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Because there were more remarks that mentioned “The man is VIR”, many people were determined to find out the truth.

In a gossip forum, netizens who ate melon built a high-rise building (m.

main post) around Chu Chu’s engagement.

The title of the post was “A certain group boss is engaged, picking up the new tyrant’s young wife.”

1L: The landlord (one who posed) threw some insights that someone next door was engaged to her subordinate.

What kind of routine is this Wealthy people should be married for business and join forces.

Is it because of love If there is an insider, we will chat together.

2L: Why are there no pictures now Paparazzi are really not good enough.

Dad is very disappointed with you!

3L: Barely half an employee who works for President Chu.

4L: I can barely be regarded as an employee who works for President Chu.

5L: Inform dad, let me have some news! ! I see some people say that the man is VIR, is it true

6L: Fu-k, fu-k, I saw that President Chu’s subordinates hadn’t responded yet, it was actually VIR If the genders were reversed, it would definitely be the plot of an e-sports romance novel!

7L: Six Brother, even if the gender is not reversed, it can also be the plot of a romance novel.

52L: I thought everyone knew that these two people had CP fans for a long time and there are so many small details.

Please guide Weibo @VC Yinqiao tablets (VC- vitamin C tablets)

53L: There have been people in our company who have CP this pair for a long time.

Are you all from the village network

54L: Why can’t I find the pictures of VIR.

He always follows President Chu, but in every picture he is out of focus or faceless

55L: Me too! ! I am now forced to start looking at the photos of the Qisheng Annual Meeting…

56L: You can’t find a face in the video.

He’s worthy of being VIR.

For many years, the ranger has not played for nothing.

He knows how to sneak in game and in reality!

293L: The General University of Chu has just paid attention to the CP station @Vitamin C Yinqiao tablets.

Please give a warm applause.

Congratulations for turning to the official website!

On the gossip forum, netizens were enthusiastic, and looked for photos of Zhang Jianian’s face.

On the other side, the sisters of CP station “VC Yinqiao tablets” felt panicked.

They were originally boring Light World employees.

They both liked President Chu and worshiped the great God VIR.

After the two of them often showed up in Light World, they became enthusiastic about matching them, founded Weibo station and named it “VC Yinqiao tablets”.

“V” for VIR, “C” for Chuchu, “Yin” for Yinda and “Qiao” was a homophonic “Quiet”, representing the central idea of ​​the sisters who quietly stood in line and enclosed themselves.

After all, no one could joke about their jobs.

Unexpectedly, the CP station “VC Yinqiao Tablet” suddenly turned viral, becoming the first major station among the two CP stations.

The sisters of the station immediately called an emergency meeting for it was necessary to consolidate their status in the arena and maintain the majesty of the war.

“From now on, we can no longer update at will.

The quality of each Weibo must be guaranteed! We must edit the copy, work hard to produce pictures, and the program pays attention to the data…” The young lady divided the work.

Everyone was full of momentum and put their work attitude on the operation station.

Not only was the text exquisite, but also the fan pictures were produced, which really gave the “VC Yinqiao Tablet” station a new look.

Xiao Lele: Xiao Yinqiao’s style has changed.

Recently, they got several Weibo posts of high quality

Listen to my voice: It’s not that President Chu deliberately set the station down, just replaced the clothes.


QAWS: It is recommended that the station produce the fanfiction, VIR as an undercover with a mission in Yinda and eventually fakes to be with the president, but it becomes true after some time.


Xiao Ranmeng: Has the station become so professional Does Sister Zhan take President Chu’s salary now

Sponge Juju: I want to buy VIR’s photo at a high price.

What does he look like This is my latest heart knot.

Xiaozhuzhu: 1, I seek to expose VIR!

Hu Chihasai: 2!


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