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In “The Boss’ Holiday”, it was clear that President Chu privately was completely indiscriminately a salted fish.

She could only help wash the dishes.

Most of the housework was handled by Zhang Jianian.


Zhang worked rigorously and professionally in the company during the day, but he still graciously bought vegetables and cooked after returning home.

The contrast definitely had a huge impact on others and the person involved did not shy away from it.

Zhang Jianian didn’t seem to feel ashamed.

Sometimes if anyone asked for recipes during a break, he would teach them kindly and didn’t mind being labeled as “homely” or “virtuous”.

Of course, it was inevitable for the company to have traditional-minded male colleagues who would fight injustices for Zhang Jianian privately and complain that “a man does a good job but has to go home to cook”, but it was often attacked by groups of female colleagues.

If the person involved changed a little, Zhang Jianian would have to face a lot of rumors, after all, in terms of his family background, he was indeed infallible.

However, the employees of Yinda were convinced of Mr.

Zhang’s ability to work, leaving only deep admiration.

Especially for female colleagues, they had found a peerless benchmark; as long as they work hard to make money like President Chu, they would always find a partner like Mr.

Zhang! Mr.

Zhang always did housework every day even if he was busy with work.

Why did other men go home to act as kings

Under such circumstances, even if someone wanted to complain, they became politically incorrect and dared not speak.

Zhang Jianian’s voice unexpectedly rose up inexplicably, which slightly reduced the harsh distance in everyone’s hearts.

Zhang Jianian knew nothing about it and just cherished the time he spent with Chu Chu after getting off work.

He routinely picked vegetables, went home to cook and waited for Chu Chu to return from the Technology Group.

The door rang softly and Chu Chu walked inwardly, trying not to attract Zhang Jianian’s attention, but she didn’t expect to be caught by him.

Zhang Jianian came out carrying the stir-fry, just in time to see the bear child entering the house.

His expression was gentle as he said, “Let’s eat.”

Chu Chu held her hands behind her back and responded with a guilty heart, “Okay…”

Zhang Jianian found the box in her hand and curiously asked, “What are you holding”

Chu Chu’s gaze floated, “Nothing.”

He looked at the food in the pot without asking much.

Chu Chu watched him turn around to go to the kitchen and was relieved.

She kept the small box with the rope away and prepared to experiment at night.

She had been studying hard recently and finally it was time to test the fruits of her study!

After the meal, Chu Chu happily opened the box and took out the rope.

She recalled Ruan Mei’s teaching process and began to make a replay, but it wasn’t working.

When she was in class, she obviously tied the knot very well, but when she got home to do her homework, it was messy.

Chu Chu was about to send a message to Ruan Mei, but suddenly heard Zhang Jianian’s voice behind her, “What are you doing”

She was shocked, but calmly said, “Doing crafts.”

“Really” Zhang Jianian didn’t doubt it and pulled up the rope.

It was messy, so he suggested, “I’ll do it for you.

What do you want to make”

He had long understood Chu Chu’s inability.

Although he didn’t know what she wanted to do, he still took the initiative to help the bear child with manual homework.

Chu Chu’s mood was like a pie fell from the sky and almost missed her mouth, “You…just like tying a pig.”

Zhang Jianian nodded obliviously.

He didn’t know anything about Chu Chu’s little conspiracy, so he picked up the rope with a good temper, “I will try.”

Chu Chu watched him devote himself to the knotting business and said, “Highly educated one is good.”

Take a look! Not only did he not struggle at all, he even took the initiative to help tie the knot, which made her very hard to bear!

“” Zhang Jianian didn’t quite understand and simply lowered his head to continue the knotting work.


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