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Netizens didn’t think it was a big deal to see the excitement.

The official blog of the movie “The Legend of Heroes” suddenly fell into a long and dead silence, weakly revealing the strength to admit counsel.

Even if Hu Daqing was arrogant, he did not dare to accompany Chu Chu to make a fool of himself.

Someone in her comment area had already opened their mouth to ask for 100 million. 

Hu Daqing’s sad retreat made the melon-eaters quite regretful, but this did not weaken the intensity of his movie promotion.

Chu Chu’s comment area went viral and there were even figures related to her who had come to the scene, such as Chen Yifan wish for 20-day annual leave, Micro-eye Liu Xian’s wish for a live broadcast, Zui Qianyou’s wish to work from home, etc.

However, the big Vs who were always caught in the front row in the past, the comments this time were like heavy stones thrown into the lake, sinking to the bottom.

Not long after Chen Yifan finished commenting, he flicked on Weibo during the break of the performance and for the first time saw such a bleak amount of comments and likes.

As a popular niche, he could get strong numbers in his usual boring daily life, but now, who made a serious wish, was he so muddled

He didn’t believe his bashing on the street and insisted on posting another one, with a rare business expression.

ASE-Chen Yifan: I hope I can have 20 days of annual leave this year.


After Chen Yifan sent it, he came back and forth to refresh the page, but seeing the comments fail to rise, he got extremely suspicious.

Could it be that his internet was bad

Chen Yifan stayed on for a long time.

He finally saw the new comment.

He immediately became excited, waiting for it to soar into the sky and seize the front row of President Chu’s comment area.

However, reality gave him a heavy blow.

Fans did not come to grab the data, but told him the truth.

Guazimei: Less holidays, more working, don’t delay the X-Change.

Chen Yifan’s mother: I’m sorry Zai Zai, but I won’t indulge you this time.

Young people have to work hard for their careers.

Don’t always think about taking 20 days of annual leave.

[doge] It’s definitely not because I want to see the X-Change.

Lan Lan: Don’t give him likes.

This kind of wish cannot be seen by the boss.

Chen Yifan, who was eager for a holiday: “”

Chen Yifan: Are my fans all navy that the boss bought online

Competition in the film market had always been cruel and great attention had been paid to the promotion in the early stage.

Both “Hidden Fire” and “The Legend of Heroes” had high expectations for the box office and they both had martial arts.

Online, Chu Chu and Hu Daqing launched a lottery contest on Weibo; offline, Qisheng Films and the three major entertainment companies launched their own activities to stimulate audiences to enter the theater.

Qisheng and Yinda companies were basically more or less “Hidden Fire” platforms and even the boy group ASE also appeared to promote them.

The three major entertainment companies didn’t have too many people, but Duqing was the main force.

Diqi and Zhuyan were not so hardworking.

If it were another producer, it would actually be so dim and dull.

However, neither Chu Chu nor Hu Daqing were low-key people.

Qisheng and Duqing were wealthy and the confrontation between the two sides intensified.

Under the attention of the public, the two films were finally released one after another.

The box office of “Hidden Fire” was 310 million on the first day and the box office of “The Legend   of Heroes” was 240 million on the first day.

The box office gap between the two seems not big, but the evaluations after the release were very different.


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