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In Yinda Investment, Zhang Jianian was leading the team and they had been busy with the IPO of Light World Entertainment recently.

The people worked hard for a long time and finally waited for the hard-won time to rest.

They drank coffee while looking through their phones in boredom.

“Oh, the 5 billion equity incentive plan of the Technology Group Why haven’t we heard the news” Someone mumbled, “When did this happen”

Yinda’s employees knew that their boss had just taken office, so they had been following the trends of the technology group recently.

They didn’t know when that decision was made.

That was not the most surprising thing.

The man scrolled down to read the news and suddenly shouted, “Fu.k! Fu.k!”

The person next to him complained, “What are you doing Can you not be surprised Isn’t it just equity incentives, our company also has it.”

Zhang Jianian also raised his head and looked over.

He was disturbed by the screams and his eyebrows narrowed.

He didn’t expect that the technology group would suddenly issue an incentive plan, but it didn’t seem necessary to be so surprising, right

“No! President Chu’s hidden marriage” The man held his phone up.

His mind was in confusion.


The others who were just as cold as at this time, swarmed in, vying to eat melons.

Zhang Jianian was shocked, “!!!” Who did she secretly marry I am still sitting here.

“Refute the rumors! Just refute the rumors!” A few people gathered together, frantically gossiping about their own boss and flipping through the major entertainment sections.

Just as Zhang Jianian breathed a sigh of relief, he heard them read the news, “There is no hidden marriage, just falling in love…”

Zhang Jianian: “…”

The people who ate melon continued to read, “The other party is…”

Zhang Jianian’s heart jumped.

How embarrassing would it be

“…The best person in the world” The man finished reading the text blankly, feeling that he had wasted the precious ten seconds of his life.

He kicked the bowl of dog food angrily and retorted, “This reporter is too useless.

Isn’t he embarrassed to post it”

“Tsk tsk, the boss gave me a work order, but I have to work overtime.”

Everyone who ate the melon in excitement was at a loss.

They calmed down and suddenly remembered the strict Mr.

Zhang and hurriedly looked at his expression lest they be scolded for gossip.

Surprisingly, Mr.

Zhang seemed to be in a good mood.

Even the corners of his mouth were slightly lifted, revealing a hint of joy.

Other people: “”

Someone saw that Zhang Jianian was not angry and he simply plucked up the courage to ask, “Chief Assistant, do you know who the person is”


Zhang always dedicated himself to President Chu before.

He waited for his boss’ instructions around the clock.

He probably knew what was going on in private.

Otherwise, why would he not be surprised

Zhang Jianian said frankly, “I know.”

“Oh oh oh—” The others were instantly excited.

They were like students who wanted to copy their homework when they were in school.

They all surrounded Zhang Jianian and asked him to reveal the details, “You just reveal a little bit.

Just a little bit, okay”

Zhang Jianian looked at them calmly and only mobilized everyone’s emotions to a higher level, then he slowly said, “Do not inquire about this.

I will go back early today.

I will post the things that have been tried to the group in the evening.”

After Zhang Jianian left, the person next to him murmured: “The chief assistant left so early today.

Wouldn’t it be intentional”

Everyone: We must severely resist similar behaviors of disagreement!

After Zhang Jianian packed his things and took the elevator downstairs, he secretly turned on his phone to open the entertainment news.

After he finished reading, he was overwhelmed with overjoy, the corner of his lips raised again as he tried to control his expression.

Zhang Jianian: Well, I can cook her favorite dish in the evening and let her praise me.

Zhang Jianian first went home, then went to the supermarket to select the ingredients before heading to Yan Han.

On the way, he accidentally received news from Lu Xia, director of the Technology Group and was a little surprised for a while.

The two used to be colleagues, had some old friendships and a good impression of each other.

The message sent by Lu Xia was concise.

His words were impassioned and polite and he solemnly complained to Zhang Jianian.

After Lu Xia returned home, the more he thought about it, the more wrong he felt.

He couldn’t just let Director Xiao Chu go.

As he became the executive director of the engagement banquet, he successfully thought of talking to the new candidate- Zhang Jianian.

At the end of the message, Lu Xia also directly stated that he knew the relationship between the two and asked Zhang Jianian to let Chu Chu think twice!

He didn’t expect that Lu Xia would know, and was confused for a while.

It seemed that the whole world had received news overnight

When Zhang Jianian just entered the house, he saw Chu Chu who was welcoming him.

She jumped out cheerfully, “Welcome!”

Zhang Jianian put down the ingredients, fruits and vegetables, remembered Lu Xia’s request, raised his eyebrows and said, “Can you explain to me about the 5 billion equity incentive”

The elders all filed the accusations against her and she probably suffered a lot.

Chu Chu rolled her eyes.

She didn’t expect that he would enter the door and ask about that.

She said with a guilty heart, “Hey, isn’t it that way…”


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