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Chu Chu was definitely an efficient executive.

She took advantage of Lu Xia’s absence in the company and quickly completed the formulation of the equity incentive process.

That was the first important decision made by President Chu since she became Director Xiao Chu and it immediately attracted a lot of attention from the outside world.

Chu Yanyin’s transfer of shares in the headquarters and technology group to Chu Chu was definitely a major event that had attracted attention recently.

For relevant practitioners, the internal transfer of the Chu family’s equity must be related to Qisheng’s next layout, indicating that Chu Chu would truly enter Qisheng.

The video of Chu Chu’s speech at the Qisheng Financial Technology Group Conference was circulated.

Not only did she announce that the Qisheng product account interoperability would be completed within that year, but also officially announced the 5 billion equity incentive plan, which caused widespread heated discussion.

Of course, if it was ordinary equity change news, it would certainly not have much repercussions, but Chu Chu, as an ACE in the entertainment circle, had good traffic.

Yinluo: I wondered why the princess has been quiet recently.

I wondered why the crown prince is not in business recently.

This is to be in charge of politics and take office.

Xiaobaiyu: This news is misplaced.

Please select the entertainment section to publish.


Lanlan’s Koi: I’m very disappointed with President Chu.

How could she go to Qisheng As a fan of Yinda, I want to take off my fan hat.

[doge] No one can stop Yinda from being Qisheng’s father!

Hongye Feifei: President Chu was hit by the enemy’s sugar-coated shells.

Please come out and expel her from being a fan.

[doge] (dog head irony) @Yinda Investment

Bulb: Don’t panic everyone, she is actually undercover! She just sent out 5 billion!

Evening primrose: I clicked the big picture, is this a wedding ring [image]

Blink_: Watson, you found a blind spot

Pippi shrimp without shell: Blind student, have you found a Chinese blind spot*

This was originally a mediocre press release, but it brought more information due to the high-definition large images.

Some people claimed that Chu Chu wore the ring casually, which had no meaning; some people said that the picture was wrong, the ring was not actually worn in the position of the wedding ring; some people thought that Chu Chu had been married in secret, but it had not been announced.

Netizens had many opinions around the news pictures and they rummaged around for more photos from other angles and finally confirmed that the position of the wedding ring was correct.

Little Octopus: Who remembers President Chu’s famous words in “Venomous Tongue King”, is it because some president refused to invest in Yinda, she avenged the young heir of the other family [doge]

On the other hand, Lu Xia didn’t wait for Chu Chu to beg him to go back to turn the tide.

He received greetings from the old foxes of the headquarters.

“Director Lu, I heard the news.

The recent move of the Technology Group is drastic.

This is to draw a salary from the bottom! With 5 billion as an equity incentive, it seems that you and Director Xiao Chu are both proud people…”

Lu Xia: “” What 5 billion

Lu Xia opened his circle of friends’ chat and found Chu Chu’s speech at the conference.

He was sulking and did not attend the meeting and happened to give her a chance to show off.

When Lu Xia heard the news, he was vomiting blood crazily in his heart.

It was totally unreasonable. 

He originally wanted to call Lu Shu to ask about it, but after thinking about the uselessness of his nephew, he went straight to the Qisheng Building and decided to ask Chu Yanyin to comment.

If Director Xiao Chu spent money like that, how could he do his work in future 

After Chu Chu finished the first half of the meeting, she didn’t know that she was in hot search again and the content was still “Chu Chu’s hidden marriage”.

As a celebrity, she used Weibo to complete the initial stage of marketing and gradually reduced the time spent on it to deal with other more important tasks.

Chu Chu’s lack of appearance for a long time naturally caused a starvation effect and soon some entertainment reporters searched for the news and entered the venue.

After the meeting, Chu Chu walked quickly through the hall to take the elevator, but was blocked by the reporter who suddenly appeared. 

Head Secretary Wang Qing was taken aback and stood in front of the boss to defend her from the suspicious person.

The reporter stayed for a long time and he finally caught President Chu in the wild.

He didn’t feel annoyed when Wang Qing was so defensive.

He said directly, “President Chu, what do you think of your hidden marriage rumors on the Internet”

Wang Qing said solemnly, “Sorry, she cannot accept the interview now.

Please wait until the Q&A session of the formal meeting…”

Chu Chu said in surprise, “Buddy, are you an Entertainment news reporter”

The reporters in the venue were mostly financial reporters and they didn’t raise such personal issues.

Entertainment news reporter touched his nose and said frankly, “Yes.”

Upon hearing that, Wang Qing frowned more and began to think about asking someone to send this entertainer out.

The invited media in the venue were equipped with special press cards and this person apparently sneaked in.

While waiting for the elevator, Chu Chu said curiously, “How did you get in”

Entertainment news reporter, “I asked a friend and borrowed his card.”

Chu Chu: “Oh, it’s not easy.”

Entertainment news reporter: “…You haven’t answered my question yet.

When did you get married in secret”

He spent a lot of hard work to come in, just to try to grab the news.

Although President Chu didn’t rush him away, he saw that her time was tight and she was only waiting for the elevator.

Chu Chu straightforwardly said, “I have no hidden marriage.”

When the entertainment news reporter showed his doubts, Chu Chu was quite righteous and confident, “If I get married, would I hide it It must be grand that everyone knows it!”

If she finally gets married, this wave of awesomeness must last a long time!

Yu Ji: “…”


Blind student, have you found a Chinese blind spot:  internet buzzword.

The original sentence is ” Watson , you found the blind spot.” It comes from what the detective Sherlock often said to his partner Watson in ” Sherlock Holmes 


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