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Zhang Jianian said with earnest and gentle words, “I am not opposed to any of your decisions, but you must at least talk with Director Lu.

After all, he has worked for the group for decades, without credit and hard work.”

Chu Chu muttered, “I will sell him if he disobeys…”

Zhang Jianian didn’t hear clearly, “What”

Chu Chu: “Yes, I must talk with him!”

He felt her perfunctory and was helpless for a while.

After he settled the complaint, he showed a sense of contempt on his face, then raised another matter and said, “Why did you say that to the reporter today”

Chu Chu: “What”

Zhang Jianian said like a mosquito, “The best person in the world.”

Chu Chu: “I just stated a fact.”

Zhang Jianian: “It’s not suitable to talk to the reporters now…”

Chu Chu crossed her hands around her chest and said confidently, “Why can’t I It’s not a shame to like you.”

Zhang Jianian was hit by a straight shot from her, his face became red with fire and his sane brain became a paste.

He only felt dizzy.

He was knocked down by the ecstatic waves.

His eyes drifted to the side and he said with difficulty, “Oh…”

Zhang Jianian turned his back to sort out the ingredients.

Chu Chu felt that she saw an unconcealable smile on his face and looked curiously, “What’s wrong with you”

“No…” His heart was still beating loudly.

He deliberately avoided her probing gaze and spoke without confidence.

Chu Chu found Zhang Jianian’s dumbfounded situation, a realization flashed in her mind and while his mind was still not sober, she asked slyly, “Then can I not talk with Lu Xia”

“Okay…” Zhang Jianian, who was in a state of vertigo, agreed faintly.

“Can I have boiled pork slices at night” Chu Chu saw the ingredients he bought back and had a menu in her heart.

Zhang Jianian was worried about the recovery of her wounds.

Recently, he had been strictly controlling her diet, basically banning oil and spicy food.


“Then can you sleep with me today”

“Okay… wait” Zhang Jianian felt something was wrong.

When Chu Chu heard his agreement, she turned her head and ran away, for fear that he would regret it, “A gentleman cannot go back on his words!”

Zhang Jianian looked at Chu Chu’s back helplessly, saw her running out in a hurry and moved the quilt from the guest room to her room.

Zhang Jianian: “…”

There was a patter of rain outside the window and crackling typing in the room.

Chu Chu sat on the bedside expressionlessly.

She looked at Mr.

Zhang, who was still working and said mercilessly, “Don’t go back on your words, you promised.”

“When I finish this work…”

Chu Chu said aggrievedly, “I’m hurt and I can’t do anything to you.

It’s really just sleeping together!”

She hadn’t fully healed and occasionally she still felt a little pain.

She also felt cold in her hands and feet the previous night, so she stared at the human-shaped warm water bag Zhang Jianian.

Zhang Jianian glanced at the time only to see that it was late.

He looked at the report on the laptop, wondering, “You should sleep.

Go to bed first, okay I will finish reviewing the data immediately…”

Chu Chu was still recovering and she really needed more rest.

The outside world was not aware of her injury, but she had been paying attention to her work, rest and diet recently.

Zhang Jianian was busy with Light World Entertainment’s affairs.

He had not rested very much and the two really couldn’t synchronize.

The spoiled brat was immediately dissatisfied.

Not only did she beat the quilt, she also splattered and rolled on the bed, perfectly interpreting the stubbornness, “No, no! I can’t sleep by myself, I want to listen to bedtime stories! You will accompany me to sleep!”

Zhang Jianian: “…” Should I read the financial report for you as a bedtime story

He watched her extreme behavior.

For fear that she might stress her wounds, he finally closed the laptop dumbfoundedly and comforted, “Okay, you lie down.”

He decided to put her to sleep first and then secretly get up to continue working.

Chu Chu immediately returned to her calm look and obediently retracted into the bed, showing superb acting skills at an actor level.

Her masterpieces were “One Cry, Two cause Troubles and Three hang oneself (m.

throw tantrums)” and “in the right and self-confident” spread. 

Zhang Jianian wore pajamas and accompanied her to the bed.

After the rain, the weather was humid and slightly cool.

Chu Chu had cold hands and feet, but soon realized that his arrival had warmed the bed and nestled in the soft quilt contentedly.

Zhang Jianian didn’t completely sink into the quilt.

He half leaned against the head of the bed and was a little surprised when he touched her cold hand, “Are you cold”

Chu Chu sold miserably, “I’m freezing to death.

You don’t care about me…”

Zhang Jianian squeezed her hand, rubbed it repeatedly until the temperature returned to normal and then carefully put it back in the quilt, fearing that she would catch a cold.

The temperature of the rain was perfect for sleep.

Chu Chu was like a little beast returning home, nesting in his warm embrace.

Listening to his steady and regular heartbeat, soon a dim sleepiness aroused.

He watched her half asleep and half awake and said softly, “Are you in pain”

Chu Chu shook her head and buried herself in a dream.

Zhang Jianian leaned against the head of the bed and patted her gently.

He hoped that time would stand still so that this peaceful and comfortable moment would last forever.

She didn’t need to do anything, just staying beside him made him feel like he was embracing the world.


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