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Chu Chu looked at Zhang Jianian and shook her head and said helplessly, “People like you who are relatively backward in thinking, it seems that I can only urge you to learn and make progress for lifetime.

I guess it is not enough to rely on studying to strengthen the country.” 

When Zhang Jianian heard the word “lifetime”, he blushed and stood in place at a loss.

Chu Yanyin fought for him, “Jianian cares about you…”

Zhang Yafang silently glanced at Director Chu from the bottom of her heart and asked why The point of the sentence was wrong.

Wasn’t the keyword “lifetime”

Zhang Yafang led Chu Yanyin out and said, “Let the children talk, let us go out first!”

Chu Yanyin was taken out of the ward by Zhang Yafang and the two elders stood in the corridor to communicate.

Chu Yanyin furrowed, “Why are you so calm They are…”

Chu Yanyin was shocked when he learned of the relationship between Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian, but Zhang Yafang was not surprised.

She did not look like the mother of the person concerned.

Although Chu Yanyin had seen her strong style a long time ago, he was still very puzzled.

Zhang Yafang said simply and rudely, “It’s a matter of labor and management.

I didn’t plan to worry about his marriage!”

Chu Yanyin: “…”

Zhang Yafang made up her mind long ago not to interfere with Zhang Jianian’s wife selection.

She was not a wicked mother-in-law who was bored and would embarrass her daughter-in-law.

He didn’t have to go on blind dates.

If it weren’t for Zhang Yafang’s temperament, with Zhang Jianian’s character, he would have been pestered to death.

Zhang Yafang thought very well in the past.

If she could get along with her future daughter-in-law, she would stay at her current home; if she had a bad relationship with her, she would pat her butt (leave without responsibility) and go back to her hometown.

She would also be very happy to drink tea and play mahjong.

She thought about it, if it was Chu Chu… Then they could meet each other for tea and mahjong every weekend!

Zhang Yafang said in Mandarin, which was not fluent, “Actually, I don’t think the day set is useless…” 

Chu Yanyin: “”

Inside the room, the idlers and others retreated one after another, leaving Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian for quiet talk.

Chu Chu’s wound hadn’t healed yet and when she met so many visitors, she felt a little tired.

She was about to fall asleep leaning on the pillow, but still couldn’t help being curious, “Do you really believe in Chongxi”

Chu Chu was rather regretful.

If she didn’t speak too quickly, could she satisfy Mr.

Zhang’s wishes But she didn’t know where the female partner’s household registration was.

She had to look for it when she went back.

Could it be Old Chu who was holding it

She was thinking when she heard Zhang Jianian reply, “…I don’t believe it.”

Of course Zhang Jianian knew that it was nonsense, just self-deception.

He leaned against the window, his eyes were calm and distant and he lowered his eyes and said, “But if you have not been awake, I can still have a reason to be with you.”

Chu Chu read the faint loneliness in his tone and then seriously suggested, “Well… Actually, the marriage law gives you more reasons than feudal superstition, right”

Zhang Jianian: “…”

Chu Chu said after a pause, “You really can’t avoid studying the law.”

Zhang Jianian: “…How to learn”

Chu Chu: “Learn by practice and practice after learning.”

Zhang Jianian: “Good.”

Chu Yanyin and Zhang Yafang were called into the room and both were confused.

Chu Yanyin curiously asked, “What’s wrong”

Chu Chu leaned back on the bed and Zhang Jianian stood quietly beside her bed.

She announced, “Dear Old Chu, Aunt Yafang, we have just discussed and we plan to consider getting engaged soon.”

Zhang Yafang’s reaction was okay, but Chu Yanyin was surprised.

Chu Yanyin: “Wait, what’s the problem Didn’t I say that Chongxi is nonsense!”

Chu Chu: “No, this time we want to learn and progress together and contribute to socialist construction together, so we made this decision.”

Although Chu Yanyin knew the situation, he felt that the progress was too fast and retorted, “I don’t agree, how can this be done so hastily”

Chu Chu said confidently, “Both parties agree, who are you to disagree!”

Chu Yanyin: “…”

Chu Yanyin: The parties agree This is not a secret exchange of concepts

Zhang Jianian’s eyes were clear and he said sincerely and humbly, “Please rest assured, I will take good care of Chu Chu…”

Chu Yanyin sadly covered his face, hating iron for not being a steel, “Jianian, why don’t you understand”

Zhang Jianian was obviously the one who suffered the most.

How could he help count the bills after being sold (m.

used by others) Why couldn’t he learn to behave a little bit

Zhang Yafang just clapped her hands to celebrate.

Her dream came true so quickly.

She looked at Chu Chu with joy, as if she saw a child she hadn’t seen for a long time and called, “Yao’er!”

“” Hearing that, Zhang Jianian reacted.

He felt that his mother was a bit nauseous.

Zhang Yafang said in a huff, “I didn’t call you!”

Chu Chu responded, “Yes!”

Zhang Yafang and Chu Chu embraced each other in excitement, but tears filled their eyes.

The touching scene of the family reunion soon made the audience cry.

Zhang Jianian: “…”

Zhang Jianian seriously suspected that he was being used as a springboard for the two who shared the same smell to finally become family members.


沖喜: Chong Xi: It is a kind of folk belief behavior in China, and its content is to let a patient who has been ill for a long time marry someone else , and use this “happy event” to “flush” bad luck in order to achieve the effect of curing the disease.

Sometimes, it is also possible to let the children marry and give joy to the sick parents.


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