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Peppermint: I walked out of the movie theater, still wondering what I saw.

Remember Hu Dong playing drunk in the whole film @movie “Legend of the Heroes”

x19: It is seriously suspected that the investment of 500 million yuan is actually money laundering.

The director has been engaged in incomprehensible “art”, but the actors are out of condition.

Where did 240 million come from on the first day People who want to get the shopping cart voucher

Xiucai: Extremely disappointed, the domestic movie level is so bad.

Motion sickness: Speak in a small voice, the movie next door is very nice, don’t give up on the latest domestic movies

Fried Chicken Wings: Hu Dong is almost playing games, he talks a lot and loves to make people lose hope.

Pearl Flower: President Chu: It all depends on peers.

The first day of “The Legend of Heroes” was considered a good box office, but it suffered side-to-side group ridicule on the Internet.

The poor acting skills and chaotic editing of the actors directly brought down the whole movie.

Although the early stage propaganda efforts of the three major entertainment companies were very strong, the contrast of the quality of the film produced a backlash effect.

It caused the audiences to become even more angry.

Many people even jokingly called it a blind waste saying that “Hidden Fire” had won, all relying on the roughness of the opponent.

Because “The Legend of Heroes” had become a target of ridicule, even Chu Chu and “Hidden Fire” had been quite low-key recently.

Chu Chu was not the one to add fuel to the fire.

She had seen too many laymen instructing experts to make bad films.

“The Legend of Heroes” was not too bizarre, so she didn’t bother to jump out and add fuel to Hu Daqing now.

On the other hand, “Hidden Fire” harvested the box office in a low-key manner, constantly climbing new records.

Although Chu Chu made a post on Weibo as proof, the conditions she offered were actually quite harsh.

After all, one billion US dollars at the global box office was a beautiful result, enough to make Miracle Pictures popular.

This was not something that domestic audiences could do.

Netizens gradually realized it and made complaints about her behavior.

Huazhi: President Chu always shows off her wealthy and stingy personality.

At first glance, she is generous, but she isn’t.

Super God 1.8 meters: the richer you are, the more you are—unwilling to relax, the more you are unwilling to relax, the richer you get.


Max: The overseas party has already bought votes to support it.

No matter what, the X-Change must be realized!

On the Internet, netizens were clamoring to watch “Deformation Meter”; in reality, Lu Xia enthusiastically managed the engagement banquet and even dutifully urged Zhang Jianian to communicate with Director Xiao Chu about the day of dressing.

Zhang Jianian was rather helpless, “Actually, you don’t need to be so worried…”

Lu Xia half-joked, “Director Chu has set the time early, don’t embarrass me.”

Zhang Jianian lowered his eyes and hesitated, “Do you think it is appropriate to hold an engagement banquet now”

Chu Chu had just entered the Qisheng Group and her heels had not been firmly established.

Perhaps the engagement banquet was a bit hasty.

Lu Xia saw his worries and explained, “It’s just an engagement.

You are not getting married right away.”

Zhang Jianian was silent.

He understood the truth.

But if the relationship between them was thoroughly exposed, would it really be good for her

Recently, Chu Chu keenly discovered Zhang Jianian’s depression.

The child seemed to be suffering from the “premarital phobia”, an epidemic of contemporary young people.

The two went to try on the banquet clothes together.

They were obviously very happy to see each other in their costumes, but Zhang Jianian’s expression became complicated in a blink of an eye.

He seemed to fall into a one-man show, not knowing what to do.

After returning home, he stared at her softly at dinner and showed a look of loneliness, making Chu Chu confused.

After the meal, Chu Chu sat on the sofa.

She looked at Zhang Jianian who was watching TV and said seriously, “In fact, you don’t have to watch children’s channels.

In the future, the education of our children must be left to you, okay”

Chu Chu found that Zhang Jianian’s symptoms were getting worse.

He frowned even when watching children’s cartoons


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