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Chu Chu: “It’s okay, take it with you.

If they insist on confiscation, I can deduct their salary.”

Director: “”

The staff: Fun is fun, trouble is no fun, don’t joke about salary!

After the program team searched for multiple spots, they chose a place called Jichuan Town.

It had beautiful scenery and simple folk customs.

It was located in the southwest, but it was isolated from the world due to the steep and complex terrain, commerce was not developed and the life of the villagers in the local town was not rich.

After the program team got off the plane, the director formally introduced, “Jichuan Town has a small population base and the annual per capita disposable income of residents is less than 10,000 yuan.

It can be regarded as a well-known poor town in the area.

The residents of the town basically rely on self-sufficiency.

To be self-sufficient, we will give you 300 yuan in start-up capital to support the initial expenses and we will rely on the joint efforts of both of you…”

“After getting off the bus, please hand in all the cash and valuables you got and we will take care of it for you.”

Chu Chu:””

Chu Chu: “Wait, now it costs 288 yuan to buy a game character design.”

Director: “The network signal in Jichuan Town is not very good.

You may not need a game character design for the time being.”

Chu Chu: “What’s your name I remember your face, I warn you that I’ll deduct your salary.”

Director: “…”

The director looked at other colleagues and hesitated, “…Should we change the personal introduction rules Actually, I’m still short of money recently.”

The others shook their heads together, adhering to the principle of “How people die has nothing to do with me, so don’t trouble me”.

The threat effect achieved by Chu Chu’s salary deduction warning did not last long.

The bus was bumpy on the muddy road, causing the people in the bus to sway from side to side, staggering Chu Chu into motion sickness.

Jichuan Town was far away from the city and the hours-long drive made her feel uncomfortable.

She weakly drilled into Zhang Jianian’s arms.

When the cameramen saw that scene, they immediately wanted to record President Chu’s suffering.

Unexpectedly, she opened Jianian’s sportswear jacket and buried her head directly in his arms, to avoid the cameras’ tracking.

She did not want to be caught haggard on camera.

Zhang Jianian was a little embarrassed.

He looked at one of the cameras and stretched out his hand to stop it and said coldly, “Don’t shoot.”

Zhang Jianian was quite along the way and he had no complaints about the rules designed by the program group.

Now he was worried about the situation, frowned and showed a cold face for the first time.

It instantly put down the cameras surrounding Chu Chu.

If it was President Chu, everyone would still be laughing and joking, but facing Mr.

Zhang, who had always been serious, no one dared to be too presumptuous.

If honest people suddenly got angry, generally no one could stand it.

The cameramen were stopped and could only move the lens away, but they still did not stop shooting.

They looked at Mr.

Zhang, whose face was frosty just a second ago.

He turned his face with kind eyes and asked President Chu in a soft voice, “Are you uncomfortable Would you like to drink some water and open the window for ventilation”

Chu Chu leaned her face on him, as if she was too uncomfortable to speak and shook her head hard.

Zhang Jianian became anxious in an instant and simply suggested, “We are not recording anymore, should we go back now”

When the staff heard the words, their eyes widened, for fear that President Chu would really agree to this proposal!

Chu Chu said pitifully, “Uncomfortable…”

Zhang Jianian felt distressed immediately and said soothingly, “Yes, let’s go home, no more recording…”

Chu Chu raised her head, blinked and said miserably, “Just kiss me.”

Zhang Jianian: “…”

When a single dog saw that scene, he almost suffered a critical hit and said with sorrow, “I feel uncomfortable and want to jump out of the bus.”

It was obviously a positive energy show with realism, why were there dogs’ abuse

Zhang Jianian was slightly embarrassed.

He could only coax her in a soft voice, “There are still people around…”

Chu Chu spoke nonsense solemnly, “They are all blind.”


Director: Not only abuses dogs in behavior, but also attacks dogs with words!


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