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Although Lu Xia’s heart was full of grievances, the preparation for the engagement banquet still couldn’t be slackened.

Chu Yanyin and others selected a good day and then sent invitation letters to major groups and companies that cooperated with him to officially announce the news of the engagement banquet.

The senior executives of the Yinda company were also invited.

Liang Chan and others learned that President Chu and Mr.

Zhang were about to get engaged and got more shocked than seeing Light World Entertainment go public!

The engagement banquet was held in the open air.

The long table covered with white tablecloths was full with exquisite food.

The men and women in formal attire coveted and smiled.

Liang Chan, CEO of Light World Entertainment, sat at the table.

He looked at Director Qin, who was frustrated by his side and said, “Today is a good day.

Can you stop being so sad”

Director Qin said numbly, “I can’t accept…”

Liang Chan said, “No one cares if you can accept it or not.”

Director Qin: “How can the great God betray me like this He actually laid his salary for many years, just to keep “Win the War” alive, the eternal virtual image of the year…” 

Seeing him humming uncharacteristically, Liang Chan couldn’t help but shudder.

He was irritated and subconsciously moved away from him.

Director Qin, a fan of VIR, was frustrated, while Xia Xiaoxiao, Chu Chu’s hand, was shocked.

Of course, Xia Xiaoxiao, an army sergeant in love, knew that Chu Chu always had signs of feelings, but she never thought that the person was Mr.

Zhang and that the two were getting engaged.

Zhang Jianian was definitely the existence that made Xia Xiaoxiao feel in awe, especially since he had always treated her without pretentiousness and strict requirements.

He didn’t like her to be always with President Chu.

Xia Xiaoxiao was full of sorrow.

Wouldn’t she have fewer opportunities to talk with her boss in the future

Xia Xiaoxiao frowned while holding a hand-held camera.

She was happy for President Chu, but also had a hint of worry and loss.

After Chu Chu changed her clothes and came out, she saw Xia Xiaoxiao frowning and squeezing the flies, and said, “Why are you full of bitterness You also bought a camera”

“The company asked me to take some pre-materials of your variety show,” Xia Xiaoxiao quickly replied.

Chu Chu snorted, “You are really interested in it.

The box office of Hidden Fire hasn’t reached a billion dollars yet.”

Chu Chu still hoped that if the global box office got a little bit close, “X-Change” would be successful.

“We should have passed it,” a familiar and gentle male voice sounded from the side.

Zhang Jianian, dressed in a suit, walked slowly toward Chu Chu with his decent and polite appearance.

Even though Chu Chu had seen him dressed up when they were trying on the engagement clothes, she still covered her heart and said with emotion, “I’m dead.”

Zhang Jianian was handsome and picturesque.

He had long lost the youthfulness of a fledgling boy and had the solemnity of a mature man.

But his eyes were still warm and full of smiles.

He seemed very happy.

Even if he didn’t say anything, one could feel the joy and happiness from his heart in his eyes.

Xia Xiaoxiao shrank herself into a ball, trying not to attract hus and continued to shoot in secret.

Chu Chu wore a beautifully fitted plain dress.

Her dress was designed with a high collar, which made her neck curve elegant and feminine.

He was startled and seemed to be surprised for a few seconds.

There was a sense of illusion that a dream came true.

However, Zhang Jianian’s daze did not last long.

He saw her bare arms and soon switched back to the affectionate and kind paternal care.

He asked warmly, “Aren’t you cold Do you want a shawl”

Chu Chu’s dress was a half-shoulder design and the engagement banquet was held in the open air.

It happened to be a little breezy.

Chu Chu subconsciously said, “It’s not cold…”

Zhang Jianian reached out and touched her bare forearm.

He frowned and said bluntly, “It is so cold, so why don’t you say it”

Chu Chu: “…” Well, there is a kind of cold that might make your fiance think you are feeling cold.

After the two talked, Zhang Jianian found Xia Xiaoxiao hiding on the side and raised his brows.

Xia Xiaoxiao was shocked.

She was quite in a hurry, so she said, “…President Chu, Chief Assistant, I wish you two hundred years of harmony and happiness”

Hearing that, Zhang Jianian’s expression got a little gentle and he nodded politely, “Thank you.”

Chu Chu felt weird.

She thought Xia Xiaoxiao was too cautious and said, “Isn’t that pretty formal”

Xia Xiaoxiao asked in a low voice, “President Chu, can I still talk to you” 

President Chu and Mr.

Zhang would have a different relationship in the future.

Wouldn’t Mr.

Zhang pay closer attention to them


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