dream Are you doing it for love”

The brother heard her contempt and explained, “It’s not that I get no money…”

Chu Chu: “Isn’t that over You quote a price and we will triple it, okay”

Chinese brother: “No…”

Chu Chu: “Five times!”

The brother said, “It’s not a question of money…”

Chu Chu said impatiently, “We will give you both the cash and the assets that we have at hand.

It is useless for you to take equity and the company as it is easy to be caught.

If you don’t know how much money we have, search for Chu Yanyin or Chu Chu online.

This time I will pack it at a price, let’s hurry up!”

Chu Chu didn’t believe it.

There was no problem that could not be dealt with money, if not, then the money was not enough.

Their only problem was not getting the money in place.

The brother was not a passionate young man with a dream of kidnapping.

After all, he just finished his work and ate.

There were so many of them! She wanted to live very much.

Money was nothing but life.

Life was the most important thing.

Sure enough, the brother who was still sticking to the industry ethics just now hesitated, he said, “…I will discuss it with him later”

The “he” in the brother’s mouth obviously referred to Brother Guru and Chu Chu said indifferently, “Then be quick.

We both need to rush back to earn money.

After paying you the ransom, we will have no cash in hand.

Our family is waiting for us to feed them.”

The brother understood and said, “Okay, okay.”

Chu Yanyin: “…” Should he admire Chu Chu for her courage, or spending money like dirt

The car finally stopped and Chu Chu and Chu Yanyin were locked into a new place.

The brother who spoke Chinese and Brother Gulu got out, with the sound of the iron gate clattering, the surroundings were silent.

Chu Chu touched the rough ground, feeling that her fingertips seemed to be stained with a layer of dust.

She fumbled around awkwardly, making a squeaky sound.

Chu Yanyin was blindfolded and asked, “What are you doing”

“Looking for a chance to escape, they are just the two of them,” Chu Chu moved laboriously and tried to find useful props in the dark.

The brother said he would discuss with Brother Gulu and did not mention any other brothers.

There were probably only two kidnappers.

The team growth was too conspicuous and it was difficult to infiltrate the organization.

Chu Yanyin said in a bad mood, “Didn’t you just negotiate a business with the other party”

Chu Chu straightforwardly denounced, “Prodigal son, this is not a savings but a fortune!” 

Chu Yanyin: “…”

Chu Chu touched the cold metal tool that was abandoned on the ground with a familiar feel and quietly put it into her sleeve and then rolled back in pain.

She had just returned to the place and tried to break free of the tightly bound twine.

She didn’t have enough time to loosen it and heard the clatter of the iron door again.

The two of them were back!

Chu Chu and Chu Yanyin were silent at the same time and sat calmly on the ground.

Someone stepped forward and tore off Chu Chu’s blindfolded cloth.

She had been in the dark for a long time, so she squinted slightly from the light that came from outside and in a flash, saw the two kidnappers, one with blond hair and the other with chestnut hair.

The blindfold of Old Chu next to her was also removed.

They saw the environment in the abandoned factory.

The blond brother not only had small freckles on his face, but also bruises.

He regretfully said to Chu Chu, “Sorry, we have our own perseverance and mission, you all have to die.”

Chu Chu said mercilessly, “Hold your a*s! You obviously don’t dare to take money after being beaten!”

The blond brother must have been punched and kicked by Brother Guru during the negotiation which dispelled the idea of ​​running away with money.

Brother Gulu spoke very little throughout the whole process and also accused the brother who spoke Chinese of speaking a lot.

He should have a higher rank and wanted to maintain the dignity of the organization.

The brother shrugged helplessly, “There is no way, otherwise I will be killed too.”

Chu Chu couldn’t help muttering, “That’s why I hate people who are rigid and obey the rules.

They don’t know how to use the labor law to protect their own interests…”

Brother Gulu said something.

He took out the shooting equipment and pointed the camera at Chu Yanyin. 

The brother translated, “Mr.

Chu Yanyin, because of your past mistakes, both you and your daughter will die today.”

Chu Yanyin sat on the ground without losing his temper.

He calmly said, “It doesn’t matter if you kill me, you let her go, she is innocent.”

After listening to Brother Gulu’s words, the brother continued to do his best to translate, “You are not a person who is greedy and afraid of death, so your enemy hopes to see the fear and regret of losing your loved one.”


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