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Chu Chu was too lazy to take care of them.

She first went to the canteen to buy some noodles and found that the prices there were extremely cheap.

The noodles only cost 1 yuan.

She bought some more seasonings and walked back slowly and found that the grandfather selling wood carvings had disappeared, but there was another group of uninvited guests.

“Huh! Huh! Huh!”

On the mountain road, the overbearing white geese rushed at people aggressively and pecked at them.

Before the crew could react, Chu Chu raised the noodles and ran away.

She succeeded in selling her teammates, leaving them far behind.

Chu Chu: As long as I run fast enough, the geese can’t catch up with me!

The staff from the city were attacked by a flock of geese.

After the counterattack failed, they wanted to escape, but they were thrown away by Chu Chu.

Chu Chu ran home in a hurry.

She closed the courtyard gate carefully and put on a big iron chain, rather worrying about taking revenge on the staff who had just teased her.

Zhang Jianian was already boiling water in a large iron pot that was cleaned.

He saw the movements of the spoiled brat and curiously asked, “What are you doing”

Chu Chu: “There will be a zombie scene right away.

You must lock the doors and windows in advance.”

Zhang Jianian: “”

The next second, the courtyard door was slammed, accompanied by the gurgling of the crazy geese and the screams of the staff, which sounded horrible.

Mankind failed to become an army in front of the big geese and paid a painful price.

Chu Chu, who had fled the battle, admired the beautiful whine in the courtyard, showing an evil and happy villain smile.

Zhang Jianian, who witnessed this scene, “…” After this program is broadcast, it may cause bad influence on the kids who follow by example.

Due to the geese incident, the staff of the program team were completely vengeful toward Chu Chu and even waved off the last trace of awe for the boss.

They vowed to make her pay a heavy price!

The next day, Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian simply tidied the courtyard.

They cleaned the idle benches and placed them in the sunshine in the courtyard.

Chu Chu laid leisurely on the bench to bask in the sun.

Everyone saw that she was planning to lie down all day.

They couldn’t sit still and challenged her.

“President Chu, if you don’t find a way to make money and work, you will soon have a headache.” 

“No, a pack of dried noodles cost only one yuan.

I can buy three hundred packs and eat for nearly a year.”


The staff thought that the boss would be stumped by money, but they didn’t expect her to change from extravagance to thrift so quickly! The crew regretted it.

They should have given her only 30 yuan.

They actually paid more!

Director: “But Mr.

Zhang has cleaned up the vegetable plots today.

Wouldn’t you feel ashamed if you didn’t participate in labor at all”

That day, Zhang Jianian not only organized vegetable plots and cleaned it but also handled work emails on his phone, which was like a world of difference from the salted fish lying on the bench.

Chu Chu said shamelessly, “Marry a man, get lifelong clothes and meals.”

When the staff heard that, they kicked the dog food angrily.

They could only offer their killers and tempt her, “If you can earn the target amount during the recording of the show, we can end the recording early and let you leave Jichuan Town.

Chu Chu came to her senses and asked, “What is the target amount”

The director explained, “The annual per capita disposable income here is less than 10,000 yuan.

You and Zhang are two people.

You can leave as long as you earn 20,000 yuan.”

Chu Chu hesitated, “I want to take the liberty to ask, do you earn 20,000 yuan a month”

The director replied frankly, “No.”

Chu Chu directly said, “Then are you not ashamed to ask me to earn 20,000”

The director who was brutally attacked was speechless: “…”

The crew were paid from the first-tier city and wanted Chu Chu to earn 20,000 yuan in a short time in a 18th-tier village, which was tantamount to a fantasy.

If there was such a method, the people in the village would have made a fortune long ago.

Why would they have to wait until this moment


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