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Chu Chu was not sure about it.

She had never seen a professional kidnapper before.

Who knew if the wrench raid could knock him out She looked at the brother who was unconscious on the ground, picked up the gun from the ground, studied it a little and walked toward the factory.

Chu Chu was unfamiliar with that place and didn’t know where she was.

The surrounding area was deserted and there was no place to call the police.

If she sneaked away at this time, Old Chu would undoubtedly die.

Chu Chu originally considered replacing the hostage with a hostage, but the position of the brother in Guru’s heart was obviously not high and it was estimated that Guru would not agree.

The only way was to make her move first before the other party reacted.

Chu Chu felt quite awkward while holding the gun and finally picked up the wrench and sneaked in fully armed.

Surprisingly, there was no trace of Gulu in the factory building, only Chu Yanyin, who collapsed to the ground and lost his soul.

Seeing that there was no one around, Chu Chu rushed forward to untie Old Chu’s rope, then patted him and said, “Wake up!”

Chu Yanyin was still immersed in grief.

He was taken aback when he saw Chu Chu come back to life and said in amazement, “You…”

His mood experienced great ups and downs and he finally let out a long sigh of relief, showing an expression of excitement and joy.

Chu Chu simply said, “Let’s run away first, what about that guy”

“Someone found this place.

He went to check.” Chu Yanyin slowed down, shook off the rope on his body and stood up neatly, “It is probably the one who rescued us.”

Although Brother Gulu was ordered by the organization to complete the task, he obviously did not intend to die there.

He didn’t expect the rescue team to come so quickly and heard the gunfire again.

He thought that the brother had killed Chu Chu, so he went to find a way to escape.

Brother Gulu didn’t solve Chu Yanyin right away, because he considered the difficulty of encirclement.

He could use Chu Yanyin as a hostage threat if necessary.

Chu Chu was simply a koi carp and managed to seize the rescue opportunity.

She ran out of the factory with Chu Yanyin who was taken aback when he saw the unidentified brother on the ground.

Chu Chu saw his expression in surprise and quickly explained; “He should not be dead, at most would have a concussion! I didn’t deliberately fight!”

The scene of being scolded when she hit Nan Yandong’s head was still vivid in her mind.

Chu Yanyin said helplessly, “Hey, it’s fine if you want to fight in the future…” 

After all, the world was unpredictable and she should have a bit of strength.

The two fled for their lives along the path, trying to stay away from the abandoned factory buildings.

From a distance, they saw the rescue team and the people who led them were familiar faces.

Under the dim light of the setting sun, Chu Chu saw Zhang Jianian running toward them.

He looked anxious and his hair was attached to the side of his face.

The sweat soaked through his shirt.

It was apparent that he was disheveled in the race against time.

She burst out of strength and ran toward him harder, her face bursting with a smile.

Although the rescue team found two, the car could not enter due to complicated road conditions.

When Zhang Jianian saw the two, he couldn’t wait to climb over the fence, ran faster than the professional rescuers and wanted to pick them up.

The factory building and the rescue team looked not far apart, but in fact there was a long distance.

Chu Chu and Chu Yanyin were panting and staggering during the violent running.

She looked at the target close at hand and stumbled under her feet.


The accident came suddenly, the sound of bullets breaking through the air, followed by a large swath of blood.

Brother Gulu retracted the gun naturally.

He snorted when he saw that he missed the target.

He wanted to complete the task before he died, but unexpectedly she jumped out and knocked Chu Yanyin to the ground.

Zhang Jianian looked at the bright red blood in front of him.

His face turned pale, he ran over with all his strength, only feeling cold in his hands and feet.


One after another gunshots rang in his ears and the rescue team found that Gulu was in the exposed position.

They also launched a counterattack, trying to kill him.

Chu Chu felt the violent pain and her heart felt so bad.

How could she smash her feet so hard that she not only caused Old Chu to fall to the ground, but got hit by a bullet

Chu Chu was dissatisfied in her heart: Others get shot while lying down but she can be shot even if she runs and falls 

Before she fell into a coma, she vaguely heard a cry and warm liquid hit her face.

“Don’t scare me, wake up…”

“…Aren’t you a cultivator This is all fake, right”

“I beg you, don’t joke…”

She closed her eyes with emotion.

It turned out that Zhang Jianian’s tears were salty and sweet and his cries were also very nice.

She could only taste this once in her life, right

In the hospital, the ward was silent and the curtains were blown by the breeze.

On the snow-white hospital bed, Chu Chu opened her eyes in a daze.

The people around her watched her wake up and exclaimed, “You are awake!”

Chu Chu held her forehead blankly, but felt uncomfortable.

Upon seeing that, the person next to her exclaimed, “Don’t move, how can you be struck by lightning when going out It scared us to death!”

Chu Chu was surprised, “Huh”

Chu Chu hadn’t recovered yet.

She tried to argue with the twittering medical staff member, “…I remember I was shot, not struck by lightning.”

Chu Chu: Isn’t this a quack doctor Why couldn’t he figure out the wound

Chu Chu looked up and realized that the person was not a medical staff member, but her colleague.

That was right, the other party was Chu Chu’s colleague in the real world, who was watching her worriedly at this time.

Chu Chu encountered thunder on her way off work that day.

She was found by a colleague who was also going home.

The crowd rushed her to the hospital for rescue, but fortunately, she was safe.

Everyone still joked that Chu Chu was a cultivator who crossed the Tribulation, otherwise, why would it attack her


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