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Chu Chu glanced at the person.

The one who wanted to buy fish was a middle-aged uncle wearing a hat and rain boots.

He had dark skin and looked no different from other villagers.

The uncle seemed to have never seen so many cameras.

He hesitatingly said, “What are you all doing”

“We have a big family to feed, so we do fishing,” Chu Chu said nonsense while casually pointing at the mighty staff.

After a pause, she asked politely, “Which one do you want”

“I want two black fish, what’s the price” The fish-buyer glanced around in Chu Chu’s bucket and picked the fish he wanted.

Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian had never sold fish.

Naturally, it was not easy to set a price.

She generously said, “You say the price.”

The uncle hesitated and asked tentatively, “Then I will give you ten yuan per catty, okay”

The staff muttered: “It’s so cheap…”

The fish caught by Chu Chu were not only of excellent quality, but also wild fish.

If they were served in a restaurant, the price would be ten times higher.

When the uncle heard the people around him, he flushed with anxiety and explained desperately, “You are from outside, right I tell you, this fish is really good, but it has to be shipped out to be sold at a high price.

The restaurants in town charge only seven or eight yuan per catty!”

“Okay, you can give me fifty yuan,” Chu Chu responded happily and then Zhang Jianian put the two black fish into the uncle’s bucket as the black fish swayed vigorously.

Uncle Fish hurriedly waved his hand, “Oh, how can it work It’s more than five catties…”

Chu Chu: “We just fished for fun and there is nowhere to sell it.”

The uncle saw that Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian were neatly dressed and their clothes were white and shiny.

They really didn’t look like people who did farm work and lacked money.

He looked at the fish left in the bucket and suggested, “You have to trust me, I will help you to bring the fish to town and sell it, otherwise it would be a pity…”

There were not many methods of freezing and keeping fresh fish in the remote areas.

Once wild fish died, the price would be greatly reduced.

The uncle didn’t want to spoil the things, so he suggested that he would sell it and then give the money to Chu Chu the next day.

“Of course, if you are worried, you can go to town with me.”

Chu Chu was a little surprised, “Did you drive here” The village they were in was still a little far away from Jichuan Town and it was not easy to walk.

The uncle pointed to the distance at a luxurious and low-key car on the roadside, showing his extraordinary momentum.

As it was getting late, Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian didn’t plan to go to town, but handed the big fishes to Uncle Fish and entrusted him to sell them.

The uncle said with a smile, “Okay, then I will come here tomorrow and give you the money!”

[Participants Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian successfully obtained 50 yuan, lost wild reservoir fish and met new characters, fish-buying uncle Old Xia.


After Old Xia left, Chu Chu let out a long sigh and said regretfully, “My dream of getting rich has been shattered.”

If she wanted to earn 20,000 yuan and at the price of 10 yuan a catty, she must sell 2,000 catties of fish.

Then she really had to be the owner of the fish pond.

Zhang Jianian looked amused, “We can eat boiled fish at night.”

Chu Chu’s eyes lit up as she wished to go home now.

She and Zhang Jianian picked the fish in the bucket that they needed.

Chu Chu took the remaining fish and walked toward the lake.

Seeing her behavior, the director exclaimed, “What are you going to do”

Chu Chu calmly said, “Pour it back, we two can’t eat so much.” 

They took two big fishes and wanted to put the remaining ones in the water.

Director: Have you considered our feelings No, you only think about yourself!

The crew looked at her eagerly, showing pleading eyes.

Although the program team had a special person to prepare their food, it was based on the existing ingredients.

If they wanted to eat fish, they would naturally have to get the fish from the town.

Maybe they wouldn’t be as good as the ones in President Chu’s hands!

Chu Chu: “Offer a price, how much money will you want to buy my fish”

Director: “Ten yuan a catty”

Chu Chu raised her eyebrows.

She simply lifted the bucket directly, as if to release the big fish, others hurriedly shouted, “Fifteen Twenty Thirty!”

Chu Chu put down the raised bucket, stretched out her hand and said, “Pay for it.”

[Participants Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian successfully obtained 300 yuan and lost wild reservoir fish.]


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