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In the comment area, netizens seeking for a photo came from all directions.

It was a little weird.

Why couldn’t so many people get a photo of Jianian Logically, Zhang Jianian often followed Chu Chu to major companies and once worked in Qisheng.

He should have left some traces, but those photos were either blurry or lacking a face.

At the engagement banquet, there were also guests taking pictures, but at most it was a side profile of Jianian!

#Buy online VIR’s photo# was turned on the hot search and countless netizens offered high-priced rewards to get the photo.

Inside Yan Han, Zhang Jianian was packing the suitcase for the show.

A light flashed by.

He looked up and saw the spoiled brat holding her phone, so he wondered, “What are you doing”

After Chu Chu took a photo, she checked it again and was quite satisfied, “I want to make some pocket money.”

Zhang Jianian: “”

Chu Chu: “You got a bounty on the Internet for your photo.

Don’t let one’s own fertile water flow into others’ field, (m.

keep the goodies within the family) so let me take the bounty.” (m: not let outsiders take advantage

Zhang Jianian: “”

Zhang Jianian’s “Passerby Aura” was quite tenacious.

Its effect to avoid the camera accurately and with its own invisibility effect successfully saved him from being investigated by waves of netizens.

She tried a few times just now before getting a good photo.

Zhang Jianian watched Chu Chu lower her head to edit.

Fearing that she would really publish the photo, he hurriedly said, “…No, don’t post it.”

Chu Chu’s chin was raised as she seemed quite proud, “If you beg me, I will consider it”

Zhang Jianian calmly said, “Are you sure you want to be like this, huh” 

They were about to be sent to a poor village.

Chu Chu thought for a while.

There was no need to irritate the breeder now and she said compassionately, “Well, since you have begged me, I will reluctantly not post it this time.”

Zhang Jianian: “…”

Although Chu Chu did not publish the photo, she still set it on her phone screen enthusiastically.

Others chose the koi screens for money and she planned to use Zhang Jianian to ask for a passerby filter.

The day “Hidden Fire” broke through one billion US dollars at the global box office, it happened to be the day when Chenxing Film and Television officially started shooting a variety show.

Of course, the show was called “Boss’ Holiday”.

Although Chu Chu was reluctant in every possible way and did not want to go out, the cruel reality was still before her. 

The filming of the show officially started.

Zhang Jianian pulled the suitcase that had been prepared a long time ago.

He looked at Chu Chu, who was only carrying a schoolbag, and reminded her, “Are you not bringing anything more”

Chu Chu said after a pause, “Have you ever seen “Deformation meter” before”

Zhang Jianian confessed, “I haven’t seen it much.”

Chu Chu: “This show has a routine.

I should have a big fight with you, be troubled, or even run away from home and be retrieved by the directors late at night.

After I enter the village, my daily necessities will be confiscated by the show team.

At that time, the dissatisfaction would reach its peak, but under the influence of the friendly villagers, I gradually would wash away my hostility and finally come to my senses, sincerely apologize to you and change my past bad style.”

Zhang Jianian: “…”

Chu Chu concluded, “So it’s useless for me to carry a suitcase now as it will be confiscated in the end.

The phone and money will also be taken away.”

The program team definitely hoped that she and Zhang Jianian would endure hardships so as to form a strong development with city life and produce dramatic effects.

When the staff heard that, she couldn’t help but look at each other.

Except for the common plots, what President Chu said was exactly the same as the show idea!

Director: I am embarrassed to introduce the program flow now, it is completely cleaned by spoilers.

After listening to her, Zhang Jianian thought that she was quite reasonable, “Then I shouldn’t bring a suitcase, right”


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