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If everyone was as stubborn as Lu Xia, she might as well just sell the technology group now and save a lot of time.

If Light World Entertainment and Micro-eye Technology go public successfully, they could completely challenge the magnitude of the technology group.

Her leaders and teams were younger and had better thinking.

“” Lu Shu didn’t actually understand.

They weren’t slaves, so how could they be bought and sold

Lu Shu saw Chu Chu’s face stained with frost and said hurriedly, “No…”

The news of Director Xiao Chu and Director Lu’s fight spread wildly, leaving the technology group executives extremely helpless.

Lu Xia was an old-school force, but Director Xiao Chu was now the chairman.

Everyone was actually stuck in a team decision.

Yuan Benhua was undoubtedly the happiest person.

He obviously intended to follow Director Xiao Chu.

But his old flattery didn’t seem to work.

Yuan Benhua wanted to appear in front of her more so that Director Xiao Chu remembered him, but things backfired.

Chu Chu watched Yuan Benhua sway in front of her all day, frowned and said, “Don’t you have work”

Yuan Benhua choked for a moment and then smiled, “No, I want to ask you something about work…”

Chu Chu glanced at the information, nodded and said, “Who should you really ask for advice Shenghua Pay has kept losing daily active users and hasn’t had outstanding results for three consecutive years.

If this were in Yinda, you would have been sacked.”

Yuan Benhua: “…”

After Chu Chu successfully offended Lu Xia, she once again fought Yuan Benhua, who had tried to take refuge in her, making the executives unable to grasp her thoughts.

Did Director Xiao Chu not plan to win over the old ministry at all and wanted to be a unique lone wolf

Chu Chu had no time to ponder the executives’ careful thoughts.

After studying the history of the technology group, she found that she could not reverse it with one person and could only mobilize the masses.

In her eyes, executives were not the masses, they were all corrupt bureaucratic cadres.

Chu Chu had no other skills.

She only had the ability to make money, so she used the eternal law- money. 

At the meeting, Chu Chu announced her decision, “I intend to use 5 billion from the profit of the technology group this year as employee equity rewards to reward people who would make outstanding contributions to the technology group.”

Her thoughts were very straightforward.

As long as the leaders of the group were shareholders, they would definitely work.

Money could make things work, but if it didn’t work, the problem must definitely not be money!

Everyone was stunned.

Lu Shu calculated it from the bottom of his heart.

If calculated according to GAAP, Director Xiao Chu’s big-and-expensive behavior would directly cause the technology group’s net profit to drop by dozens of percentage points in a year.

Yuan Benhua obviously had the same concerns and carefully reminded, “Director Xiao Chu, this will make our group’s year-end data very unsightly…”

Equity award expenses would wipe out a lot of net profits, plus miscellaneous other expenses, wouldn’t the technology group’s statements be rather bleak

Chu Chu asked back, “Is the current data pretty good”

If the technology group was really doing a good job, she wouldn’t have to bother with money to stimulate everyone.

Now there was no time to reshape the corporate culture and she could only take out the special medicine.

Equity incentives would touch the interests of existing shareholders, but not necessarily affect the group’s valuation.

Chu Chu was now holding the idea of ​​selling the technology group.

How could she think about Director Lu Xia’s feelings

Yuan Benhua, who had always been clever-toothed, was speechless for a while.

He hesitated and said, “Yes…but are you not afraid that you will lose face at the end of the year meeting”

The major sub-groups had to report to the main group at the end.

If they collapsed like a landslide, wouldn’t that be inappropriate

Chu Chu shamelessly said, “I have just arrived, so of course the respected Director Lu will participate in the year-end meeting.

After all, he has contributed more to the technology group this year.

I believe he will be honored with everyone at the meeting and will not feel shame.”

Lu Shu: “”

Lu Shu: You will spend money to buy people’s hearts, but my uncle will be on the sidelines at the end of the year.

Isn’t that inappropriate

On the other side, Director Lu Xia, who was angry, sneezed.

He was waiting for Chu Chu to beg him, not knowing that he was about to become an unlucky pot man.



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