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Zhang Jianian’s work was very good and he completed the basic knot in a flash under Chu Chu’s guidance.

She looked at the semi-finished product with satisfaction and blinked, “It seems okay, let’s try it a bit, okay I think it will be useful for Jichuan someday.”

Zhang Jianian watched her fiddle with the rope and said amusedly, “Let’s go to the supermarket to find something for you.”

He only thought that she had the sequelae of Jichuan, loved hoarding all food and was interested in hunting, fishing and other activities.

At the beginning, the two even went up the mountain to pick wild vegetables and weaved some straw ropes with fine grass.

Some people in the village used straw nets to catch birds.

Chu Chu: “You don’t have to be so troubled, you can just show me.” As she said, she gestured the rope to Zhang Jianian, looking excited.

Zhang Jianian felt that something was wrong and said, “…But you just said it was a pig trap”

Chu Chu was full of righteousness as she said, “Let’s put your acting skills to the test, the Drama Academy occasionally allows students to act as animals!”

Zhang Jianian: “…” I don’t want to act like a pig.

He was still a little hesitant, but Chu Chu immediately soaked up softly, whirled around him, stretched and tuned, “Mr.

Zhang, Chief Assistant——”

Her face was innocent and she seemed to want to try the new rope, which was hard to refuse.

Zhang Jianian looked embarrassed, but in the end he reluctantly agreed to her unreasonable request and at the same time said, “But I think it’s weird.”

Chu Chu said shamelessly, “It’s not weird, I can find out where it is not good after a try.”

She saw that Zhang Jianian did not object any more and immediately tied the rope according to the course method, buckled his arms back expectantly and then tied his legs.

Zhang Jianian felt that she was too skillful in tying him with the rope, not like it was the first time.

He was a little suspicious in his heart, but he was already bound by her.

Zhang Jianian commented on the rope sensibly and objectively, “It seems to be quite strong, but the position of the rope at the end is a bit loose and I feel that it is not good for pigs.”

He finished the evaluation with an academic attitude and then began to try to untie the rope by himself, but it only squeezed the knotted port tighter.

Chu Chu held the ending part in one hand and buckled the iron lock she had prepared earlier in the other hand.

He only heard the clear clicking sound, she completely buckled the slightly loose rope.

Zhang Jianian: “”

Chu Chu said solemnly, “The pigs must be buckled at the end.

Ropes alone are not enough.” 

Ruan Mei said that wild boars were very destructive when they struggled and they usually had to be fixed together by ropes and iron locks.

This was foolproof.

Zhang Jianian: “”

Just as he wanted her to untie himself, he saw the sly grin on the brat’s face.

An alarm bell suddenly rang in his mind.

Chu Chu faced his unbelievable emotion and eyes that were full of hurt by being deceived.

She scratched her head in shame and said helplessly, “If you stare at me like this, I will blame myself.”

Zhang Jianian complained, “Then you can untie it now.”

Chu Chu pulled out a strip of cloth and said with a smile, “If I don’t see your eyes, my heart won’t be upset.

I’d better cover your eyes.”

Zhang Jianian: Aren’t you quite prepared

Obviously Chu Chu had been deliberating for a long time, blindfolded Zhang Jianian’s eyes relentlessly and tied the cloth with a beautiful bow.

No matter how stupid Zhang Jianian was, he understood that he had stepped into her trap at this time.

He was angry, “Who did you learn this from”


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