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Zhang Jianian understood Chu Chu’s brain circuit better than others.

Of course, he couldn’t let her sell Qisheng, but going head-on would only cause counterproductive effects.

He simply used logic and said earnestly, “However, part of Qisheng’s business is now difficult to get rid of.

It has to be a little better to sell at a high price…”

Qisheng had been undergoing a difficult transformation in recent years.

It was not in the high valuation range because it was not in the limelight in the past.

Chu Chu touched her chin, “It makes sense.”

Seeing her approval, Zhang Jianian gave gentle guidance, “Why don’t you get to know the situation of the group first and when the time is right, you can make a decision.

You can’t get all the money right now.

The transfer of assets takes time.

Just take advantage of this.

Lay the foundation during the transition period.”

Zhang Jianian took great pains to get her to follow the heir’s path.

Not only did he speak softly and seduce her well, he also changed her title to the business-style “you”, for fear of what might trigger her rebellious psychology.

As long as she was interested in the Qisheng Group first and didn’t always look forward to bankruptcy, the first step would be considered a success.

Chu Chu was persuaded by him and nodded in agreement, “It seems to be possible.”

Old Chu would give her all the assets sooner or later according to the agreement and Qisheng equity was one of them.

Although Qisheng would go bankrupt, she could sell the equity in her hand at a high price and make a fortune. 

The two hit it off immediately and Chu Chu agreed to gradually enter Qisheng.

Chu Yanyin was undoubtedly the most ecstatic person when he learned that Zhang Jianian’s persuasion had an effect.

He and Yao Xing had both hinted and made it clear to Chu Chu, but they both returned with no success.

Every time Chu Chu claimed to have no interest in Qisheng and insisted that the group would go bankrupt.

Chu Yanyin mistakenly thought that Chu Chu changed her mind, but Zhang Jianian had concealed that she wanted to sell Qisheng.

The gratified Director Chu saw that the naughty girl finally got to know him.

Taking into account the child’s work enthusiasm, he decided to transfer part of the equity to her generously to boost morale. 

Chu Yanyin finally decided to transfer 2% of the shares of Qisheng Group and all the shares of Qisheng Financial Technology Group in his hand to Chu Chu.

Qisheng covered a wide range of fields.

There were countless directly or indirectly controlled subsidiaries under the headquarters.

Its Chinese tourism, real estate, entertainment industry and financial technology were the main force of the headquarters.

Qisheng Film belonged to Qisheng Entertainment Industry Group and United Artists Food to Qisheng Financial Technology Group.

These large and small groups all belonged to the Qisheng Group.

Chu Yanyin first transferred Qisheng Financial Technology Group to Chu Chu for a very simple reason.

First, Yinda invested a lot in Internet companies in the past and they all achieved good results.

Classic cases such as Light World Entertainment’s “Win the War” and Micro-eye Technology, it would be easy for Chu Chu to convince people in that field.

Second, United Artists Food Delivery was the first to respond to account interoperability.

The CEO Lu Shu and Qisheng Financial Technology Group Director Lu Xia were uncle and nephew and they seemed willing to accept Chu Chu.

That was a misunderstanding.

Chu Yanyin didn’t know that Chu Chu had convinced Lu Shu and United Artists by using a trick.

Before the news of Chu Yanyin’s transfer of equity to Chu Chu spread out, the news first exploded within the headquarters.

Although everyone had guessed that there would be this day, the feeling of witnessing history was still very subtle.

Lu Xia, Qisheng Financial Technology Group, was the most embarrassed person.

After the board of directors meeting was over, they either complimented or smiled at Lu Xua, “Director Lu, your future is limitless!”

The old foxes were a little tacit and cautious.

Although they sometimes teamed up, they also attacked each other.

No one expected that Lu Xia, who usually looked like a good and clumsy man , would have thoughts to hold the princess’s thigh in private.

“Old Lu, water can carry and overturn a boat*, you can relax a little bit,” someone said meaningfully. 

(That leaders were made by the populous who supported them.

If they get dissatisfied, the same people could easily overthrow the leader.)

Lu Xia showed a polite smile and said calmly, “Thanks for reminding me.”

Lu Xia’s face was calm, but in fact he had cursed Lu Shu a hundred times in his heart.

He never expected that due to his nephew’s stupid behavior, their family forcibly got into the princess party.

He had always pursued the doctrine of the mean (one should never act in excess) and was unwilling to be the first bird.

But now he fell into the limelight in an instant and was forced to assist the princess.


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