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“I am Yuan Benhua, currently serving as the CEO of Shenghua Payments.

After hearing Director Xiao Chu’s speech, there were tears in my eyes.

I firmly believe that under the leadership of Director Xiao Chu, our financial technology group will have a bright future…”

“…Director Xiao Chu’s knowledge of the Internet is really great and it made me instantly understand what the company is trying to overcome! It is our duty to master user needs and optimize user experience!”

“The combination of technology and business model is the future direction of the technology group.

We must be united, not afraid of difficulties and dangers and win under the guidance of Director Xiao Chu…”

Chu Chu heard the speeches of the elderly and fell into deep thought for a long time.

Chu Chu: Although Yinda’s corporate culture was nicknamed the boot licking culture, the technology group was boot-licking too much.

How could it be like a direct sales group

Chu Chu couldn’t help stopping them and said helplessly, “No, brothers, we will but not necessarily.”

Lu Shu pressed the corners of his mouth when he heard the words, trying to hold back his laughter.

He couldn’t stand the atmosphere of the meeting led by his uncle before.

He didn’t expect Director Xiao Chu’s meeting to be more overwhelming.

Chu Chu, who listened to a circle of speeches, thought that she came to a corrupted bureaucracy, or a micro-business.

Why didn’t anyone speak human words Although the employees of Yinda and other companies respected her, they wouldn’t be like this without reason.

She didn’t know that Director Lu Xia liked these kinds of words the most.

That was the difference between young leaders and old leaders.

After the executives finished their speeches, Chu Chu opened the door and arranged the business.

She hoped that the remaining companies that had not completed account interoperability should seize the time and at the same time indicated that they would bring the senior executives of Yinda company to communicate with each other in the future, so that everyone could learn from each other and cooperate.

Director Xiao Chu’s style of speaking about things was simple and neat.

The meeting was only one and a half hours long, which made everyone quite uncomfortable.

After the meeting, Chu Chu didn’t delay any more time and went straight to work in her office there.

The rest of the people looked at each other, unsure, “Is it over”

Lu Shu waved his hand, “Let’s go, she is done.”

“Hey, Director Xiao Chu just came over and didn’t say much.

It’s not lunch time yet, right” The executives had meetings that lasted till noon and were suddenly a little lost.

Lu Xia often asked everyone to come for meetings.

Lu Shu muttered, “Isn’t there still night…”

“That’s true, let’s take a break in the morning and do ticket things in the evening.”

As there were many Internet companies in the technology group, the employees often left at 11 o’clock and occasionally even stayed overnight.

Director Lu Xia loved meetings and employees who liked to work hard.

No one dared to leave work on time.

Everyone was afraid of annoying the leader.

However, that day was a special day and a warrior decided to leave work on time.

Chu Chu’s office in the Technology Group was located on the innermost side, next to Lu Xia’s room.

When she left, she passed through a section of the office area.

After she, Wang Qing and others handled their affairs efficiently, they decided to go home and visit Zhang Jianian at Yinda.

Director Xiao Chu calmly took a group of people to get off work.

The employees all opened their eyes wide in surprise and subconsciously glanced at the time- six o’clock in the evening.

When Lu Shu learned the news, he hurried over to stop Director Xiao Chu.

Uncle Lu Xia said that he would appear in the meeting at night.

If Director Xiao Chu left, wouldn’t the two not meet each other

Lu Shu arrived breathlessly, blocked Director Xiao Chu who was about to leave in the office area and said in embarrassment, “Director Xiao Chu, are you in a hurry”

Chu Chu said blankly, “No.”

Lu Shu: “Then you are leaving now… aren’t you planning to stay here all day”

Chu Chu: “It’s time to get off work.

Why would I stay all day”

Lu Shu’s inner confession: Six o’clock at the company is not the time to get off work.

It is the beginning of every day!

Lu Shu said, “But everyone is working”

Chu Chu looked around and found that none of the employees had left.

She simply talked to the nearest person and asked, “This is time to get off work, why are you not leaving”

The person’s tone was cautious and flattery, “…I, I haven’t finished my work yet”

Chu Chu showed a clear smile.

She turned to look at Lu Shu and explained, “Oh, I have finished my work, so I am going to leave first.”

Lu Shu: “…”


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