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He gritted his teeth quietly, “Don’t regret it in the future.”

Chu Chu pressed her cheek against his face.

She checked the chain she held tightly in her hand and found that she hadn’t lost anything because of the beauty.

This was a relief.

She reached out and hung the necklace around Zhang Jianian’s neck and carefully stuffed it into his neckline.

Zhang Jianian was frozen by the metal touch and the thin necklace had something hanging on it.

He stretched out his hand and raised the thin chain and found that it was a gleaming ring, very similar to the ring he gave to Chu Chu.

He was stunned for a few seconds.

Chu Chu said, “The one you gave me is a single ring.

I asked someone to make another one for you.”

During the hospitalization of Chu Chu, Zhang Jianian gave her a diamond ring.

After being discharged from the hospital, she was originally curious why Zhang Jianian didn’t wear a ring, but later discovered that the ring he gave was a single ring and there was no male model.

Chu Chu thought about it carefully and felt that the kid was too miserable and decided to make one out of thin air!

Zhang Jianian: “Because that is a diamond ring, I haven’t got the matching ring…” 

The diamond ring was for the marriage proposal.

He originally wanted to take it out when he got married, but she unexpectedly ordered it forcibly. 

Chu Chu looked at a loss.

Zhang Jianian said helplessly, “A wedding ring is a wedding ring and a pair of rings is a pair of rings.”

Chu Chu was a little mad, “I haven’t been married yet, how would I know”

Zhang Jianian wanted to say that he had never been married as well, but seeing her in chaos, he couldn’t help but ridicule, “This ring is about the same as my family status.

It follows you completely.”

He didn’t expect that she would have the intention to create a male model ring by contrast and his heart got filled with soft emotions.

Chu Chu was lying on Zhang Jianian’s shoulder and the two wandered aimlessly in the garden, enjoying a peaceful and comfortable time, but they were eventually discovered.

After hearing the three songs sung by Director Chu, the guests present felt unbearable, and looked for the whereabouts of the two protagonists of the engagement banquet.

Guests: I beg someone to ask Director Chu to step down, otherwise it will kill us!

The host Lu Xia took over the important task, accompanied by frontline reporter Xia Xiaoxiao and began the search.

Xia Xiaoxiao found President Chu’s high heels by the iron fence.

The two opened the locked garden with a key.

After entering, they saw two protagonists with messy clothes and intimate manners. 

“Ridiculous, this is really absurd!” Lu Xia glanced at it, then turned to look at indecent assault and denounced the world.

Xia Xiaoxiao smiled and blushed while stuttering, “You, you…”

Zhang Jianian: “It’s not…” what you imagine.

Chu Chu: “The matter is not that serious.

Everyone here is an adult.”

Zhang Jianian: “”

Xia Xiaoxiao and Lu Xia: “!!!”

After Xia Xiaoxiao and Lu Xia understood Chu Chu’s expression, they tacitly chose to be tight-lipped.

Zhang Jianian felt that something was wrong and things took a big step in a subtle direction.

Although the banquet did not have too many outsiders and the paparazzi did not succeed in getting into the venue, the news of Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian’s engagement spread and it even directly led to the first place in the comment area.

Flammable: Congratulations to President Chu for getting engaged.

Do you not consider joining “Deformation Meter” [doge]

Unclear people: Congratulations to President Chu for getting her beloved.

Did you think of joining “Deformation Meter” [doge]

1L2L: The man isn’t actually a celebrity Is this different from what I imagined Is it office romance

Owl: I thought Chu Chu was always the one who looked at beauty.

[doge] Hahaha, who is blind

Glacier Meteorite: Brother, are you afraid of being trampled to death by us fans

Netizen Xiaoxiao originally posted a Weibo to join in the excitement of President Chu’s engagement, but was caught by fans.

However, she had a big heart and a very leathery attitude.

She replied to them.

Xiaoxiao: So the question is, will he be trampled to death by President Chu’s fans or VIR’s fans [doge]

Glacier meteorite: He will be trampled to death by VIR’s fans.

Who said she doesn’t like beauty


Motivated by curiosity, the netizen Owl took the initiative to click on the page of the glacier meteorite.

He was a trumpet, who had continuously posted news about Light World Entertainment and the “Win the War” game and his attitude was not like a player, but like an insider.


Glacial Meteorite’s tone was almost like an insider, with such a determined attitude, as if he knew VIR personally.

Xiaoxiao: Wait, I seem to have discovered the truth!

(Must be Director Qin.



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