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On the small road, the ferocious goose flapped its wings.

He held her in one hand and the long bamboo pole in the other and drove away the big goose unhurriedly.

The two walked home together in the bloody sunset.

She seemed to be excited and said something that made him smile.

In the yard, his fingers were clean and beautiful and he was focusing on carving wood carvings, while she stared intently, like two children living in their own world.

In the distance, there were mountains and the sky above them was colorful.

The most impressive thing was that they talk and smile from time to time.

Rob: Sisters, I’m dead.

Why hasn’t anyone noticed this handsome guy before What kind of fairy face is this!

Picture and: VIR turns out to be so handsome.


Red light: Damn it, everyone, come to taste this close-up! The most important thing is that he is handsome without knowing it!

BON: President Chu, excuse me, are you interested to add another person I am willing to be your second room, and I’ll meet with the master room everyday.

Blue Star: I can! I’m tired of saying this, I can accept both of you.


VC Herbal Tea: The highest appearance value and financial capacity I have ever eaten this year.

Potato Cake: In order to keep the network integration attributes and prevent this show from becoming a special program for poverty alleviation, the editors had to sell the Princess Beauty [doge]mv slow motion.

In order to avoid the CCTV style, they really took great pains 233.

(Tl note: 233 – “laughter”.)

When the CP fans were in a carnival, rational fans spied through the editors’ conspiracy and bluntly exposed the truth.

In order to maintain the tonality of the program, the editors put all Zhang Jianian’s close-up shots and couple’s interactions together, trying to dilute the strange sense of village and tricking thousands of netizens into jumping down one after another.

It felt like everyone wanted to watch a romantic drama, but when they clicked it, they found it was “News station”.

Jun Se: This program is also known as “Rural Love”, which is divided into two major sections, rural poverty alleviation construction and VC dog abuse love.

CSC: Look at the scenes after dinner, Director Chen is the real protagonist.

In fact, VC are the rural parents.


Gently: Look at the light bulb (third tire) from a distance, Chen Xiangtao.

Hu blind son: Qisheng and Chen Xiangtao, bright and reflective.

Purple silk ribbon: I’m sorry, I want to ask a question.

Are the new people reliable Can they really engage in development and construction Why is the old man surnamed Chen taking the lead in making trouble, just can’t understand him bullying the leader!

Ye Feng: [Do you know who I am.jpg]

Super cute Chen Xiangtao: [Search me online.jpg]

The headset is missing: [Take me to see your superior]

Hundreds of flowers are full of mountains: Director Chen wants to make his debut with emoji, 2333 Bulb Man is different.

(Tl note: 2333 meaning hahahaha.)

Doji: Fu-k, that’s Chen Xiangtao, director of Qisheng Cultural Tourism, he was originally a tourist developer of Binhai City.

The guests are senior members of the Overseas Architects Association and have won international design competitions… Although everyone looks disheartened and wants to go home, their combat power is really top-notch. 


No two: They were once the kings of the group until they were abducted and sold by President Chu.

Inka Inka: The VC team played the shuttlecock happily and the team next door worked hard overtime.

Sure enough, “The Boss’ Holiday” is “The Hell of Employees”.

After the show was broadcast, netizens happily joked on various platforms, setting off a storm of entertainment for the whole people, but soon some platforms with different styles released the latest news and joined the discussion.

Sun.com: [The construction of cultural tourism is energized to help Jichuan to help the poor] [Chu Chu has had a wealthy family since she was young, but she has never forgotten that her father left the countryside with great efforts in the early years and now she has a special affection for the countryside.

As a young party member, she led the group to Jichuan Town, used tourism to carry culture and vowed to turn the green mountains and rivers into golden mountains and silver rivers…] 

Guangyang Channel: The special program “Boss’s Holiday” for poverty alleviation will be broadcast on Guangyang No.1 Channel at 20:00 on Saturday.

This show demonstrates the confidence and will to win the battle against poverty through the youth struggle history of young party member Chu Chu.

Finance and Economics has known: [New Developments of Qisheng Cultural Tourism: In the future, we will build a super ecological tourism village around Jichuan Town]

Look at my dumbfounded look: Did all the buddies get hacked

Sour Cool Coke: …… I did guess that “Boss’s Holiday” will get popular, but it shouldn’t be aired on Guangzhou Channel, right

The key was lost in the sea: The editors must be crying in the toilet.

Even though they stuffed countless dog food shots, the show turned into an official poverty alleviation program [doge]Let’s see who would dare to confront Guangyang Channel!

DLOA: D-mn, the deformation plan I voted for at the beginning turned into participation in the construction of tourist villages and helping the poor!!


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