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The two got more fierce.

Seeing that they were about to quarrel, Chu Chu hurried to stop the leader and persuaded, “That’s useless, that’s useless……””

On the other side, Zhang Jianian was also calming the irritable Chen Xiangtao, “Mr.

Chen, eliminate the fire, eliminate the fire…”

The leader did things according to the process and Chen Xiangtao was homesick.

Both sides had their own reasons so it was hard to judge.

Chen Xiangtao was obviously not persuaded.

He sat on the desk in furious anger and threatened loudly, “Will you take me to see the leader Will you take me to see you superior”

Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian: “…” This way of throwing things around made them feel particularly familiar

The leader looked at his crumbling desk and finally retreated, “Stop it, come down! What’s wrong with you guys I only want to have a good desk, why is it so difficult”

Chu Chu felt that Old Xia’s words made sense.

There was nothing that couldn’t be solved by lying on the table.

If it was true, then shout loudly and call the police.

Chen Xiangtao achieved his goal and immediately calmed down.

He adjusted his clothes and picked up the idol burden of being a director.

After leaving the office, Chen Xiangtao had returned to a calm and deep appearance and objectively commented, “This person has a good heart, but he has a rigid personality.”

Obviously, the leader was not bad-hearted and he was also performing his duties within his own ability.

He just followed the rules.

Chu Chu applauded him admiringly, “You are really good at group management.”

When Chen Xiangtao heard Xiao Director Chu’s admiration, he felt quite content as the position of prime minister was close at hand.

Although the cultural brigade team achieved good results, when they went back to see the dilapidated hut, everyone got sad.

The most hateful thing was the program group.

The staff said that Chen Xiangtao and others were the guests invited by Chu Chu.

They shouldn’t follow the program group for meals and should be hosted by Chu Chu.

Chen Xiangtao: Listen, is this human Even if you have zero salary, you don’t even have food

Zhang Jianian was indeed good at cooking, but it was obvious that he couldn’t be busy with all the meals.

Chen Xiangtao was fortunate enough to stay in the courtyard to dine, but others could only go to a restaurant in Jichuan town or go to the neighboring villager’s home to have a meal.

Of course, it was reimbursed at public expense.

After the meal, Chen Xiangtao missed the scenery in the big city sadly.

He felt even more sad when he saw Director Xiao Chu and Zhang Jianian having fun in the courtyard.

Now that the professional team arrived, Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian had no psychological pressure for an instant.

They played with shuttlecock leisurely and blended into the country life very well.

Both of them were full of laughter and after playing, they gathered together to study wood carving.

Chu Chu was very interested in the wood carvings of the old grandfather in the village.

The two of them observed for several days and Zhang Jianian actually learned the carving techniques.

They simply bought a set of tools from the grandpa and went home to figure it out for themselves.

Zhang Jianian learnt things very quickly.

He held the carving knife with his slender and powerful fingers, which were carved in a pattern.

Chu Chu sat beside and stared eagerly.

She arranged the small wooden sculptures together in order to form a mighty team.

Chen Xiangtao glanced at it.

Zhang Jianian had carved out a group of big geese, while Director Xiao Chu put out a big army of geese.

Chen Xiangtao: “…” This is really a wood carving art with the characteristics of the village.

In the setting sun, Chen Xiangtao watched the joyful and playful two and his tragic and painful back made the staff cry.

Chen Xiangtao: Happiness is yours and I have nothing.

The new material recorded for the show was sent out and the editors finally saw Zhang Jianian’s face and burst into tears with excitement.

However, they were not happy for a long time when they discovered a new problem.

How did the theme of the program turn into poverty alleviation and prosperity

Not only did Chu Chu and Zhang Jianian look for the leaders of the town and prepare for road construction, they also went to the village to show condolences to the neighbors.

Chen Xiangtao and others arrived inexplicably.

Why were there guests And how did everyone eat chaffy vegetables

The editors had a headache organizing the storyline of the show.

They were clueless as to how to differentiate “Boss’s Holiday” from the CCTV Agricultural Channel!

“Boss’ Holiday” ushered in an update.

After the unremitting efforts of the cameras, Zhang Jianian’s face was finally exposed and the hot search “VIR’s face” rushed to the top three in one fell swoop.

The editors unexpectedly used high-definition close-up footage to splice a romantic and beautiful passage that felt like a MV, revealing the true face of VIR in front of the public.

In the video, Zhang Jianian sat quietly in the car, listening to Chu Chu’s words with soft eyes and occasionally showed a shallow smile.

He didn’t talk much the whole time.

The hair on his forehead was blown by the breeze, but his eyes never left her.


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