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Chu Chu said, “You are in administrative work.

Did you also study road construction”

The leader said with pride, “I can also drain water, do carpentry and electric welding.”

Zhang Jianian couldn’t listen to it.

He explained euphemistically, “We want you to find a professional construction team to concentrate on repairing the road.”

The leader rebuffed, “That’s impossible.The population of the town nearby is twice as large as ours.

Now their road hasn’t been repaired.

Which team will we get”

Jichuan Town was not without roads.

In the early years, it was indeed accessed with the help of the higher-level government, but the long-term maintenance of the roads was an additional cost.

National highways and other main roads were managed by a higher-level government, but Jichuan Town was responsible for the rural roads in the town and couldn’t always rely on funding from it.

Jichuan Town itself had an underdeveloped economy and low income of its residents.

In addition, roads were damaged by rain and mud every year.

Who could afford to donate money to build roads every year

Chu Chu couldn’t help but wonder, “How much does it cost to build a road”

The leader quickly reported the figures.

If it was just for repairs and expansion, the cost was actually not high.

The director glanced at Chu Chu’s expression and immediately reminded her, “You can’t use other funds.”

In other words, Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian now had less than two thousand yuan in their hands.

Chu Chu snorted and said with grief, “You are so ruthless! For watching the people in the town suffer, I want to expose you and let netizens violently attack you online!”

Director: “…” 

The sharp-tongued directory was actually terrifying.

The leader didn’t understand what dumb riddles they were playing.

He was still devoted to his job and suggested, “Actually, the town can apply for road subsidies, so you don’t need to donate money, but you have to do some projects…”

There were so many poverty-stricken villages and towns in the province.

Whoever wanted to take the lead in receiving subsidies, had to come up with a reasonable business plan.

If the town’s planning was good and the higher-level government saw the hope of getting rid of poverty at an early date, it was possible that it would help in advance instead of queuing up.

Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian never expected that after they relied on the entertainment, Internet and other industries to counterattack Qisheng, one day they would actually return to their real estate business.

Chu Chu looked at Jichuan Town’s map.

Her scalp got numb, “It’s geography is not very good…” 

How could she engage in town planning Wasn’t that a joke!

Zhang Jianian was slightly better than her, but he felt that the two of them were foolish.

There was a specialization in the art industry.

They didn’t understand this aspect and they couldn’t help Ji Chuanzhen with ideas.

Chu Chu scratched her head and asked the director, “Can we use money other than the funds”

The director said unselfishly, “Yes.”

“Then can we invite our friends to be our guest” Chu Chu turned her eyes and said in a persuasive way, “Is it okay to make some rural food to entertain the guests”

The director thought for a while.

Entertaining guests was a common plot setting, so he nodded and agreed.

Within two days, Chen Xiangtao, director of Qisheng Cultural Tourism Group, arrived at the airport happily as he planned to go to Jichuan Town for the appointment.

He received a call from Zhang Jianian the day before, saying that Director Xiao Chu solemnly invited him to visit Jichuan Town and was flattered.

Chu Chu talked very well on the phone.

After she was engaged to Zhang Jianian, she went on a trip and found a good place with beautiful scenery.

Remembering that Director Chen was a professional, she specially invited him to see it.

Of course, Chen Xiangtao quickly understood the implication that this was because the princess wanted to discuss Qisheng’s future development plan with him, so she specifically communicated with him secretly!

Chen Xiangtao believed that the real estate of cultural tourism was the foundation of Qisheng’s start and it was still creating a lot of income.

Director Xiao Chu was gradually entering the interior.

It was normal to find him.

Chen Xiangtao: Lu Xia is not treated like this.

At the beginning, Chen Xiangtao didn’t know where Jichuan Town was.

He thought it was a secret private club or a luxurious villa, but the location was relatively remote.

Sitting in the car, Chen Xiangtao watched the scenery outside the window change from a city to a combination of urban and rural areas, then to a town and then from a town to a village and finally found something wrong.

Who am I Where am I Did I get kidnapped

On the muddy road, Chen Xiangtao and his secretary were gazing at the dilapidated small village and looked at each other.

Chen Xiangtao angrily said, “Did you find the wrong place”

The secretary hurriedly said, “No, Mr.

Zhang said that someone would come to pick us up.”

After a while, the crew carrying the cameras rushed to the shabby courtyard with sweat and greeter Chen Xiangtao and others.

Chen Xiangtao looked at the small broken house halfway up the mountain with a dazed face.

He had never had the habit of watching variety shows, let alone knowing that one episode of “The Boss’ Holiday” was out.

He was middle-aged and elderly.

Who cared about online variety shows

Chen Xiangtao took a deep breath.

He could still smell the mud after the rain and the shiny leather shoes embarrassingly sinked into the slimy ground.

That was obviously not the culmination of bad luck.

They were attacked by a large geese army on the road.

Not only was his trouser legs splashed with mud, but he also ran for a long time.

Chen Xiangtao arrived at the yard in embarrassment.

He was numb in his heart and finally saw the culprit.


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