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Luo Hesui was very anxious, as if feeling that Director Xiao Chu had made a decision.

He didn’t dare to delay and when the summit was over, he immediately reported the matter to Chu Yanyin, hoping that Old Director Chu would stop it.

After hearing the ins and outs, Chu Yanyin’s reaction was quite different from what Luo Hesui predicted.

He resolutely said, “Very good, your news came very timely, we must do our best to make this happen!”

Luo Hesui: “”

Chu Yanyin: “It’s rare for the old man surnamed Hu to ask for help.

We can’t be too petty!” Old Chu only felt very happy as Hu Daqing begged to cooperate.

It was a rare opportunity.

Luo Hesui: “…” Was he completely abandoned

After Ruan Mei started working, Chu Chu’s life had some subtle changes, one of which was that she began to exercise.

In fact, it was not appropriate to call it exercise, after all, she was learning how to tie knots every day.

Ruan Mei looked at President Chu, who was sitting on the ground earnestly tying the ropes and said helplessly, “Boss, actually in my hometown, this is used to tie pigs…”

She didn’t understand why the good boss was so interested in knotting.

She suggested to President Chu to learn simple fighting skills, but the other party just scribbled to learn and only cared about playing with a rope.

Chu Chu looked at Ruan Mei’s innocent expression, it was hard to tell the innocent little soft girl that she didn’t want to learn fighting, but wanted to learn the skills of fighting immortals.

She coughed twice, waved away the yellow waste (er*tic) in her head and explained, “I am more peaceful, so I want to learn how to tie pigs.”

Ruan Mei hesitated, “But it’s not easy if a pig struggles.”

In her hometown, wild boars even had fangs, so people who did the work of raising a pig had strength.

Ruan Mei said it was because she was worried about misleading her student as after teaching the boss to tie the rope, it would not work.

Chu Chu said leisurely, “It’s okay, my pig doesn’t struggle.”

Ruan Mei: “”

Ruan Mei: “I haven’t seen a pig that doesn’t struggle.

What breed is it”

Chu Chu: “Highly educated pigs are like that.”

Ruan Mei was even more confused: “”

In Yinda Investment, Zhang Jiayoung sneezed lightly, not knowing that his new title was ‘pig’.

He glanced at the time, looked at everyone on the team and said, “You guys go back to rest early.”

As they were tired, they were overjoyed, “Thank you for your help!”

“In the evening, I will email the content of the review, everyone be careful on your way back.” Zhang Jianian ordered the details as usual and then began to organize his own things.

He glanced at the time and was about to go home to cook dinner as it should be just right when Chu Chu arrived home.

As soon as Zhang Jianian left, the rest of the people inevitably sighed, “The only overtime seedling in the company was finally pulled into the water by President Chu.

The general assistant became a punctual party…”


Zhang’s past work status was simply “As long as the earth does not explode, there will be no holidays throughout the year”.

Although they could learn a lot with Mr.

Zhang, they were still tired adapting to such a high-intensity work rhythm.

If the boss worked harder than them, sometimes it was really invisible pressure.

Now it was quite different.


Zhang had directly stepped into the newly married state and quickly entered the role of a middle-aged male caregiver.

He couldn’t wait to get off work every day to pick up children and cook, feeling quite at home.

The single male colleague watched Zhang Jianian’s changes and couldn’t help but utter with a helpless sorrown, “The second-in-command in the company became like this.

Modern society is really cruel to men.

They are busy during the day and have to cook when they go home…”

A female colleague said with an indifferent face, “Oh, do we women have to do all the housework No wonder you are single.”

The male colleague defended, “That is different and Mr.

Zhang is obviously not bad at all…”

The female colleague sneered, “So they got a beautiful love and you have to worry about rice, oil, salt, sauce, tea and vinegar (everyday expenses).”

Male colleague: “…” I can’t talk.

After the initial bombing of Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian’s relationship, the influence in the company gradually subsided, but the two people’s way of getting along had attracted many people to talk about it.


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